Cammy downgraded to doubtful

Michael Cammalleri didn’t practice Thursday because of bruised ribs and it’s sounding less likely that he will play Saturday in Colorado or Sunday in Chicago.

“He’s still sore,” Crawford said. “He worked out off the ice today. He’s not ready to resume on ice. I would say hes listed as doubtful for these next couple of games but we havent put him on the injujred list. Were hopeful hes able to play, thats why we havent put him on the injured list. It will be a day-to-day call and hell have the most to say on it. Mike’s a pretty aware guy about his body. Its not a big body but hes aware of it, and hell tell us when hes ready.”

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  • Losesomemore

    Crawford sez: “Mike’s a pretty aware guy about his body. Its not a big body but hes aware of it…”


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