Purcell and Moulson sent down

Though Crawford indicated they would likely be recalled for the eight-game trip that starts in Philadelphia on Tuesday. This would seem to be to get them some games/practices during the All-Star break. I guess their play of late — both had nice assists Thursday — didn’t deserve a few days off.

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  • karl

    Well, they haven’t made the roster yet. They are just filling in for our injured players. So, better to keep these guys working and stay grounded.

  • Mark

    I think it’s more like they don’t want them to hang around the rusty old Kings when they can go down and continue to play hockey. The future looks bright but don’t let the kiddies hang around the bad influences.

  • Daniel

    These guys are under-25. They should be playing every day …metaphorically speaking, of course. This is a smart move by the Kings because now Purcell can play in the AHL All-Star game this weekend. Plus, the team starts up after the break on the East Coast so the two will be a train ride away. They do deserve to be playing with the Kings. If DL decides to go with Willsie, Thornton and Nagy instead of these he then he is retarding the development of the organization. Period.

  • GMatsuda

    Not only that, but the AHL All-Star festivities are on the 25th and 26th. Purcell is a starter…

  • Marc Nathan


    Come on dude… you’re a professional journalist. The AHL ALL STAR GAME is this weekend too, and Ted Purcell is on the team. This allows him to participate (along with Gauthier and Harrold.) For more info, including the “cover story,” go to: http://www.theahl.com/home/

    Now, how about the Petr Kanko domestic violence arrest? That’s something for you to bring up… For more info, go to: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/N/NH_PLAYER_ARRESTED_NHOL-?SITE=RIPRJ&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT

    The next Kings game is in Philly, which is a stones throw away from New Hampshire, where a guy like Moulson calls home (as opposed to a So Cal hotel)

    So… hardly reason for you to talk about their “deserving days off.”

  • Cob

    Hopefully we’ll also see Lauri Tukonen and Brian Boyle get some action before the season ends. I think their playing on the same line in Manchester?

  • ian

    Having a bad day Marc Nathan>?? Did mommy pack you a yucky lunch today? Geez, lighten up..it’s no thing.

  • jerome

    yea marc, chill. Havent seen your name in a byline anywhere…let alone a los angeles newspaper….must be a duck fan or something.

  • Oz

    Not to mention that the Monarchs are playing on SATURDAY and the AHL All-Star game is played on MONDAY. Before you crush Matthew read the website of the site you linked.

  • marcsajacka@#

    Yeah marc..I see why you’re not the journalist…use decaf

  • Anonymous

    Marc’s right. This was a standard move and any reporter covering hockey should recognize it as such. For one thing, as has already been stated, these guys are just breaking into the league and do not benefit from time off if there are games to be played in the A. Also, the AHL all star festivities begin today (sunday- Oz, maybe you should read closer before you call someone else out), and purcell is on the team. Lastly, the kings pay these guys salaries while their on the roster and this counts against the cap- it therefore makes no sense to keep them up to sit for several non-game days.

    Matt- i would suggest not reading too many of the comments posted on this sight, most of which are from whining, clueless fans; you don’t want them to subjugate your journalistic abilities. This blog was pretty good at the start of the year but is steadily degenerating to just another fan site.


  • Bob Bobson

    Matt, do you have any other information about Kanko’s domestic violence arrest ? I am curious to see what happens with it and if the Monarchs will do anything.

  • Oz

    (sunday- Oz, maybe you should read closer before you call someone else out)

    Umm the game is on Monday right? What part did I read wrong?

  • Paul

    Purcell is tearing up the AHL all star game. He has both AHL Canada goals in the 1st period. Game is tied at 2 as I write this.