• diehrdkingsfan38

    wow that was bullshit, you could tell hartnell kicked that crap in. Its just BULLSHIT!

  • pr0cess

    That is a lose i can swallow, and the 1 point isnt bad too.
    Gratz to ivanans good to see a heart and soul guy get some money

  • Dorian

    Diehard, wtf are you talking about? You sound like an ignorant homer. Look at the replay, it was NOT KICKED IN!!!

  • Joe Dirt

    1.2 mill for 2 years doesn’t sound like much money for getting your face beat in every night.

  • matthew

    I think what he was talking about is the Kings kicking themselves in the head in overtime, did any of them want the puck?. I think Lubo gave away the puck about three times and JMFJ about the same,and come to think about it so did Fro and that led to a goal.You know I don’t have any bad feelings about Willsie but Purcell should have played instead.The referees were terrible but what do you expect from Kerry (is my hair perfect)Frazier,that guy has had it out for the Kings for about 20years.Man I thought that guy retired,at least he now wears a helmet instead of his hair looking like one.Boy ,him and Mr Magoo where the worst for the Kings.I sure would have liked to see them go into the shoot-out,I think they could have won it.Oh yeah speaking of shoot-outs, why was’nt Kopi used in the shoot-outs in the allstar game? I think he has probably the best moves out of all those other guys and has probably scored more,so what do they use him in fastest skater.Oh and one last thing Neidermeyer should not have been invited to the allstar game I think Brown would have been more of an asset

  • DP

    Good signing, glad he’s locked up for 2 years at a cheap rate.

    Now go get a middle weight worth a dman.

  • geeblenob

    I’m not sure if you understand the rules on disallowing a goal. The player has to make a ‘distinct kicking motion’ for it to be disallowed. Simply going in off the skate is fine. Hartnell was falling/sliding to the net and the puck went in off his skate. He couldn’t possibly make a kicking motion while doing that. There was ABSOLUTELY NO doubt about it and, frankly, I was rather surprised they even bothered reviewing it (although the slow-mo replay made it even more clear that it was a legit goal). It was just a bad break for the Kings.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    btw, i know the rules of hockey, distinct kicking motion and non distinct kicking motion. I can’t help but not side on my team, i’m a homer and i have to support my team. And i agree with you geeblenob i knew it would be disallowed, but i was praying

  • Shakes

    this is the funniest debate ever. the goal just sorta sucked. that’s all. like that time in the early 90s when the Kings were eliminated from the playoffs against the Oilers in overtime and they disallowed a goal for a kicking motion (which probably should’ve been one) and i was so happy in my living room…but then the Oilers scored like 1 minute later anyways…