Kings lose 4-2 to Pittsburgh

The Penguins scored three second-period goals and led 4-0 before the Kings got third-period goals from Derek Armstrong and Brian Boyle. It was Boyle’s third goal in four games with the Kings. It was the Kings first game in Pittsburgh since the beginning of the 2003-04 season. LaBarbera started in goal, so it appears Dan Cloutier will make his season debut tomorrow in Columbus.

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  • anthony

    Man I’m pissed off.
    What a dissapointment to lose this game after that monster win they had against Detroit.
    Even more pissed off, that the Penguins were playing without their best player and against a goalie whose nothing to write home about.

    I guess we’ll all have to brace ourselves tommorrow when Cloutier starts in goal. Heaven help us.

    God I wish we had a #1 goalie. LIKE EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE NHL!!!!!!!!

  • Moondoggie

    So much for the talk about the playoffs this season…..

  • It is so unfortunate that we ALWAYS seem to be experimenting in goal. Goaltending is the most important position in the game and the Los Angeles Kings are alway trying things. I don’t think that I need to mention the many varied experiments that we have had in goal since Kelly Hrudey left in the mid 90 timeframe, but it is safe to say that with the exception of a decent run for a couple of years with Felix Potvin, all of the other experiments failed miserably. I have absolutely no confidence that this second experiment with Cloutier will be any different than the 1st.

    Mr. Lombardi, as a 35 year fan and many year season tickey holder, I am begging you to get this sorted out adequately PRIOR to the start of next season. Otherwise there will be a 3rd disgraceful Kings season on your resume.

  • Gord

    I like to think of the Kings as a cup contender without the goaltending or special teams.

    Occasionally they are a cup contender without the defense.

    Also sometimes they’re a cup contender without strategy or intensity for month-long periods of time.

    But the bottom line is the Kings are a cup contender.

  • EJ

    So many posters who just don’t get it. The decisions are in the hands of people who really know hockey, not mindless fans. The piece of the puzzle that is “goaltending” will be addressed, but NOT at the expense of team youth and depth. Stop whining for quick fixes and start sacrificing like the entire King organization. This is a muti-year process that IS starting to show progess.

  • tantrum4

    Well actually I’d rather have Cloutier starting tommorrow instead of Aubin….

  • TXKingsfan

    “experiment”? it is called “hockey” folks! If it was that easy to find a GREAT goalie the game wouldn’t be the game it is. “As a 35 year fan and many year season tickey holder” you SHOULD know something about the game. typical LA fans … stupid, only want to revel in the glory and can’t simply enjoy the game for what it is … a freaking game.

  • metalmaniac

    Anybody still believe that?

    The Kings are nowhere close to being a Cup contender and today showed that. Maybe in a couple of years but right now all they are is a team that is
    battling for #1 draft pick.
    You have to make the playoffs to contend for the cup and that is not going to happen this year.
    The standings tell you all you need to know.

  • Calling someone stupid is a reflection on yourself…..

  • we rock

    A hockey game can go either way.. thats the beauty of sports.. ya we lost today but we’ve been doing pretty good our last couple of games. Looking at positives:
    Boyle scored his 3rd goal in 4 games!!

    and of course.. Cloutier in net tomorrow 🙂 that hsould put a smile on every kings fan’s face 😛

  • chuck

    A solid defense can make up for par goaltending. The Kings are subpar in D and in net.

    Kings are not even playoff contenders, wishful thinking that they are cup contenders. I agree that many fans just want a quick fix, which is what the past 15+ years has been. It’s time to build right, like the Pens did earlier this decade and the Wings did many years ago. Look at both of those teams now. That’s what the Kings will be in 4-5 years. Solid all around and deep into the farm system.

    Luongo, Lundqvist, DiPietro, and Ryan Miller are all solid, young goalies that any team would die for, yet their teams are all out of the of top 8 in their conference save the Rangers who are just in there by 3 points.

    If you’re a long time fan, you’ve waited this long you might as well weather a few more years and let it be done right. I’ve got 20 years invested and will be looking forward for my investment to soar in the coming years. It is painful at times, but seeing the kids like Boyle shine make the losses more tolerable.

  • spiker97

    Watching this game today, the Kings remind me of the 2001-2002 Pens. They need to grow more. Give them time to grow.

    Kopitar did not have a great day today, I know he can do much better, Dustin Brown did well {a hitting machine who needs to shoot the puck a lot more}, Boyle has scored three in four…got to be positive. It takes time.

    Remember, the Pens had many bad forgettable seasons – even when Mario came to town, it took them five seasons to make the playoffs.

    If the Kings draft well, get a real goaltender and can improve their defense and discipline, they will be fine. This was a fun game to watch, you can see the growth potential there, Kings fans do have cause to hope.

