Ivanans back doing what he does best

Here’s what Raitis Ivanans had to say about fighting Cody McLeod of Colorado on Saturday, his first fight since breaking his Cheekbone in early November: “It wasnt really a good fight but it feels great to be able to do that again. Im back to myself now.”

Ivanans didn’t take a hit in the fight so he has yet to see how his cheek will respond to a punch. He had surgery on a nerve in his left cheek.

“It feels more sensitive now because the nerve was numb and now it’s coming back,” Ivanans said.

The Kings played Chicago on Sunday and have the Blackhawks again at Staples Center tomorrow. Ivanans had some thoughts on Chicago forward Tuomo Ruutu.

“It makes me mad that Ruutu guy won’t drop gloves,” Ivanans said. “He won’t even take a hit. He can hit you, but he can’t take a hit or drop his gloves.”

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  • Hitter, not a fighter

    Ask Ivanans if he’s talking about Ruutu or Dustin Brown. Same difference in terms of hitting but not fighting.

  • Bobby Cepeda

    Not true. Brown is a clean hitter, Ruutu is dirty. Brown if needed will also back it up i.e. Langkow,Halpern,Svitov, Turco, Morrow lol. Think about what you say before you say it, because you’re dead wrong

  • Goon Squad

    I haven’t seen Brownie run away from a challenge yet, did I miss something? Ruutu baits and runs, like Tikkanen without the talent.

  • G Haad

    Did you even get the point that he was making Hitter? Dustin Brown has no problem taking a hit….. He doesn’t have to be a fighter. Ivanans says he wont even take a hit. Big difference.

  • Martyr

    “Hitter, not a fighter”, Brownie can give and take a hit. Also he has a few fights under his belt. It should be “Ask Ivanans if he’s talking about Ruutu or John Zieler.

  • Anonymous

    not true. I’ve seen him drop his gloves before. You might be talking ’bout Zeiler in NHL.

  • Hitter, not a fighter

    I can count the number of fights Brown has had on my one finger. The middle one.

    If Ivanans wants to call Ruutu cheap, he should do it. But he didn’t. You guys did.

    You guys can be in love with Brown all you want. But the fact of the matter is he makes all kinds of hits, many very hard clean ones, but some questionable and some cheap ones. He doesn’t fight. Which was Ivanans complaint. READ.

  • Goon Squad

    Hitter, not a fighter:

    Here’s Raitis’ quote that you suggested we all “READ”:

    “It makes me mad that Ruutu guy won’t drop gloves,” Ivanans said. “He won’t even take a hit. He can hit you, but he can’t take a hit or drop his gloves.”

    Dustin Brown WILL drop the gloves IF CHALLENGED. He certainly can and has taken many a hit.
    There’s no reason for Dustin Brown to fight. Unless someone challenges him, which no one has. If some NHL player wants to call Dustin a coward, he should do it. But he didn’t. You did. THINK.

  • Hitter, not a fighter

    You are living in a fantasy world. Brown skates away from fights OVER AND OVER again.

  • Goon Squad

    …and I think I’m gonna skate away from this one.

    Seriously, though, I don’t see anybody on the ice either (A) trying to fight Brown, or (B) being upset that he “won’t” fight them. Dude is on pace for 38 goals, ok? This is the NHL, and if Brown starts hitting dirty, he’ll be taken to task by the people who get paid to worry about this stuff. Try and relax a bit and enjoy one of our best players.

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