Transaction likely coming

With Kevin Dallman injured and Brad Stuart banged up, the Kings will definitely bring up a defenseman from Manchester before Saturday’s game at Colorado. I wrote yesterday that the Kings needed to wait until after the holiday roster freeze ended tonight, as Crawford had told us, but some of you pointed out this is false — the Kings can make an injury call-up from Manchester at any time. It will probably come in some time today. I would think Klemm is coming back up. That would follow with Dean’s philosophy on not bringing up the younger prospects this early in the season. But we’ll see.

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  • Dan H.

    Heaven forbid they bring up someone who has some hunger to show some passion on the ice.

  • Patrick

    I guess this means we will never see Richard Petiot in a Kings jersey again.

  • Bruce

    Klemm is the logical choice. The Kings shouldn’t call up Harrold to be the 7th d-man. He should be playing regularly in Manchester instead of being a regular healthy scratch in LA.

  • Marc Nathan

    If Stuart is actually going to sit — then it makes sense to try someone who might actually “show some passion on the ice,” but if Stuart is going to play, and the body is just taking Dallman’s suit… er, spot… then Klemm is fine. Knowing Crawford, if it’s Klemm, he’ll end up centering Kopitar and Armstrong…

  • Kevin

    Wait a minute…Crawford said that they couldn’t call someone up during the holiday freeze? So the head coach of an NHL team didn’t know that? I mean, I don’t expect the guy to be a capologist or to know EVERY nuance of everything regarding call ups but he surely should have known that. Christ, I wonder if Lombardi even knew. Not a huge deal I guess but c’mon…shouldn’t he know that?

  • let’s go Lakers…the only game that’s gonna take place this weekend where I won’t be expecting a loss will be the Lakers/Celtics on Sunday.

    i’m leaving it to the Kings to tear my heart out on New Years Eve

  • Brian

    Petiot scored a rare goal tonight in Manchester. The timing can’t hurt, but I expect it to be Klemm getting the call.

  • Daniel

    From the mouth of Barry Melrose, “This team is too talented to lose (eight) games in a row.” LA is one of the most disappointing team to Melrose, along with the Rangers. I agree with Melrose, the Kings do have talent. How many of you were optimistic last August? I recall optimism overflowing prior to the start of the season. Why? Because the GM made a lot of low-key yet practical moves. Now, things don’t look so hot and everyone is freaking out.

    Many want either the coach or the GM fired or both. That may spark the team for a game or two but it won’t cure their issues. What the Kings need is many-fold. First, they need a legitimate Number 1 goaltender. Labs is nice but he is not the answer in net. You can tell that the team is waiting for a No. 1 to set up camp in net. They all knew Bernier was a year or two away from taking over. So, they haven’t played their hearts out for Labs. They see him as a stop gap but thats it. And it’s sad.

    He should be getting better team ‘D’ but he isn’t. It’s almost like the Kings have given up on being a defensive team altogether. If that is the case, I hope (in the future) we can find a coach who knows how to effectively communicate to the players how to maximize their offensive capabilities yet at the same time be effective as defensive members of the team.

    In the mean time, I hope that DL sees value in playing the younger guys together on the NHL level this year. As the playoffs are not a possibility, the Kings should be playing for next year, with a passion. No more Thortons, Zeilers, Ivan-whatevers, Willsies, Julie’s, Doll-mans, whatevers. They are not relevant what-so-ever. If DL uses these guys anymore than he is trying to make the Kings worse.

    I only hope that he is not pulling a John Shaw (of the former LA Rams) on us and submerging the team (see drafting of Donald Evans and Gaston Green after the Eric Dickerson trade) so that no one notices they have moved cities (Saint Louis = Kansas City or Las Vegas.) That would be the ultimate treason in my book.

    Let’s just hope that DL has a plan …and that plan includes acquiring Hossa/ and/or Ovechkin/ and/or a Goalie/ and/or a Coach with game.

  • Tito Jackson

    Maybe we should bring Cloutier back up. He can’t stop a puck but he sure did show some toughness when he or his team got pushed around. Cloutier the enforcer. Any better ideas?

  • deano

    How long does Lombardi plan on keeping Hersley down in Reading. He’s producing at near a point a game, while we have non contract defenseman in Manchester. I was also wondering when Lukacevic might get some time in Manchester? Bring up Petiot, leave Klemm in Manchester

  • we suck

    Remember the game against nashville where he lost his temper!!! haha he’d be the only one taking the mitts off…

  • AnAsianKingsFan

    Well there is always Marc Denis…

    I kid, as a fan from only 92-93, their play has really been horrible. Now that I can actually afford season seats, I have no point in buying them.