Happy New Year

Rich and I are taking the day off to watch our alma mater in the Rose Bowl. Lindsay Czarnecki is going to fill in for us at the skate and game today. She’s huge into hockey. She’ll e-mail me some stuff after the skate and the game, and I’ll post it on the blog when I can. It might take a little longer than usual, but I’ll try to get it up promptly.

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  • …by the way how awesome is it that on the NHL Network you can watch the Sabres and Pens practice and go through their drills from yesterday

  • Oh shit! JS Aubin just lost to Ryan Miller in a “your momma” contest during an Amp Energy commercial. He’s gotta work on his Japanese

  • teach

    I saw that too Shakes. Cracked me up! Figures that if the Kings were in a commercial it would be someone like JS—guy looks like the guys making fun of the other team’s player in the penalty box at home games at Staples.

  • Paul

    That ad was pretty funny. I’m just glad to see the Kings get some sort of national exposure.

    Happy New Year everyone!


  • Losesomemore

    Happy New Year guys and thanks again for all the great news, interviews, commentary and this forum itself.

    And thanks to the Daily News as well!

  • Lol

    Yeah i saw that same commercial on NBC, i was laughing so hard when i saw a King on the Amp commercial, especially a goalie. That goes to show you the Kings net minders don’t have a 0.5 Reaction rate. “Yo mama makes fried onions cry” that was funny, but not that funny.

  • Eric K

    yeah, aubin kinda got owned. can’t say he’s exactly our ideal pitchman, but hey, it was a good spot. and a good game… the nhl could not have scripted the ending any better.

    crap, usc already up 14-0 with the ball. i’m not pleased.

  • i think i’m still drunk from new years eve because I’m seeing the Kings wreck the Hawks 6-2 right now….

  • anthony

    I must be drunk too.
    Either that or I’m having one hell of a dream.

  • James

    Impressive, is it not Shakes? If this keeps up, it’ll be a three win streak. Good Kings.

  • Gord

    Frolov and Nagy are bending Chicago over the kitchen counter.

  • James

    Its 8-2!!!!!

  • Emeril Lagasse

    I think I saw the Black Hawk players at the parade this morning. Guess they should have rested up.

  • Moondoggie

    8-2 Kings now….Break up the Mighty Kings!!!

  • WTH

    Did the whole team make a new years resolution to not play like feces until next year?

  • Moondoggie

    Oops, I blinked….Make that 9-2…..

  • kingskicka$$

    9-2 now Shakes… This is one of those games where we say a month from now, “we’ve got skill…remember the Blackhawks game??? we know how to play…why can’t Crow motivate this team???” HA!!!

  • Moondoggie

    Is this the same team that had lost 8 straight just 3 games ago???

  • triplcrown

    Our puck-movement looks much much better now.
    What a difference!

    Is that because we’ve been working on it?

    Or, is it just that Chicago isn’t covering us very well?


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