Ivanans gets extension

Forward Raitis Ivanans received a two-year contract extension from the Kings. The 29-year-old enforcer, in his second season with the team, had four points and 80 penalty minutes in 43 games entering tonight’s game in Philadelphia despite missing time with a fractured cheekbone. Terms of the agreement were not announced, but I’ll see what I can find out. The timing looks like a reward for his fight with George Parros of the Ducks on Thursday, though I’m sure it was in the works for longer. Not an Earth-shattering signing but Ivanans does serve an important role as the only King who can really fight.

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  • Daniel

    I like Raitis but he needs to be meaner. Like, all the time.

  • Maverick

    Not a terrible signing, every team needs a tough guy and we could do alot worse than Ivanans, he is one of the better tough guys in the league right now, while not talented at all in any other category, it is a necessary piece the Kings need.

  • Anonymous

    Great news. Now if he could only be more meaner, especially against the quacks. Yeah, I wish he would pick a fight w/ everybody from the quacks.

  • ivanans rocks

    I love this deal! Ivanans has shown he can handle himself with the toughest guys in the league.. Glad to know he’ll be here for two more years..

  • Nick

    I love it, I’m glad we picked him up and didn’t keep Parros

  • Dan H.

    Well I guess it’s more important to lock him up than Camallerri.

    I’d rather see another guy like Lappy that has some skating ability personally but I recognize what Raidis brings, but I wish Deano would be banging the phones with Cammy’s agent to lock HIM up because he’s a huge part of this team being good the next couple of years.

    Also Cammy hurt himself standing up for a teammate which he SHOULDN’T have had to do but the team is soft overall so he did it. Another reason I put him and Brownie up for Captain of this team.

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