Finally some practice time

These past two days have marked the first time this month the Kings have been able to practice two days in a row. The Kings played 14 games in the first 26 days of December, which — along with travel time and days off for the holidays — created a lack of practice availability. It’s made it difficult for the Kings, who have lost eight games in a row, to break out of their struggles.

“Two practices in a row,” Crawford said. “Its like, wow, you get to work on facets of your game. Lets face it, we havent been sharp. I think part of the reason we havent been sharp is because we’ve been trying to make corrections off video and chalk talks and stuff like that. Theres no substitute for good, hard work and practice.”

“When youre not able to practice, there’s not a lot of time to fix things or adjust or even look back at the game you played since you have to look forward to the next one,” Patrick O’Sullivan said.

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  • anthony

    This coach sends mixed messages.
    “haven’t been sharp” well that’s an understatement, maybe the team should practicing more.

    “no substitute for good hard work and practice” if that’s the case then schedule more practices and give less days off for the players.
    Is he in touch with his own team?

    Well one bright spot this season is Sully. This player has a great future. Hopefully here, instead of another team.

  • Paul

    I have comments that really have nothing to do with the practice topic, but this is as good a place to enter them as any…

    Tampa Bay waived Marc Denis today. Anyone care to guess if the Kings might make a claim?

    I think we can agree that LaBarbara has been streaky, Aubin has been ok, but isn’t a regular starter, and with no viable answer in Manchester, do we pick up Denis and waive someone else?

    As we approach New Year’s day, I hope the Kings take the ice in 2008 with a new, more nasty demeanor because the ballet they’ve played so far isn’t going to cut it this year, or any year.

    With the trade deadline starting to peek over the horizon, who is on the block? Nagy? Thornton? Wilsie? Would anyone want any of these guys? Are any of our prospects available?

    And if the Kings do make a move, who would we be interested in trying to get? I mentioned goalies earlier. Might guys like Emery, Huet, or Raycroft be on the block?

    I love Bernier, but we can’t just sit here and wait another 2 or 3 years before he’s a viable NHL starter, and NO, I don’t think he can be next year.

  • anthony

    Marc Denis is playing worse than Cloutier did last year. 1-5 over 4.00 GAA. With his $8 Million Plus salary, I’d avoid him like the plague.
    Emery would be the right fit.
    Agreed, on Bernier comment. We can’t throw away 2-3 more years for him to be ready for the NHL.

  • John

    Paul- Ersberg definitely seems to be coming around at Manchester. His save% is way up & goals against way down

  • Paul


    Ersberg may be playing well in the AHL, but he has zero NHL experience, so I’m certainly not interested in letting him start the rest of the year. Maybe use him as trade bait?

    And if anyone is wondering, yes, I’ve pretty much given up on LaBarbara being a full time starter. He’s too inconsistent.

    I said it before the season, and I’m still saying it. If this team wants to smell the playoffs again in the next 3 years, it’s needs a bona fide #1 goalie. Right now we have a bunch of #2s and #3s.

  • John

    Paul- he did play in Swedish Elite league (like Backstrom of The Wild) last season & was the MVP & is doing quite well now in the AHL, so I’d say he’s “viable”.

    Bernier, Zatkoff & Rowat have bonifide #1 written all over them. It’s just going to be next season & thereafter that we’ll get to find out. I don’t think we’ll have to wait 2 or 3 seasons to see Bernier, he’ll be here next season.

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