Dallman hurt

Kevin Dallman broke his right foot when he was struck by a shot in the second period of Saturday’s game at Nashville. He’s hoping to be back in two weeks. He was walking around in crutches and sandles Wednesday. He needs one more scan before the doctor decides to put him in a cast or a walking boot. The Kings can’t make any roster moves until after the holiday freeze ends tomorrow night at midnight eastern, but someone should be coming up from Manchester after that.

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  • Anonymous

    Actually the Kings are allowed to recall a player from Manchester in the event of an injury during the Holiday Roster Freeze…

  • The Ex-Sportswriter

    Great job, Matt, on keeping us updated …

    … now if only Lombardi shows some brains, too, and starts bringing up all the young talent in Manchester … no offense to Giuliano and Gauthier, they are nice players, but let’s bring up the studs and see what happens!

    Matt & Rich, do you think it is a contract thing (pay scale, or time in NHL that reflects on their contract status) that might be keeping Lombardi from bringing up Boyle, etc.? So they don’t get to arbitration status sooner than they might otherwise?

  • Arron

    I thought I would give you guys an update on how the Kings three prospects played in Canada’s 3-0 win over the Chech Republic.

    Bernier recorded a 40 save shutout in todays game. He looked very sharp, was never out of position and had great rebound control. He was brilliant early in the game when the Chechs came out flying and showed supurb calmness when the Chechs had a number of powerplays including a 5 on 3. After killing that 5 on 3 Canada gained composure thanks to Bernier’s claming effect. Bernie was the Canadian player of the game.

    All this week the talking heads here in Canada were talking about how the combination of Alzner and Dougherty would be the top shut down unit for Canada. By the end of todays game it was clear that Hickey and Luke Schenn were Canada’s best defensive pairing. TSN’s talking head Pierre Mcquire was giving out HUGE praise for the work of Hickey and Schenn for their defensive efforts in today’s game. Hickey was smart with the puck all game, made good outlet passes, and skated very well. For those of you wondering Schenn is draft eligibal this year.

    Simmonds did not see a lot of the ice, which was to be expected. His job is to bring toughness and quickness to the team. In the few shifts that he got, he was skating very hard almost beating out the no touch icing that they have in international play twice! He was also physical when he was on the ice. I don’t expect that Simmonds will get a lot of ice time but with the time he does get I think he will show how important his small role will be.

    All in all the Kings prospects played very well. I did not hear how Oscar Moeller did but he was rated as one of the top five players to watch in the WJC.

  • anthony

    like Dallman was contributing in the first place.

  • Darren

    Out 2 weeks with a broken foot. What a wimp.

    Got to give it to hockey players, an injury like this would keep a basketball or baseball player out for the season.

  • sense13

    -Matt, much thanks for keeping us updated.

    -Aaron, thank you as well for the recap.

    -I’m hoping that we’ll finally get a good look at Boyle but my money’s on Klemm.

  • Mr. Fabulous


    The reason Purcell or Boyle are not called up is because the veteran loyalist Crawford isn’t going to play them more than five or six minutes a game.

    Look at Moulson and Gauthier, both top line players at Manchester, relegated to fourth line duty with the Kings.

    God forbid these kids get chance to outshine such veteran wastes-of-space such as Handzus, Armstrong, Wilsie, Thorton, Blake and Nagy.