Brian Burke on Oscar Moller

The Vancouver Province had a quote from Ducks general manager Brian Burke on Kings prospect Oscar Moller.

“His hockey sense is terrific and I think the sky’s the limit,” Burke said. “His skating has to improve a bit and he has to get bigger, but what great hockey sense and what a high battle level.

“If he plays for L.A., yeah, I won’t be a fan of his.”

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  • Gord

    lol, much appreciated Burkie, but where did THAT come from? Are you seriously tossing in your sleep over our prospects?

    nice find, Matt

  • Maverick

    I cannot wait until this team takes off and eventually meets the Ducks in the playoffs. That will be one of the greatest series of all time. Can’t wait for that smile to grow on my face as the Kings eliminate them over and over ^.^

  • Anonymous

    He’s pissed he didn’t get a chance to draft him

  • Reaper

    If I remember correctly, Burke owns Chilliwack, the team Moller plays for.

  • Anonymous

    the Ducks had two picks (19th and 42nd) ahead of when moller was picked (52nd).

    Btw- the context of the comment- it was in an article about Burke’s (and several NHL team’s) interest in signing Chilliwack captain Nick Holden. Moller plays for Chilliwack.


  • JB

    Here’s my impression of how it went down.

    Reporter: What do you think about playing the LA Kings?

    Burke: Uhhh- Let me think. Hmm.. well I really like the hot dogs at staples center.

    Reporter: No I mean the team.

    Burke: Oh yeah them. Well gee they’ve got some kids down on the farm that someday may be good. As far as the current team goes. Well let’s see Blake is with Detroit now right?

    Reporter: No that hasn’t happened yet.

    Burke: Oh that explains why we couldn’t get any juicy turnovers against Detroit last night. Well like I said the hot dogs are great at Staples Center.

  • jerome

    nah he just feels bad for us becasue we suck so much.

  • Daniel


    Didn’t Phil Jackson get reprimanded by the NBA for similar thoughts about Chris Bosh? Come on Bettman, do something. Show some ‘nads.

    Go Kings.

  • lunchbox

    they mentioned during the WJCs that burke (and sather) own the chilliwack bruins (but they also mistakenly said anaheim drafted moller…)
    that may be why burke is throwing his two cents in regarding moller.

    thanks for sharing that quote matt!

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