Moulson recalled again

to rejoin the Kings for the eight-game road trip. Purcell has not been recalled. This could be because Lombardi is waiting until after Purcell participated in the AHL All-Star game Monday. That makes sense. But, you never know, it could mean the Kings think Willsie is ready to play and will go that route. Adds some intrigue to tomorrow.

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  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Here’s a follow up story on my earlier post on Purcell awesome AHL performance.

  • Shakes

    I for one love the idea of idea of Matt & Teddy on the same line. It gave us a good unexpected punch i think.

  • Luis

    How can DL not call Purcell back up after his performance in the AHL All-Star game.

    For goodness sakes, he was the MVP of the game.

  • Moondoggie

    Shakes…Agreed…I do hope they’re not sacrificing Teddy for Willsie, bad move.

  • Moondoggie

    Hey….How about Purrrrcell getting 3 goals, the shootout winner and MVP at the AHL All-Star game???? I think he’s ready to play for LA……

  • KB

    Perhaps anticipation for Brown’s wife about to give birth?

  • kingkongkorab

    Willsie is over the hillsie and should be put on waivies

  • Andy Glas

    Purcell needs to be call up to stay. He plays with as much heart as Guliano but with NHL talent. Guliano needs to find a new profession. Guliano brings it every night, he works his butt off but he does not have what it takes to make a career in the NHL. Give the boys in Manchester another roster spot

  • mrbob25

    That Teddy Purcell is so hot right now!

  • Anonymous

    if there’s any hope that there might be a team crazy enough to want willsie (or to include him as part of a deal), he’s got to play. or for that matter when nagy and cammy are healthy the young ones have to be sent down.

  • nykingfan

    It sure looks like Purcell is ready for the NHL. If he’s being kept in the AHL for WIllsie, it had better be because they are going to move Willsie somewhere.
    Quick sidebar: What contending team thinks Willsie will help them down the stretch? Offensively he’s Giuliano without the work ethic. Defensively, he’s Sully before he was brought up.
    I’m hoping Cammy comes back quick. I’d like to see how he fits in with the emerging talent on the Kings. With these young players, the future is looking a lot better. Goaltending will be the key and Bernier needs to be that guy, but I can’t say that I would be upset if Barbs was still the #1 again next year.