Crawford’s full post-game quotes

Here are Marc Crawford’s thoughts following Tuesday night’s loss to Detroit:

“They were pretty efficient tonight. They were missing a big one tonight in Zetterberg but their really good players were their best players. Lidstrom is what most people expected from him. He controls the game. Datsyuk made a great play to get them the lead after we had such a good first period. ”

“Thats a team you really need to get the lead on if youre a team like ours. We didn’t. When trying to play catch-up against a very good team like theirs, it becomes more difficult. We made one mistake in the second period. They end up scoring on us and, down two goals, they really locked it up and checked us fairly effectively the last half of the game.”

“Hopefully we learned we can play with those teams if we’re all on. I thought we were all on for the first period and maybe a little bit of the rest of the game, but we need to be on the entire game against these guys. They just won’t allow you to win unless you get a great game from your team. I thought we had six forwards who worked hard tonight. I thought most of the defense contributed and LaBarbera had his moments in net, made some saves especially in the second period to keep it close. But, as I said, they dont allow you to win by just playing all right. Well have to play better to beat that club.”

“It’s something to learn from that if skating and really being authoritative with them and concenetrating on how you have to play, then you can be very successful. I thought the first period we did it but we didn’t have enough to stay with it the entire three periods. I think the goals they got kind of got us out of sync and we have to work on that.”

On Purcell and Moulson: “I thought they played very good. Moulson has very good hands and showed them in around the net. Teddy is a good playmaker and one of the forwards who definitely worked tonight. Playing against NHL defensemen of the caliber they were playing against was probably more demanding on them than it is on the American League level, but they played very well.”

“Purcell has got to get stronger and he will get stronger. He’s a very young guy just realizing how strong NHL defenders are and it’s always been my experience that when a young forward and he’s got a good frame realizes he needs to get stronger then they go about making adjustments in the offseason. For the rest of this year, Teddy needs to continue to battle, keep his balance on the ice, keep his feet moving and do things with his lower body strength — which I think is very good. But his upper body strength needs to pick up and that will make a huge difference for him in getting away shots in traffic and getting away shots with people draped all over you. He’s the type of player who protects the puck well, a little like Frolov and maybe a little bit slicker. Frolov has that good strength so he can fend off the opposition’s defenders. So we’re looking for that type of improvement in Ted and I’m sure he’ll get that as he gets older and more mature and definitely stronger.”

On playing Ducks Thursday: “We’ll get the chance to watch them tomorrow night. It will be a tough game for them and I’m sure they got their focus now on Detroit and that big matchup. It should be a very good game and then hopefully Detroit takes a ton out of them and well be able to mop them up.”

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  • Dan H.

    “On playing Ducks Thursday: We’ll get the chance to watch them tomorrow night. It will be a tough game for them and I’m sure they got their focus now on Detroit and that big matchup. It should be a very good game and then hopefully Detroit takes a ton out of them and well be able to mop them up.”

    Well that’s one strategy. Hope that another team does the dirty work for you. Hasn’t worked out well so far this season with other teams playing the night before…but hey.

    I’d rather our team get it’s excrement together and play a full 60 minutes in more than one game in 10 personally.

  • KingFan4ever

    I’m sick of this “Detroit is so good and we hope to be able to play like them one day” ass kissing speech everytime the Kings lose to the Red Wings.

    I know it’s part of good sportsmanship and all but come on already..

    Sooner or later you have to have some swagger of your own and show some self-respect as a team…

  • mike

    thanks for quotes matt. any chance you can put the quotes in quotes ” “. it’s a little easier for a quick read. thanks!

  • kingRome

    loved the purcell/moulson matchup. they have great chemistry and moulson is ALWAYS around the net. if anyone but handzus starts with them, we may be looking at a differnt score. probably not a victory, but those guys were buzzin aroiund the net, and ya never know.


  • Great comment by KingsFan4ever. Detroit didn’t even look like they had to break a sweat last night. Mistake by Preissing on the first goal, by Armstrong on the second and by Stuart(getting in the way of the goalie) on the third. Bing, bang, boom and they get the two points. This thing with Detroit has gotten way out of hand. The Kings record with them over the last few years is totally unacceptable. I remember when we were being told by Mr. Leiweiki that after the salary cap the Kings would be ready to compete and teams like Detroit, with the big payroll, would be in trouble. I guess he is a better business man than predicter of the future.

  • Paincorp

    “For the rest of this year, Teddy needs to continue to battle”

    Reading into this, it sounds like he’s staying up the rest of the year! I think it would be good for him. He can also take advantage of the NHL strength and conditioning coaches while he’s here. Moulson should stay up too. He deserves it.

    Ship Willsie and Thornton to make room.

    Hopefully I’m right in reading into Crow’s quote that way.

