• David

    Way to show your true colors Crawfish! Next you’ll be saying you wanted to scratch Bertuzzi from the lineup that night, but Burkie wouldn’t let you!

    Crawfish couldn’t be trying to draw attention away from himself when he told his players “Moore’s gotta pay the price” in the third period of that fateful game.

  • Goon Squad

    Off topic sorry. Versus coverage of All star skills is the absolute worst coverage of any hockey event I have ever seen in 30 years. The camera angles are terrible. The clocks arent’ working, the video graphics are wrong. Emrick is completely clueless who is doing what. The mics are not working. I can’t even watch. Worst ever.

  • Shakes

    Just got back from the skills competition in Atlanta, here were the highlights:

    1) being the only person wearing any LA Kings gear (that wasn’t Grezky related)

    2) getting KopiStar to sign my #11 jersey during the red carpet ceremony…he wasn’t showing much emotion but didn’t respond when i said “….well at least we’ll have Stamkos on board next year to help”

    3) Booing a flock of four Mighty Shmucks fans seeking autographs

    4) Having Pronger and Getzlaf right in front of me but not asking for their autographs (my cousin displayed incredible weakness however)

    5) Why wasn’t KopiStar in the final showboat competition???

    6) Telling a Maple Leafs right before Kaberle won the accuracy contest that “this is the greatest moment in Leafs hockey since we beat you in ’93”

    7) large Leafs fan mentioned in #6 laughing and not kicking my ass

    8) yelling “Kill Jack Kill!” during the very entertaining rookie game and having people look at me funny

    (ps: i’ve seen one game here before when i was stuck in Atlanta, but it needs to be said that Phillips Arena is one of the best arenas i’ve been too in terms of sightlines and all)

  • Goon Squad

    That’s cool, Shakes, but please tell me you didn’t really say that to Kopitar! Did you not realize what a backhanded swat that was to say to a guy who’s doing his best to win every game?

  • Shakes

    yeah the sad thing is that it all came out horribly wrong! i meant to say that he’d get more help next year and it didn’t come out right. sigh…