Cammy out again

Michael Cammalleri didn’t practice Monday and won’t play tomorrow, according to Crawford. It will be the fourth game he’s missed with bruised ribs. Cammalleri tried to skate before the Colorado game and it, again, did not go well. He’s frustrated that he’s not seeing improvement.

“It’s not going as good as I hoped, obviously, or I would have played this weekend,” Cammalleri said. “It’s definitely not ready.”

“Its just frustrating for him because he wants to be able to go out and skate and shoot and do the things he normally does, but he cant right now,” Crawford said. “Im sure it is improving, just not to the degree of quickness that hed like to have. Hes out tomorrow. Youll see him practice before you see him play.”

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  • Bobby Cepeda

    Good…. stay out of the lineup. Let someone who skates their butt off play. Just becuase you were good in the first ten doesen’t make you a star cammalleri. You continually make dumb decisions with the puck

  • anthony

    C’mon Bobby, when Cammi is hot, he could put up goals by the dozen. And he’ll get that streak back.

  • Bobby Cepeda

    True, but the good players score often and don’t have to have a “streak” to get their goals. He should be leading this team and playing well but he’s not.


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