Cammy talks about rib injury

Crawford still calls him doubtful. He’s going to make the trip, so there’s a chance he plays. But Cammy seems unsure of what to make of his injury at this point.

“Ill do whatever I can to try to get in the lineup,” Cammalleri said. “Well see what happens. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. There’s been a little bit of improvement. I’ve never had this before. There’s certain things you’ve had before where you know what to expect, know the feeling and can reflect on experience to guide you. This I’ve never had so I’m not really sure what Im feeling. If I feel I can help the team at all, Ill be in the lineup.”

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  • Cutty Sarkn3ss

    Why is he bothering to play. . . . it’s not like where in a playoff hunt anymore. . . he should rest until he’s 100% better. . .

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