Kings after All-Star break

I had a story in today’s paper on what to look for from the Kings after the break. For those who don’t get the paper, it ran on the front page of the Daily News sports section — the third front-page Kings story in the past six days. The Kopitar All-Star feature and the Ducks gamer also ran on the front. I believe we had three front-page Kings stories on the season before this stretch.

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  • BallPointHammer

    Well done. Nice summary of the King’s situation with the right ammount of insight and detail for the ‘average’ fan. By that I mean those who aren’t the hardcore bunch who keep up with the Kings on a much deeper level. The next month will be very interesting. IMO the fans will be well served if Dean Lombardi uses the rest of the season to continue introducing and showcasing some of the top prospects now in Manchester.

  • Joe Dirt

    Great article Matt. I hope Lombardi cuts off some dead weight before the deadline.

  • kennyb03

    good read…I’m glad to see some Kings stuff on the front page. keep it up matt 🙂

  • quisp

    Trade Cammalleri? That’s just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever f***king heard. Make him the captain.

  • anthony

    I hope Frolov is also included in the list of untouchables.
    I’m so impressed with how strong he is on the puck.
    If healthy and with the right linemates, the sky is the limit for him.

    I would also like to see DL sign Nagy and Stuart to an extended contract.
    When on their game, both Nagy and Frolov are point producing machines. I love watching these two play together. Just put somebody other than Armstrong as center.
    And lately Stuart has been playing exceptionally well. And he’s hitting alot more. I love what he did against Anaheim.

    If you’re gonna move players, get rid of Armstong and Handzus. I don’t care if Armstrong scored a goal against Anaheim, I really can’t stand him.

  • Eric K

    thanks matt! and… if you had a hand in it, as i’m sure you did… thanks rich!

  • Paul

    Great article. I would however add Bernier to the list of non-expendables, unless the Kings can deal him for an established young goalie that’s ready to be #1 now.

    The name Ray Emery comes to mind, and with the situation in Ottawa getting worse by the day for him, if DL is half the GM he’s supposed to be, he should have been on the phone all morning with the Sens.

    I’m not on the Purcell/Moulson bandwagon however. As a matter of fact, I don’t put much stock in anyone in Manchester. Almost the whole team has been down there for 2 or 3 seasons now. If they were any good, they would have broken through to the talent rich environment here in LA. (sarcasm off)

    There are a lot of teams that are desperate for help right now, and they have lots of good NHL established talent ready to be dealt.

    Dean Lombardi should get off his butt and start dealing!

  • Gabby

    Just a note, as of 12:33 p.m., the sidebar next to the article says this article was the 3rd most viewed story of the day. This is out of ALL the stories in the Daily News. Not too bad.

    Great read!


  • Bob Weinstein

    Well Mr. Lombardi is accomplishing his goal. It wasn’t good enough to finish 3rd from the bottom last year so he is finding a way to get it right this year and be dead last. However, in reading this article, I was surprised to see Cammalleri mentioned as possible trade bait because last time I looked you really need a top 6, not a top 3, and as we have found out in the last few years top 6 forwards just don’t fall off trees. Cammalleri is a definite top 6 forward in this league and should not be traded unless the deal is unbelievable. That said, in getting back to my original comment, I just don’t think you have to have a succession of bottom finishes to rebuild a program. But you do have to make reasonable free agent decisions and not go in to every season with big question marks in goaltending and in these areas this management team has been miserable.

    Thanks Matt for all your work.

  • Matthew Kredell

    Bernier also is also untouchable. I was only including players on the current Kings roster. Frolov would be next on the list of least-likely to be traded, after the four mentioned. But I think Dean would listen to offers for him.

  • Gord

    I think if we trade Cammy, it will be next year. We have him under contract for another year, so let him re-establish himself once he comes back from his injury – whenever the hell that will be. If he can’t fit in, screw it, cause I’m pretty sure he’d have a stellar value.

    Then again, his return would be even higher right now because his contract status makes him more than just a playoff rental…..

  • metalmaster

    Ray Emery is a head case and I don’t think living in
    L.A. is the best place for him. He has not proven himself to be a legitimate
    #1 NHL goalie as of yet.
    Bernier is their future and the future of DL and possibly the franchise is on his young shoulders. DL
    needs to put together a
    quality backine so when he
    is ready he will be in a position to succeeed.

  • Anonymous

    No! Sorry, Ray Emery is not the answer…You must be forgetting the fact that Dean tries to get players with character and Emery does not fit that description very well. Not that it really matters tho. We could have Luongo or Kippy in net and our D would still let em get lit up.

    The real point of it is, almost everybody is tradeable IF the right deal comes along. If Dean can get a steal on Cammy, you gotta take the deal. You know once FA kicks in after next season, Cammy is as good as gone anyway. If you can get a young prospect or an established young player with RFA years left, than you do it. You need a future top 3 or 6 forward (hopefully a 2nd line center), or an established goalie or you sit on the deal till the next deadline or the offseason.

    Trade Blake for a combination of 1st rd pick, player and prospect. I’d be happy with 2 of those but 3 sounds great too. Nagy, Willsie, Thornton and Dallman gotta go, dont care how, just gone. Stuart, Calder, Modry, Preissing, Armstrong have been playing better lately so if the right deal comes along, take it, if not keep em till the seasons over.

    I know im probably off on my own here, but I still believe in Handzus. He has had a horrible season for sure, but I think his four year deal will eventually payoff bigtime. I think he can be a shut down 3rd line center and will chip in offensivley. That wont happen until the Kings have 2 lines that can score consistly. Thats when Handzus can play his game effectivly. Or the Kings will trade him and next year he will have the season of his life, it usually works out that way.

    Needs for the Future:

    # 1 Goalie (Not named Bernier) Good Luck!

    Top 6 Winger – # 2 Center

    Rugged 2 way D-Man (22-30 4+ years NHL exp) Another Tough one!

    Draft Picks

    More Prospects! can never have too many, unless they are Pavel Rosa’s or Lauri Tukonens

    Anyway, Dean trade who you want, but when the dust settles this team better so improved it will erase any bad memories of the last 40 years! Yea sure, anyway, at least make us a playoff team next year.

  • Dave

    Trading Cammy is not out of the question, IMO. He went to arbitration last offseason and asked for $6 mill per season. Is he worth that??? No way, not yet anyway. It is virtually guaranteed that if he comes back strong and has a great year next year he will ask for $6 mill again. If he comes back from injury and continues to progress, maybe he might be worth it. But he is streaky at best. After his torrid start, his production did tail off before getting injured. He could be a very valuable asset to move next year. Our forward core of Kopitar, Brown, O’Sully and maybe Frolov can be added to with some of our young talent in Manchester that are waiting for their chance and via a trade or free agency.

  • PolarBearOne

    Good stuff Matt!

    Glad to see the Kings getting some front page pub love.

    Too bad it’s for all the wrong reasons. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The Kings need defense and another forward like Brownie. It’s good to have bangers like Ivan and Giuliano out there to releive the first three lines, but at least one more scoring power forward is necessary for success. Cammy is not that. He’s not strong enough to stand in front of the net and take the pounding like Brown does and the opponents have learned to shut down his from the knee shot, but he is good enough to put out there to draw offers for what is needed.

  • Paul

    I got it! Blake & Camalleri to San Jose for Marleau! 🙂 Throw in a draft pick or prospect if needed Dean. Get this deal done!

  • kingkongkorab

    No one is disputing the skill of Cammy, but you have to wonder if he is willing to sign a long extension with us because of the arbitration hearing last off season. We cannot let him go UFA after next year with getting anything for him. That would be criminal.