Mark Morris interview

I can’t give you guys the normal inside-the-locker-room access while the Kings are on this road trip, so I thought I’d see what else I can do. Rich talked about interviewing Manchester Monarchs coach Mark Morris before his promotion. With a lot of Monarchs players expected to finish the season with the Kings, I figured now would be a good time to look him up. If you have a question for Morris, post it here and I’ll give it consideration.

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  • nykingfan


    We don’t hear much about the defensemen in Manchester other than Peter Harrold. Who else down there is NHL ready or close to it?

  • Joey Drillings

    I would like to know which Monarchs he thinks shows true leadership potential, which player would surprise us whom he believes will be a good pro, and what happened to Cliche’ and Lewis’ scoring touch this year

  • OC Kings Fan

    Questions for Mark Morris

    -Who currently on the Monarchs roster do you see could make the biggest impact in the NHL?

    -Which players are you looking forward to joining the Monarchs lineup at end of this season/next season?

    -Which players have been the biggest surprises for you this season?

    What do you see as your biggest challenge this season?

    Can Danny Taylor keep up his hot play? What has been working so well for him so far?

    Brian Boyle – former 1st round pick and one of the last of that class of 1st round picks to not debut in the NHL. Does he have what it takes to be an impact player in the NHL? What does he need to work on to be an impact player at the NHL level?

    Laurie Tukonen – will he be able to take the next step?

    Finally, can the Monarchs win it all this year? Go ‘Narchs!

    Thank you for your time!

  • DP

    Basically how all the recent Kings draftees are doing? (Tukonen, Lewis, Meckler, Hersley, Murry, Boyle and Danny Taylor) How’s ready for their shot in LA and who needs more seasoning?

    Don’t ask him about Cloutier, out of sight-out of mind.

    Ask how Dravecky, Cliche and Bagnall are doing?

    Keep up the great work Matt.

  • Scott Pearson

    Which players have developed more or faster than expected and which ones have been disappointments to you?

  • sense13

    Great idea Matt and thanks for the opportunity.

    I basically want to know which player(s) does he think is most nhl ready?

  • Joey

    Second try.

    Why have Cliche’ and Lewis been disappointments?

    I would like to know if their are any players he thinks will surprise King fans’ in the future in reference to how good they are?

  • Vinnie

    What is the attitude of the players that return to the Monarchs after playing a few games with the Kings (Moulson, Purcell, etc.)?

  • 619KingsFan

    Thanks for opening up the forum, Matt! Please ask Mark that if he could say Teddy Purcell’s style of play and skill-set could be compaired to one NHL’er today, who would it be and why?

  • Daniel

    Ask him how his motivational tactics would translate to the NHL. Also, ask him what the hardest aspect of coaching is, in his mind.


  • Dan Cloutier

    Can I get some PT?

  • Prince

    Are you consulted on trades that involve Kings and other organizations prospects? If yes, how much input does DL ask you to provide?

  • Dan

    If he could talk a little bit about Boyle, his development, and what he thinks the realistic potential is for him.

    Going from a div 1 college coach, to a prep school coach, and now to the AHL. He has always been developing younger players. How has his coaching changed from those levels to a pro level, if at all?

    Does he like developing players? or would he like to step up to the NHL in the future?

    Thanks Matt

  • Aaron

    What is your assessment of Richard Petiot’s play so far? He had the bad injury last season, which stalled his development. Is he completely healed?

  • Eric

    I’d be interested in his take on playing time and position, and if he would use certain personnel on the roster differently if not for the direction he is getting from the Kings front office.

    Does he feel that he’s able to encourage development of a player’s natural strengths, or is he having to concentrate more on developing the parts of their game that may be lacking?

    Does he see a log-jam at a particular position, or with a specific style of player, or is the team well-rounded enough at this time?


  • John Roy Morgan

    Here is a few questions for Mark Morris that he won’t answer. How does he feel the coaching staff for the Kings are doing? What would he do different? What do the players who came back down to his team tell him?

  • BGB

    I’m not sure he’ll give you a real answer to this question, but here goes…

    There’s an article on the Monarch’s website from January 25th that talks about Daniel Taylor posting his third shutout over the previous 3 games. In that last game, it looks like he was busy stopping 32 of 32 shots.

    Taylor’s been in 11 games, and during that time he’s posted a save percentage of .939. I believe his goals against is 1.9. Impressive numbers on the surface.

