Kings down 2-0 after one

And LaBarbera was yanked for Aubin after Joe Pavelski scored the second goal with 7:43 left. It’s looking like anyone thinking the Kings could end their seven-game losing streak forgot this game isn’t in San Jose. The Kings didn’t get their first power play until the final 1:44. Good news is they still have 16 seconds left when the second period starts!

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  • David

    Memo to Marc Crawford and Coaching Staff…..Why don’t you spend all of your next three practices focusing solely on getting the puck out of your own end of the rink. Both of San Jose’s goals came directly from King Defensemen coughing up the puck in their own zone.

    This is not rocket science! The forwards and other defensemen need to support the puck in their own zone to give the pressured defensemen an available option to pass the puck to.

    Perhaps they can practice with hand grenades instead of pucks, because that’s the way it seems the King players are handling the puck.

    The Kings must lead the league in one category, and that’s in turnovers and giveaways. How about it Matt & Rich…..Where do the Kings stand in this unenviable statistic?

    What an embarrassment of a franchise! Stu Nahan must already be rolling over in his grave!!