Crawford on world juniors

Crawford spoke a little on the Kings prospects in the tournament …

“Bernier got a shutout in his first game against the host country and obviously was the star of the game, so Im sure everyone is pleased about that, not the least of which is our fans. The one thing that we do have is a good group of prospects that are coming. A lot are at Manchester and many of them are at the elite junior level throughout the world. We also have Oscar Moller playing for the Swedes and hes had a great season at major juniors and is getting an opportunity, the second time hes gone to represent his country, and is doing extremely well. We all like Oscar. We think Oscar is going to be a sure-fire NHL player. The other two players, Hickey the first rounder, playing defense for Canada, and the surprise for everyone throughout hockey has been wayne simmonds. He was picked in second round last year and is playing in a role (with Canada) where I can see him playing for us one day. Hes a robust, strong guy on the forecheck. Hes got a bit of a power game. Hes probably got that prototypical third line, kill penalties, be conscious and that great skater that seems to be so necessary in todays game. Todays game has taken a turn to speed and he definitely has that.”

Dean Lombardi has been in the Czech Republic watching the games.

“Im sure thats what hes over there evaluating, and also evaluating the prospects on every team,” Crawford said. “Because, when the trades do happen, it seems people will trade prospects. So you want to have a great book on the prospects that other people have. And this world juniors tournament is the best because you see every teams best prospects play against every other teams best prospects with national pride also in the balance. So its a great evaluation tool. Plus theres some undrafted players that I’m sure the crack scouts on the L.A. Kings are scouring.”

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  • Paul

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve been hoping to get reaction from the Kings organization on the play of our prospects.

    TSN is reporting that Bernier will start in net for Canada on Saturday, against Moller & the Swedes.

    Speaking of the World Juniors, are there any NHLCI subscribers that can confirm whether any of the tournament games will be available in the USA?

    I understand that some games were shown as a “bonus” in previous seasons, but I can’t find a hint of them on my NHLCI schedule listings for the next week.

  • Tito Jackson


    I’ve been watching the games on this site:

    Hope that helps.

  • fulton

    Crawford spoke a little on the Kings prospects in the tournament …

    “Bernier got a shutout in his first game against the host country and obviously was the star of the game, he reminds me a lot of a young Danny Cloutier. I love Dan. Yep, I said it. I love Dan Cloutier.”

  • ian

    hey paul, i have center ice and ive yet to see any of the games scheduled on it

  • Paul


    Thanks. I’m pretty sure I can watch most of the games on TSN’s website.

    I only asked since I pay for Center Ice, I was hoping to get some good coverage as a bonus, but it’s not looking like it.

  • petey

    Hey DL, make sure you keep a watchful eye on #10 for Canada. Yes, that would be Steve Stamkos. You’ll have a great opportunity to draft him come June.
    Pay close attention to Luke Schenn, and work out a deal to grab him in the 1st round this draft year as well. Or just hire someone to take out Modano, Ribeiro, Turco, Zubov, and Morrow so the Stars can tank and you end up getting the 1st & 2nd or 3rd picks overall and grab both Stamkos and Schenn.
    Get’er done Deano.

  • Anonymous

    TSN’s web feed can only be accessed from a canadian IP- the feeds are blocked to the US. Proxys don’t always work either.

    If goes down or is too slow, there is often posts listing alternate feeds on the WJC posts over at hfboards. You can also try the TVU player- some of the games were on that last year.

    Center Ice is only televising the semifinals and final, if i remember correctly.


  • kevin

    i see simmonds as FIRST line 3rd line!!!??? crawford HAS TO GO

  • Naturallawyer

    The WJC will be available starting Jan. 2 on the NHL Network (DirecTV channel 215). You don’t even need NHL Center Ice…

  • pat

    The NHL Network will be broadcasting the quarterfinals, semifinals and the medal games of the junior tourney (starting on 01/02/08).

  • Joe Dirt

    This site has links to IIHF games if interested.

  • Paul

    I wasn’t aware about the TSN restriction. And my cable company (Time Warner) doesn’t offer the NHL Network, so I’m outta luck there too.

    I just hope they carry the medal rounds on the Center Ice package.

    Thanks for the responses guys.

  • Allan

    The Canada – Sweden game is being streamed online by CTV/TSN –

  • Paul

    I think I know why Center Ice isn’t carrying the WJC this year.

    The games, at least for the “medal round” are being shown on the NHL network in the USA.

    The problem with that for me is that my cable company doesn’t offer the NHL network.

    I appreciate the links to

    Right now I’m watching the USA vs. Canada semi-final game.

    Thomas Hickey and Wayne Simmonds are seeing lots of ice time for Team Canada. Unfortunately Bernier is serving as the backup.

    The winner of this game will take on Oscar Moller & lesser known Kings prospect Niclas Andersen with Team Sweden for the gold medal tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

    IF Canada gets there, I’m hoping Bernier gets the start since Mason is playing today.

  • Paul


    It was pretty much a collapse by the American kids in the 3rd period.

    Final: Canada 4 USA 1

    Team USA will play Russia for the bronze medal tomorrow morning at 7:30 am PST.

    Following that game, Canada will take on Sweden for the gold. The game is scheduled to start at 11:00 am PST.

    DL should put some pressure on Canada to start Bernier in the final game. šŸ™‚ He hasn’t played in the last 2 or 3.

    Tune in if you can. Both games should be fun. NHL Network or

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