• Thats 8

    Freaking unbelievable, i’ve never been this mad at this team. Losing hope in you moron’s. I haven’t seen any good hockey this year, Except for that Bullsh@t Royal Rebound game. I’m not saying the kings cud kiss my u know what. All im saying is just this team needs to shake up and wake up that they are NHL players, hell they would even be losing in the freaking AHL. I rather see the Manchester Monarchs play then the Los Angeles Kings. 40 years of this bullshit. God give us all Kings fans a break, we deserve so much better, well at least i know i do. Players CAN’T PLAY, Coaches CAN’T COACH, General Managers CAN’T MANAGE, at least have one of those things. Why do you think teams like the Ducks, Red Wings, Senators, Sharks are good. They have a good balance of 3, if not great. Kings champions in 2300, when i’m dead. GREAT!

  • Thats 8

    Hell i feel bad for Jim Fox and Bob Miller, have to announce this crap every night. Bob and Jim, such loyal King men, they haven’t even seen a cup come to L.A. I mean Bob doesn’t even have hair, he can’t have anything good or happy going on his life. Hang in Bob and Jim, we’ll get through this(i hope) šŸ™

  • anthony

    this has got to be the worse Kings team in franchise history.

  • we suck

    Another disappointing lost, but im getting used to this… Another 4. lets break the franchise losing streak record!!