    Now, I’m not too sure about Cloutier, but that is another issue…

  • Gord

    somebody refute the following statements:

    “If the games in Detroit and New York were an example of the effort put forth by the Los Angeles Kings every single night, they would be in the running for the Stanley Cup”

    “Alexander Frolov is wonderful”

    “Dan Cloutier is frightening”

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    Gord, I like the way you think. 🙂

    On that note, I like to think of the Kings, this year, as a playoff contender without the goaltending or special teams.

    Occasionally they are a playoff contender without the defense.

    Also sometimes they’re a playoff contender without strategy or intensity for month-long periods of time.

    But the bottom line is the Kings are a playoff contender.

  • Maverick


    I agree with you. Cloutier was bad but I wouldn’t say that Aubin was much better. Now that he is healthy, I am actually a little interested in seeing him start. I think this last chance they are giving him is good and makes no difference either way in quality of goaltending other than the fact that he has been facing AHL shooters for the past few months.

  • Paul

    Wow! Two days ago you guys were all killing me for suggesting we need an NHL caliber goalie. Jason LaBarbara was the 2nd coming of Patrick Roy.

    Now he has a decent game, backstopping a team that was just going through the motions and is starting to show the wear and tear of this absurd road trip, and you guys all want a new goalie?

    Well, you’re right. We do need a bona fide #1 until Bernier is truly ready, if that ever happens. But this Penguins loss was not LaBarbara’s fault.

    It’s a pretty sad statement when the Manchester line is your best line in the game. You won’t win many games that way.

    On the positive, nice to see Boyle continuing to play great and put the puck in the net. I was worried he’d get intimidated by being thrust into the NHL so early in his career, but he’s clearly adapting great.

  • sicalkings

    The game against the Pens was not the greatest effort on our part, but is was a good game. The bounces didn’t come our way, and our power play was off. Not gonna win every game, but a solid effort was there. That is what we need to see from the youngsters.

  • Hockey Only

    From the sounds of things I guess most here are looking for Cloutier to go out and play the BlueJackets by himself ….. and that could very well happen, are you all looking for a goaltender who can go out every night and walk away with a shutout or are you looking for the goaltender who can make the stop that is needed to steal a game for the team??? If Cloutier makes that one save and the Kings win 7-6 then he’s done his job, if they lose 3-2 and he lets in 2 like Barbs did the other day then he hasn’t done his job. Also someone mentioned that a team with a subpar goaltender and a strong defense can win …. wrong, not if that subpar goaltender doesn’t know how to catch a puck or gives up more rebounds rather then controll the rebounds, that is why the angles are so important. Also a good goaltender will have a sense of feel where the puck is, even with all the equipment he wears.

  • Hockey Only

    I see where the BlueJackets just sent Mason BACK down again after serving as backup the last game, interesting. I wonder what could be in the back of DL’s mind on goaltending??

  • Hockey Only

    Paul, actually it’s a great thing as the naysayers can see for real what DL has done and don’t be surprised to see a couple more after the trade deadline. This will be a very strong team next season, if Philly can do it so can the Kings.

  • nykingfan


    There’s no reason to call Kings fans stupid. We’re all passionate about our team and want nothing more than to win. We’re not winning and we’re all frustrated. It’s a game, but if you don’t have passion for your team, why waste time watching or reading this blog?
    Bob’s been a King fan long enough to vent his frustration, same as everyone else who posts here. We all may disagree how to get to the next level, but we sure as hell all want to get there.

    Now back to Cloutier. I’m interested as well. I’m sure he’ll suck and give us no chance to win, but i would have had the same faith in Aubin as well.
    Also yesterday might have been the worst game Kopitar has played since he got here. It happens to the best of them. I’m sure today, he’ll be back to his usual greatness.

  • KingFan4ever

    Just when I thought we’d seen the last of Cloutier in net for the Kings…..

    I hope for a Kings victory in Columbus but I don’t have high expectations for Cloutier. I think he’s peaked and his best days are behind him.

    Upgrading toughness and consistency in D should be their top priority in the off season. (That includes getting a legit #1 goalie)

    This has been the story all year: They have no problem scoring. They just can’t keep the puck from going in their own net.

    PK is unbelievabably atrocious as well…

    But how about Brian Boyle eh? A big kid that can skate and score… I’m really liking the future!

  • David

    Why don’t you whiners start giving Jason LaBarbera a little support and encouragement, instead of referring to him as an AHL Goalie!

    All he’s done over the past twelve games is put up a save percentage of 92.3%. This is right up there with the league leaders and the best barometer of a goalies effectiveness.

    I think it’s safe to say that Jason came back too early from his rib injury in December. Heck, Cammi was out for over six weeks with a similar injury!

    Quit harping on Jason. He’s been very solid over the past month and a big part of the Kings recent success.

  • Hockey Only

    Well now just imagine that, That’s the kinda netminding the brass was looking for from Cloutier, too bad we didn’t realize just how bad his hips were. One game back does not make you the Vezina trophy winner but he sure as hell made a huge step in the right direction, did he steal the game for the Kings????? You bet your butt he did. Way to go Clouts…..