LaBarbera after being pulled

Jason LaBarbera was the last player off the ice Thursday, staying half an hour past when practice officially ended.

“I didnt really play an awful lot last night so I decided to work extra hard today, I guess,” LaBarbera said.

Crawford pulled LaBarbera less than 13 minutes into the game after he allowed his second goal. LaBarbera has struggled in five games since returning from a rib injury.

“I’m working on seeing the puck better, focusing more on seeing it off guys’ sticks and playing my rebound a little better,” LaBarbera said. “Sometimes, when you miss a bit of time, little things like that get away from you.”

Crawford said LaBarbera and Jean-Sebastien Aubin would each get one game over the weekend, though he wouldn’t say who would go first.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess Crow expects Labs to clear his own crease of every single rebound and all opposing forwards while the rest of the team passively stands by. A Shark’s player was left all alone in front of Labs for a deflection on the first goal and Kopitar was unable to control the rebound on the second goal. Those goals were definitely not his fault, yet he gets yanked and Crow says they’re being “out-goaltended” after the game. If that’s the case, Crow should bench the entire defensive corp because they are continually “outplayed” on a nightly basis. Labs shouldn’t be the only one staying late after practice. If anything, the rest of the team should be out there with him.

  • John

    Hey anonymous- that was a HORRIFIC rebound on a COMPLETELY innocent shot he gave up on the second goal & why was his ass touching the back of the net??! You can’t be an NHL goalie & be doing that SHIT!

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