Dallman loaned to Manchester

Kevin Dallman was loaned to Manchester for conditioning. He remains on the Kings 23-man roster and is likely to rejoin the team at some point during this trip. Looks like, coming back from his injury, they wanted to get him some more activity than he is getting now.

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  • diehrdkingsfan38

    hehe who cars, at least we won! We’ve playing good lately, I hope we can sustain this consistency day in and day out. I thought Frolov played phenomenal tonite, before that beautiful empty netter goal.

  • taz42

    Well, this certainly explains why the Kings have looked so good lately.

  • Shakes

    kings win! kings win! i started my morning watching diehard’s video and it ended with an empty netter. the third period was good solid hockey…just clear the zone…

    although LuboCookie’s turnover in the first was terrible and with several minutes left in the 3rd what was up with his slap shot clearance attempt from behind the net? it was like we’ve given up on breaking it out of our own zone

    by the way, while we’re on the subject of small nitpicks, i love the JMFJ high lob clearances he did in the 3rd, when u have the space to do it it clears the zone but without the threat of icing

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    thanks shakes for watching the vid, was it good?

  • Shakes

    yeah i liked it, after watching the Red Wings clip it was a good pointer to the fact that as hard as the last 15yrs have been, when they do good it’s worthwhile.

  • Mark

    Do you think it’s possible for Manchester to forget to return what they borrowed? or possibly return the wrong one?