Klemm is the call up

He can play both defenseman to replace the injured Kevin Dallman and forward to make up for Zeiler being sent down. The 37-year-old had no points and two penalty minutes in five games for the Kings about a month ago.

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  • Mr. Irreverent

    Consider the losing streak over folks!!!

  • I have a new name for the Kings top line. The CBC called it the ABC line when it was Anze-Brownie-Cammie, but since the lines get changed so frequently I have a new name:

    Anze & Two Guys

    (If it were a TV show it would be called “Anze, Two Guys, and a pizza place”)

  • we suck

    Man I was hoping for someone “new”…. damn

  • Eric K

    not a shock.

  • anthony

    We’re rescued.
    The Playoffs are in the bag now.
    The rest of the league are probably shaking in their skates.

  • Bruce

    Wow, I also expecting Moulson to get the call because Zeiler was sent down. Playing with a short roster again smells of an attempted tank job for a better shot at Stamkos. šŸ™

  • Pokey

    You consider:
    Boyle 13 goals
    Moulson 9 goals
    Purcell 11 goals 40 points
    Harrold 29 points
    and consider our scoring slump of late, one would wonder about this move.
    As for me, I’m about ready to pull out my hair.

  • mark spencer

    Why fire Crawford just wait till end of season and replace him,how about that coach that turned St Louis around?
    How about getting Avery back? The only way Kings fans will see a stanly cup is if they draft a player named stanly!

  • PolarBearOne

    Our savior….

  • Moondoggie

    Shakes…..That was funny….

  • Marty

    Good one Mark! The plan is to stink it up/lose on purpose and accumulate high draft picks. Sounds like a Disney film where coach Bombay coaches his team on how to take dives. Instead of watching movies for inspiration borrow your strategy from something real.

  • mike

    @ mark spencer

    so andy murray was the solution? and sean avery? hahahaha. hold on, let me guess…you want dave taylor back too?

  • @ Mark Spencer and @Mike

    We don’t just need Andy Murray, Avery and Taylor, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that the Kings need the long awaited return of two legends from the past….Gary Shuchuk and Dan Bylsma.

  • Anonymous

    Matthew, Boyle can also play both defenseman to replace the injured Kevin Dallman and forward to make up for Zeiler being sent down. Boyle has 13 goals & 28 points in 31 games while Klemm has 1 assist only in 21 games. If DL & MC don’t want young guys brought up into a losing environment, guess what we will always have … a losing environment.

  • nick

    the answer to our problem………

    bring Mikko Eloranta out of retirement!

    and Ryan Flinn too!

  • YAY


  • Eric K

    and the streak finally ends.