• anthony

    This is unbelieveable. This team has the largest coaching staff in the entire NHL. A head coach and 5 assistants, and they are still unable to figure out how to win.

  • taz42

    It’ll be interesting to hear what the team has to say. I don’t even pay any attention to what Crow says anymore and think the team is doing the same.

  • taz42

    Well, one clue is the sorry-ass defence play and since Lewis is coaching that, looks like he’s as much to blame as Crow.

  • Thats 8

    Freaking unbelievable, i’ve never been this mad at this team. Losing hope in you moron’s. I haven’t seen any good hockey this year, Except for that Bullsh@t Royal Rebound game. I’m not saying the kings cud kiss my u know what. All im saying is just this team needs to shake up and wake up that they are NHL players, hell they would even be losing in the freaking AHL. I rather see the Manchester Monarchs play then the Los Angeles Kings. 40 years of this bullshit. God give us all Kings fans a break, we deserve so much better, well at least i know i do. Players CAN’T PLAY, Coaches CAN’T COACH, General Managers CAN’T MANAGE, at least have one of those things. Why do you think teams like the Ducks, Red Wings, Senators, Sharks are good. They have a good balance of 3, if not great. Kings champions in 2300, when i’m dead. GREAT!

  • Matt George

    No mention at TSN

    No mention at Yahoo Sports

    The loss tonight. Yet another for a team with no soul.

    They might as well be mental patients. Wide eyed, skating randomly, slashing at anything that resembles a black chunck.

    I fear this is not our darkest hour.

    More losses to come.

    More excuses, no changes.

    So goes the “rebuild”.


  • we suck

    in response to Matt George,

    The only person who seems to notice, or care how bad this team is playing is Barry Melrose on espn.com… He feels for this team and mentions it almost every week..

  • taz42

    As I’ve said many times over at LGK—I’d love to see Melrose come back and coach some toughness into the Kings. Got laughed at by many but, some agreed with me. At least Berry Melrose expected a strong defence out of his team.

  • Moondoggie

    I don’t think Barry would want this job but he’d be an improvement over what we have……

  • taz42

    He would be an improvement for sure. But since he has such a cush job with ESPN, doubt he’d even consider it. Was just wishful thinking on my part. His cousin, Wendel Clark played for the Leafs and personified his and Berry’s belief in how hockey should be played.