Kings lose 3-2 in OT

Alexander Frolov made a bad turnover at the offensive blue line, Mike Richards took the puck and passed it inside to a charging Scott Hartnell. Hartnell was tangled up Lubomir Visnovsky and couldn’t get his stick on the puck but it went off his skate and in as he tried to slide to a stop in front of the net with 28.5 seconds left in OT. The officials reviewed it and ruled there was no intentional kick. Unfortunate ending. The Kings were really dominated by Philadelphia in OT, but you have to feel good about their chances if they can get to a shootout.

Anze Kopitar scored his 20th goal of the season, tying his rookie output. Matt Moulson scored his fourth goal, and first since being called back up three games ago. Brian Willsie did play after missing five games with a sore back, so that could mean that Teddy Purcell won’t rejoin the team for a while. Maybe he’ll be brought up at the end of the trip if Dustin Brown is going to take off two games to be with his wife for the birth of their first child.

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  • Freezang

    I think Hartnell was tied up with Lubo and not Jack like you say Matt. Jack angled Richards off to the boards (who threw the puck in front)

    Great game though.

  • Shakes

    Couple of thoughts and comments:

    1) Watching the Kings over the last 10 games or so has made me really happy. Obviously we all would’ve wanted a playoff team but I’m really happy with their effort and that makes me excited to watch.

    2) The more I think about it, the more I feel that maybe Barbs and Bernier is the way to go for next year and that what we really need to spend salary cap money on is 2 defensemen (Hickey as one of them?) and one center and/or sniper to give us a true second line. I think with our youngsters there is a lot of great potential here.

    3) While racing home from work today it hit me: wouldn’t it be great if Ivanans could be a defensemen? He’d get more ice time to be a physical presence, he has stick handling skills…he just needs to maybe improve his skating. But that would be fantastic. He’d be like the Marty McSorley of our time…with more offensive skills.

    4) There were many years when I would say that I hated the Ducks b/c that was the thing to say, but you know what?…I really do hate them.

    5)Perhaps Purcell wasn’t called up for today’s game in order to give him some rest after his game last night

    6) Listening to Bob and Jim made me realize yet again how much I like them. Although Jimbo talks a bit too much once in a while I love the fact that he gave his honest opinion about the OT goal being legit. Even though they’re our announcers and they’re fans of the Kings, you get great unbiased commentating.

  • Anonymous

    Selanne’s back to suck some more of Neidermeyer’s c*(k.

  • Anonymous

    Marian Hossa anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Ivanans w/ more offensive skills than Marty? hmm. I agree w/ your comments ’bout Bob and Jim.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    I totally agree with you shakes about the positions we need. This team needs some D-men, i mean this team has no size whatsoever, we need to get a big young man like a Dion Phaneuf (DOUBT WE ARE GETTING HIM) and a veteran D-Men who has some game like Adam Foote or so. Also the team does need a sniper. We do have great guns but i don’t think they are seen as much of a threat. I mean imagine a guy like Marian Hossa or Ilya Kovalchuk on the Kings or even a Jason Spezza. The Perfect center for this team would be a big young man like Ryan Getzlaf. He will never play in a Kings uniform as he should be a franchise player for the Ducks. Perfect Snipe would be Ilya Kovalchuk or one of those underrated guys. My opinion is Cammalerri is way too overrated. The Defense has to get big and size up, whereas the offense needs to show proven threats on the ice by locking up a guy for 7-8 million bucks a year. Ivanans deal is awesome as we will see him for another 2 1/2 years.

  • Anonymous

    just some thoughts/comments on the Barbs/Bernier situation:
    1) in order to play at the top of his game and be effective, Barbs has to start a lot of games. He has pretty much said that. Crawford has made comments, as well, about him requiring a heavy workload.

    2) if Barbs wins the starting job out of camp next year, what do you do about Bernier’s playing time? The only way he continues to develop is by playing lots of hockey. So that probably means he’s the starter in Manchester next year.

    3) if Bernier wins the job out of camp, can Barbs be effective as a back up?

    4) priority #1 has got to be D. with 3 guys under contract for next year that’s 3 holes for Deano to fill. Given how Deano has said he likes to stagger the ages (2 vets, 2 mids, 2 young ones – or something close to that), he has to sign/trade for 2 current NHL player. Plus, you have to hope one of the Manchester players is able to graduate.

    5) the teams success next year will depend more on how the D performs than on how the O does. Crappy D, crappy season (see this year).

  • Shakes

    Good points anonymous, I think that while the goaltending has been suspect I think they get a bit too much blame for it when they result from defensive breakdowns. Don’t get me wrong I expect the spectacular save once in a while, but we’ve all seen enough gaves this year where we say “boy the Kings could’ve given up 4 goals in that first period alone”

    I’m starting to wonder would do Barbs+Cammy for Emery? I gotta say they both are at the top of their trade value and it gives the Sens a legit backup (See latest Emery probs today)

    As for help on D, the Blake trade need should pull in a real player on top of a draft pick…

    Finally I like the Ivanans re-signing, next up is KopiStar hopefully for many many years

  • Gord

    Emery is a terrible idea. He is basically Sean Avery in heavier pads. We removed that poison from the locker room last year. I vote we stick with Barbs and spend on defense and/or a center.