    Oh yeah, I’m STILL driving the ‘FIRE CRAWFORD’ bandwagon. Sorry, but I don’t think his ‘System over creativity’ system is going to benefit the young talent we have, Infact, I think it might kill it if he goes gustapo on us.

  • Scotty Bowman

    I like how underlying every single Crawford quote is his excuse making rhetoric – either blaming the players work ethic or claiming he’s got inferior talent. It’s all designed to prove he’s doing all he can it’s not his fault that the team has been dead last almost all year.

    4 game win streaks and hard work from guys named Teddy don’t impress me. Getting out of LAST PLACE might.

  • emedy

    Like the previous comment, I will not read any more Crawford quotes. Reading them makes my skin crawl. I understand a coach is not hired solely to say the right things to the media but it must translate very poorly in the locker room as well. I’m not saying Crawford is the only problem with this team, but you gotta start somewhere right?

  • anthony

    Anybody else notice that Chelios was a healthy scratch.
    The coach gave the old timer (geriatric) a rest.
    Interesting that this so called rest was given to him after that comment he made about our illustrious captain.

    Now, about the game. One of the most boring game I’ve seen thus far.
    After 5o games, I just noticed that the Kings never can cycle the puck around in the opponents zone. Meanwhile the opponents do it to them at will. Sometimes their cycle lasting up to 90 seconds. And when this occurs, 2 things usually happen.
    -the opponents score on the Kings
    -the Kings take a bad penalty.
    Last night it appeared that our players were just waiting for a mistake to be made by the Wings, in order for them to have an out-numbered attack.
    I can’t recall a single pass that connected for the Kings. Just a sloppy game all night.
    Our defense is the softest defense in the entire league. Anybody can camp in front of our goalie. They won’t be touched.
    And I hope that Armstrong and Handzus are shipped out before the deadline. Army could have bought a ticket to watch that second goal scored by the wings.
    Handzus has got to be the slowest player I’ve ever seen. What a waste of talent to put Moulson & Purcell on that line. Handzus did nothing to compliment them. This player is $3.6 million overpaid.

  • jack handy


    60 minutes of blood sweat and tears… thats all i’m asking for guys.

    drop every single game left in the season for all i care…

    but please, go down swinging.

    thank you,
    a fan

  • KingFan4ever

    …and where was that low life Chris Chelios? He got a day off??

    What a lame-ass. I was hoping Brownie or Ivanans could give him a little friendly nudge to the head last night…

  • Crash Davis

    I really like the “have to have some swagger” comment re: playing Detroit. Not to wax nostalgic, but a few years back when we were beating Detroit in the Playoffs the Red Wings knew they had their hands full with the Kings. Our team wasn’t scared of them. Period. And Detroit knew it. We’d all agree, that Kings team was completely different. Palffy, Deadmarsh, Potvin, Allison, hell, even Smolynski and Glen Murray.

    This Kings team is so young that they don’t know what it’ll take to beat the Wings other than the constant yelling of “play a full 60 minutes.” They must come off the ice with wide eyes thinking “I just checked Lidstrom. Wow.”

    I thought the Blakes, Thorntons, Willsies and Handzus’s were supposed to lead the way. You know, good in the locker room type stuff. Chemistry. The vets showing the young ones. Yet it’s the young ones that are more impressive, at least last night they were.

    What am I missing here?

  • Anonymous

    “Mistake by Preissing on the first goal, by Armstrong on the second and by Stuart(getting in the way of the goalie) on the third. Bing, bang, boom and they get the two points. This thing with Detroit has gotten way out of hand. ”

    I agree with it getting out of hand, there was a time a few years ago when Detroit had to make sure they had their “A” game to beat the Kings. not anymore. we need to take it to them like we’ve learned to take it to the Sharks and Stars (and occassionally, Ducks) lately.

    as for the Armstrong mistake, it wasn’t really that much of his fault since he was locked in a pretty serious hold at the Detroit blue line and the officials decided they weren’t calling anything else our way. Blake really did what he could to get back and play the angle but Labs just misplayed it enough for a very good shot to get by. Chelios is supposedly injured

  • jack handy

    Re: Mistake by Preissing on the first goal.

    if he wasn’t so soft he would have dropped/crushed Pavel Datsyuk as he slid the puck between his legs…

    instead he opted to try to play the puck and let him get around him for extra credit.

    didn’t even bother to bump him to knock him of balance/stride


  • Anonymous

    Agreed. We need some muscle on this team. Brownie alone can’t do it and Ivanans is real picky with who he checks.

  • metalmaster

    Very soft and very easy to play against would basically descibe this team in a nutshell. Very boring game to watch. Wings saved Chelios for game vs. Quacks since he does not play back to back. I would not be too hard on him since he is a +9. Not bad for a 90 year old and he is actually a
    leader unlike Blake.

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