    After posting up 3 consecutive shutouts, the decision is made to start Cloutier, who gives up 3 goals in 16 shots. Taylor isn’t even dressed as the back-up. Here’s the boxscore:

    My real question is whether LA is calling the goalie shots or if this was a Monarchs decision. If so, why?

    Since I don’t believe you’ll get a real, unscripted answer to this question, I’d settle for an assessment of Taylor and his chances to make an impact in the NHL.


  • Brian

    Does the coach Morris juggle the lines alot in Manchester?

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Thanks Matt for holding to Rich’s promise in interviewing coach Morris.

    I would have to say that just about every question that should be ask has already been mentioned. To add to that I would like to know what kind of coaching style Morris subscribes to (team defense, Run & Gun, etc…) I would also like to know if he has used the same coaching style that he used on the team following their dismal performance on January 1st. (here’s the story in case you forgot… ) I would also like to know that if he got a chance to coach at the next level (which I would hope he would be our next coach) would he use the same tactics.

    Thanks again Matt, keep up the good work. You are well on your way to filling the big shoes that Rich left in his wake.

    BTW, tell Rich, next time you see him, that we all said hi.

  • Kyle

    When will Brian Boyle be NHL ready?

    Is he better as a forward or as a defenseman?

  • Eric K

    how is john zeiler’s morale level right now? looking at the stats, he has 3 points in 15 games with manchester… is he less motivated after being demoted? i don’t see him as a guy who would play any less hard in the minors, but i really don’t know.


  • Daniel

    Jeff Zatkoff is on the ballot for the Hobey Baker:

    He is having a great year. Go vote for him!

  • Anonymous

    1) outside of the names typically thrown around (ie Purcell, Boyle), which player has the best shot of surprising people and making it to the NHL?

    2)what is his assesment of the defensemen? are they performing up to expectations? are they learning at the rate they need to be?

    3)what aspect of the team is he most proud about so far this season?

    4)what area(s) do they need to work on?

  • Darren

    Ask what positions does he see need upgrading in Manchester/Reading? What areas have good depth? Who has he been told may become avaliable to play for Manchester after the Junior season is over? Does he follow how the other Kings prospects are doing?

    What’s the biggest adjustments players have to make coming from Juniors, College and the ECHL to playing in the AHL?

  • Bruce

    What injury kept Scott Parse out of the lineup and what are his strengths as a player? Thanks Matt.

  • BallPointHammer

    How is Erik Ersberg developing?

    How was Jonathan Quick doing before being sent to Reading?

  • Bob Bobson

    Seeing how players get called up and sent down btw the Kings and Monarchs, how does coach Morris keep some consistency in the system they play in Manchester ?

  • triplcrown

    Please ask for:

    Any information
    such as–How healthy is he now? how he’s progressing, what is The Team looking
    for from him, etc.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    Who has improved you the most on the Manchester Monarchs and who do you think is going to be the next BIG thing? Thanks Matt.

    I made a video about our Los Angeles Kings, don’t say I’m advertising, I made this for us kings fans and i thought i would share it with you for you to enjoy. Heres the vid, thanks all.

  • Jonny

    Matt, THanks.
    THis is almost a repeat question, but… Can we get a full report on Brian Boyle?? Will his offensive game be strong enough to Caryy the second line in LA next year?? What type of game does he play?? Does he have the ability to play like Holmstrom and get in front of the net? Does he play up to his physical potential. Most importantly for the Kings.. How is he in the faceoff circle?? How are the Monarchs centers in the faceoff circle individually???

    Thank You Matt.

  • Ryan

    Will Coach Morris be coaching the Kings next year?

    Seriously, though, are there any other players in the AHL that the Kings should go after heading into the trade deadline?

  • David

    Mark, please comment on the difference or gap between playing in the AHL versus playing in the NHL. Is the speed or pace of the NHL game significantly faster than the AHL game?

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Here is a good article on the Monarchs.

    My favorite quote was:

    Morris said of Purcell: “Teddy did some special things there that caught the attention of a lot of people. He’s proven he’s an elite player … I’m pretty certain the Kings want to see him become a more complete player.”

    When Morris says “complete” he is speaking of defensive knowledge and probably a bit more upper body strength in Purcell’s case.

  • CUP4LA

    I just read yout comment aboout Tukonen

    “He’s been playing like he’s 10-feet tall and bulletproof. He’s been extremely hard on the boards”

    Assuming he develops into an NHL player, what kind of role do you see him playing once he gets settled in and what is the extent of his offensive upside potential.

  • LVC

    Now only if they can convert Cloutier into a defenseman and play with the same grit he had in his early days…we’d have another decent enforcer on the roster…

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