Brown back

Dustin Brown is expected to return to the lineup tonight after a two-game absence. He hurt his left shoulder during the Detroit game last Wednesday. Brown said he should be able to play normally with a few limitations.

“I can’t reach out for pucks or to slow someone down,” Brown said.

He isn’t worried about making the injury worse.

“The doctor said the only way I could make it worse would be to fall back on it the same way,” Brown said.

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  • Dorian

    This is the stupidest move that the coaching staff can make. One of our best forwards is risking further injury by coming back early for a season that doesn’t really matter at this point. He’s not gonna be able to hit anyone nor is he gonna be able to fight for pucks as he quoted himself. So why risk further injury?? I can just read the headlines tomorrow “Dustin Brown out 6 weeks due to reaggravating his bad shoulder.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Brownie! Let’s see who steps up to help out with the big hits in your first game back. Other than Zieler, the hitters are few and far between on the Kings. Cammi has fizzled out in the scoring because the opponents have figured out his one knee shot and are blocking or deflecting most of them. How did he get an allstar nomination and Brown didin’t?