    There is a rumour floating around that Carolina was interested in puck moving defensemen who would be more than just playoff rentals, particularly Tom Preissing. Why I don’t know, but the interesting thing about this is one of the players being supposedly used as trade bait is Tim Gleason. I don’t think I;m the only one who’d love to get him back.

  • Eric K

    we played a 60 minute game today… unfortunately, the game went for 65. besides being flat-out dominated, it was a solid effort. i got one of my friends to watch their first hockey game today, and if i hadn’t told them they wouldn’t have known the kings were a last place team. also helped me realize how viewer-friendly bob and jim are… if you want to introduce someone to hockey, have them watch bob and jim.

    hartnell’s goal was legit. big mistake after a long stretch of chances for the other team, and that’s what happens. but well-played, LA… look forward to taking down the isles on thursday!

  • Eric K

    sorry, i meant “besides being flat-out dominated in overtime, it was a solid effort.” i’m not THAT negative.

  • Ethman

    It was a great effort last night, until the last 5 minutes of course….

    I agree that the team really needs some D, but I don’t think Hickey is the type of D the teams neeeds now. The back end has got to get bigger and nastier. Of course a second line center would be great (anyone think Marleau could do the trick? Probably too expensive for us…), but it’s become more obvious that D is the key! Look at how many games the team has won now that they’ve been playing a much tighter defensive game. Tim Gleason might be great to have back, although I’d be surprised if Carolina gets duped by us again in a trade. Did anyone see the Ranger game from last night when Gleason went flying after Avery during a scrum?

  • nykingfan

    I agree Gord…There is no way I want Emery anywhere near this team. The guy is a cancer in the locker room. What will he do when it’s Bernier’s time to come up and play? that would be a disaster waiting to happen.
    I like the idea of bringing Gleason back.
    I think the sniper on the Kings is Cammy. I think the problem is that he’s been out so long, its become “out of sight, out of mind”. He wasn’t playing very well before the injury, but who really was playing well at that time? If you put him with guys like Frolov and Purcell, you could have an incredible scoring 2nd line and a great top 6 forward combo.
    Defense seems to be where all the queation marks lie. Other than Harrold, who do we really know in Manchester that can come up and play?
    Their is no way I want Ivanans playing D. He can’t skate (pre-requisite for playing D) and he has no offensive game. He has 1 role on this team and that’s it.

  • John

    No way was that a legit goal…maybe if you’re Ronaldo! That was not hockey. You could see the play develop & that was his only option, to stop on that puck …yeah nice shot guy! Whomever that was covering him, I think Jack or Browny, had perfect position on him; he’s the one that caused himself to go down & give Babs no chance to play his position. It may not have been a “kicking motion”, but they score those kind of goals all the time in soccer & what do they do?? Kicked it in!

  • JB

    When you talk D for next year don’t forget DL’s remarks to Rich before the season about a former King. Matty Norstrom hasn’t signed any type of extension in Dallas and he’s played well for them and they seem happy with him so it’s reasonable to suspect only reason is there isn’t interest from Matty. I believe it’s been said on this blog many times that he still has his home here. Maybe one of you more hardcore stalker fans could confirm.

    Anyway I can easily see Matty signing a 2 year and Blake signing a one year. In addition, there are plenty of big name free agent D’s available- Campbell, Redden, Commodore. Given that I don’t see DL crakcing open the vault to sign one of these guys. Better to bring up a kid as 6th D and use the money on some veteran forwards that can shore up the team defense.

  • Hockey Only

    Gord I totally agree with you on Emery and Shakes, you need to go back and look at the tapes of the Sens and Buffalo and all the mistakes Emery made in that game, all this guy has is a very quick glove end of talent, doesn’t handle the puck well, doesn’t make sound decisions when he has the puck, does not move side to side well, does not skate the way a goaltender should (fact is the goaltender should be the best skater on the team, I didn’t say fastest, as alot of the goaltenders today, they should go back and look at the tapes of guys that played like Sawchuk, Lumley, Fuhr, Hextall, Rogie, Cheevers then they would learn somethings that they DON’T KNOW about goaltending. But back on the subject, Emery??? Not just NO!!!! but Hell NO!!!!.

  • Rob B.

    nykingfan: very solid post.
    I think Cammy will end up being a leader on this team (if he stays). Everyone was geeked on him when he was lighting it up. Then he got cold, then injured. Since then, everybody’s writing him off.

  • Anonymous

    funny, some of the garbage that gets tossed around here. i love stuff like “yeah, we really need a sniper. . .like spezza.”

    agree completely (with the poster, NOT with matt. . .but what’s new?) that the goal was BS. sure, according to the current rules, i suppose it should’ve counted. but that rule needs amending and needs it NOW. i’ve scored goals the same way; it’s not difficult. you could see hartnell’s intent the entire time. ..but since it wasn’t exactly a “kicking motion”, it counts. BS!

    and by the way, hartnell (and many of the flyers) are total jackasses. how many times did they cross-check up high, throw elbows, etc? dirty team, for sure. sadly, we didn’t put up much of a fight. played alright, but i wish, sometimes, that we had significantly more toughness.