Ivanans back doing what he does best

Here’s what Raitis Ivanans had to say about fighting Cody McLeod of Colorado on Saturday, his first fight since breaking his Cheekbone in early November: “It wasnt really a good fight but it feels great to be able to do that again. Im back to myself now.”

Ivanans didn’t take a hit in the fight so he has yet to see how his cheek will respond to a punch. He had surgery on a nerve in his left cheek.

“It feels more sensitive now because the nerve was numb and now it’s coming back,” Ivanans said.

The Kings played Chicago on Sunday and have the Blackhawks again at Staples Center tomorrow. Ivanans had some thoughts on Chicago forward Tuomo Ruutu.

“It makes me mad that Ruutu guy won’t drop gloves,” Ivanans said. “He won’t even take a hit. He can hit you, but he can’t take a hit or drop his gloves.”

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