Anze’s namesake

Someone recently e-mailed to the Kings Insider on the official Kings Web site that he and his girlfriend had named their daughter Anjae, after Anze Kopitar.

I asked Kopitar what he thought of that, and here was his response: “That’s actually pretty funny. If they want to do it, it’s fine with me. They must be really passionate Kings fans.”

Kopitar said his first name isn’t very common in his homeland of Slovenia, but that he knew of a couple other people with the name growing up.

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  • Shakes

    second runner-up for popular baby names:

    Kwame Cloutier

  • Aki Smith

    Hey, my parents thought it would be cool to name me after a King SUPERHERO too. Well, everyone makes fun of me and still no cup. Damn.

  • Joe Dirt

    lol Kwame Cloutier

  • 619KingsFan

    Right on, Shakes! That is hysterical! It’s right up there with J.Smush Aubin!!!