Clarification on Kopitar’s father

Matjaz is going to coach the Slovenian national team in three tournaments. After joining Anze in Atlanta for the All-Star game, he is heading to Europe for one of the tournaments. He will rejoin Anze in Los Angeles Feb. 18. When the other tournaments arrive, he will again go to Europe for around two weeks each time. But he will continue living here.

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  • taz42

    Thanks Matt.
    The poor guy is going to have jet lag all summer just catching up to himself.

  • ian

    wasnt he coaching the junior kings?

  • Irish Pat


    I gotta admit, you’re a very thorough dude. Keep up the great work. I really appreciate it.

  • Shakes

    can the Kings sign Anze’s brother yet, or do we have to wait for like 5 yrs…

  • Nick

    If Matjaz turned Anze into such a great player….can we sign him and put him behind the bench?….say in place of Crow?

  • john

    In response to Shakes, Anze’s brother, Gasper, is too young. He is only 15.