Kings beat Islanders 3-1

Rob Blake scored seven minutes into the third period to break a 1-1 tie and Frolov added an empty netter. Moulson had his second goal in two games. The Kings had just two penalties and didn’t allow a power play until late in the third period. LaBarbera had 28 saves.

Here’s some AP quotes:

“Three points for us is a lot,” Rob Blake said. “We understood the challenge at hand here coming on this type of a trip after the break. We had a good effort in Philly, and tonight we got the job done.”

“You can’t really look at the big picture,” Jason LaBarbera said. “It’s probably good for us to get out here and see something different and get away from the stuff we’ve seen a lot of this year. We’ve played well the first two games on this trip and hopefully we can just keep doing what we’re doing.”

“We know there is some sickness on that team right now and they battled like crazy,” Kings coach Marc Crawford said. “We were really good tonight. We didn’t give up much.”

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  • socalking

    Good to see the boys getting use to winning. Playoffs or no playoffs, it’s fun to see them play a full game.

  • Shakes

    @ socalking, Totally agree. By the way Barbs is playing quite well. Who would’ve thunk that a healthy goalie with a good D can make a difference…

    by the way the best i can tell Weekend at Bernier’s Lewiston QMJHL team finishes the regular season in Feb and assuming they don’t go all the way to the finals, does that mean he can maybe get the call to play 3 or 4 games at the end of the season? (still keeping under that 10 game rule i remember hearing about in his contract for an extra bonus or something)

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    i thought that the Kings totally DOMINATED this game, that goal was a fluke and Labby looked solid throughout the game. I mean even Willsie got on the score sheet. I thought Blakies goal was a flukey goal and Ricky D would have made that save 7/10 times. But Dubby didnt play bad for Long Island and the Kings got a well deserved win. Good thing i got Labarbera on my fantasy squad 😀

  • Dave


    Regarding Bernier, I believe that he is no longer allowed to play in the NHL this season, once the Kings returned him to Juniors. I have heard Lombardi say it on a few occasions.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Not quite Dave. Bernier would be allow to return to the Kings this year, but only for “emergency” purposes. Which means the Aubin, Cloutier, Quick, and Ersberg would all nove to be before he could be called up. So yeah, he will not play another game in the purple and black this year.

  • nick

    it was good to see but i wouldn’t say the Isles’ goal was “fluky”. that was a remarkably stupid play by visnovsky.

    still a good all around game for the kings. moulson looks so much better this time around, and he didn’t even look bad his first time up. he looks like he belongs.

  • nykingfan

    Good solid road win by the Kings. I thought the Islanders played a listless game, but that’s their problem, not ours. We’ve played enough of those.
    I was impressed with the amount of Kings fans at the game. I would say 10-15% were King fans. The Kings booster club was there.
    I thought Moulson was the best player for the Kings. Zues played really well also.
    The Islanders goal wasn’t flukie, it was a disgusting pass by Lubo right up the middle in his own end. He should have gotten an assist on the goal. It was the best pass by either team all night. I don’t know what happened to him, but he’s been brutal all year.
    Has anyone else noticed that Brown hasn’t been throwing the body much at all lately? I’m wondering if he’s been hurt or something. That line has cooled off quite a bit as well.
    Since it’s highly doubtful we’ll see Bernier up again this year, is it possible that he could go to Manchester and play? I think the experience would do him well. The way Barbs has played, there’s no reason for Bernier to be brought back up anyway.

  • Paul

    Sorry, but I can’t get very excited about this win. Yeah, the Kings skaters played ok, but they’re just lucky they came up against a team that can’t score to save their playoff lives.

    And I’m sorry guys, but I’m getting really tired of watching Jason LaBarbara playing backstop. Has anyone ever told this guy about a “catching glove”?!?! He gives up more rebounds then any goalie I’ve seen in 20 years.

    This should have been a shutout as the Isles were just going through the motions, but the Kings played their typical game. A terrible turnover led to a soft goal.

    LaBabara had all day to see that shot. He wasn’t screened. He wasn’t fooled by the shot. It wasn’t a hard shot. But as usual he just sat on his haunches and watched to see if the puck would make it through his pads and into the net.

    Wake me up when we get a goalie.

    Ok. Off my soapbox now. 🙂

  • dave fouser

    but bernier could play for manchester, right?

  • KingFan4ever

    Finally the team is worthy of watching… It’s also very clear what a winning attitude can do. Maybe something in Crawfish’s so called system is finally working?

    Also, it’s nice to see the Kings play these eastern teams. I was starting to get sick of seeing Dallas and San Jose…

  • FordKing

    i don’t what’s is going on in Visnovski’s head but he need’s to correct it fast

  • Bob Weinstein

    Just like last year they wait until they are out of it and then they start winning some games. Last year it revolved around the aquisition of Sean Burke and this year around LaBarbera getting it together. When are they going to learn that they need to have the goaltending solid from day 1, including a viable plan if the number 1 gets hurt. I am really sick of this pattern.

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