Purcell + Moulson

Teddy Purcell and Matt Moulson had a reunion of sorts Tuesday. The two played on the same line to start the season in Manchester, though the line was broken up when Moulson was called up for 12 games. Now the two are back playing together with the Kings.

“We had some really good chemistry down in Manchester,” Purcell said. “It’s nice to be reunited with him. It shows our work down there has been noticed. I thought we had some pretty good chances early. Unfortunately, we couldnt bury one but I thought we had some pretty good chemistry.”

Moulson said he felt more comfortable in last night’s game than when he was up earlier.

“I probably should have had three goals tonight alone,” Moulson said after the game. “I just need to bury my chances and take advantage of this opportunity.”

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  • anthony

    I hope these kids stay with the team for the rest of the year.
    The playing time in the NHL wiil give them much more experience and prepare them for next season. Kinda like what Sully went through last year, and look at his performane this season.

    I’d also like to see Boyle and Harrold brought up. Both are having a monster year at Manchester.

    To make room Wilsie, Thornton, Dallman, Blake, Armstrong, and Handzus should get dumped. waived, or traded.

    Unfortunately there aren’t enough bad G.M’s out there who would want them. Wish there were more Dumbardi’s managing teams.

  • Anonymous

    Other than Zeus, i can’t really disagree, for once, with Anthony. Hopefully at least a few of those guys can elevate their game prior to the trade deadline so we can pluck a few decent picks or prospects for them, though i think other teams are only going to be interested in Blake and Armstrong out of that bunch.


  • kyle

    Agree with Anthony on personnel comments (is that hell frezing over?),except as to ‘zus. I still think he’s got value (even if the contract price is high) to the team and as he continues to get stronger after last year’s surgery he’ll make the team and his linemates better. And I still think Dean’s doing the right thing in the long run. We’ll know for sure over the next 2 to 3 years and I’d rather have this group at all levels than a bunch of vets who will finish 8th at best year after year.

  • Gord

    Of course Zeus was centering that line of Moulson and Purcell. A pretty good line, I’d say.

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