Kings beat Columbus 3-2 in shootout

The last time the Kings were in a shootout, Jan. 12 against Dallas, coach Marc Crawford admitted he probably should have put Patrick O’Sullivan among the first three shooters. O’Sullivan ended up coming in fourth and saving the day. Crawford made the same mistake today but O’Sullivan once again batted cleanup and beat Pascal Leclaire to give the Kings the victory. Dustin Brown scored in the shootout and Dan Cloutier, making his first start in goal for the Kings this season, stopped the last two Columbus attempts after allowing Rick Nash to put one in. Anze Kopitar scored the Kings’ two regulation goals to give him 24 on the season. Cloutier made 31 saves, including a key stop in the final minute of the third period after Nikolai Zherdev hit one off the skate of Jack Johnson. The Kings are 4-2-1 with one game remaining on this road trip and have gone 9-4-1 over their last 14.

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  • Paul

    Well, first off best wishes to Richard Zednick of the Panthers. It’s injuries like that one that remind us how dangerous and scary this sport can be.

    As for the Kings game, it was a very solid win for the Kings. Now I’m sure all the Cloutier bashers out there will find ways to pick him apart, but I think he played great. It was refreshing to see a goalie FREEZE the puck, instead of kicking out rebound after rebound. And when things got crazy in the last minute or so of regulation, Cloutier pretty much stood on his head to help get the game to OT.

    All in all, very nice effort for the Kings. They got the 2 points they deserved.

  • Hockey Only

    Well now just imagine that, That’s the kinda netminding the brass was looking for from Cloutier, too bad we didn’t realize just how bad his hips were. One game back does not make you the Vezina trophy winner but he sure as hell made a huge step in the right direction, did he steal the game for the Kings????? You bet your butt he did. Way to go Clouts…..

  • Joe Dirt

    Good win tonight. Kudos to Cloutier, I was about ready to right him off but he sure was ready to play tonight.

  • anthony

    I seriously believe that sometimes Crawfish plays the favortism game.
    I wasn’t surprised to see Cami take Sully’s place on the first line, even though it wasn’t warranted. Sully established really good chemistry with Kopi & Brown.
    I wasn’t surprised to see Sully’s Power play time dwindle, even though he did earn an assist on Kopi’s 2nd goal.
    And I wasn’t surprised to see Cami be chosen by Crawford to take the 1st penalty shot, even though Sully hasn’t missed one all season.

    I don’t know maybe Crawfish Believes that Cami is better player than Sully.
    Or maybe he just likes Cami more. PERIOD.

    Anyways, good win for the team. Good to see Cloutier have a good game. I thought he played his best game in a Kings uniform.

    Sully was one of the best skaters on the team.
    That goal that was disallowed was BS. Clearly there was no kicking motion. He never once pulled his skate backwards. He just tried to adjust his skate because his stick was tied up. Simultaneously, the puck bounced off his skate while was trying to adjust his skate forward. Today the refs, the judges, and Crawfish were all idiots.

  • Shakes

    I will now outline how every series of comments on “Inside The Kings” will transpire over the course of the rest of the season:

    1) friendly comment about the outlook for the team
    2) Anthony stating that he thinks this can still be a playoff team
    3) Angry backlash by 2 fans who point out that there is no way the team can win 35 of the next 30 games because it is both mathematically impossible and more importantly the Red Wings were not able to do it
    4) Me typing something about about Kwame Brown
    5) A fresh take on the LA Kings goaltending problems since 1993
    6) Someone making a comment about the game which just ended
    7) A post bashing Anthony
    8) “Fire Crawford”
    9) Someone stating that we all should get a life because hockey is just a game…and yet ironically they are posting on a Kings blog…
    10) A feeble attempt at bringing peace to the series of postings by stating that “the Ducks suck”
    11) A discussion about Stamkos
    12) Someone stating that the Kings will lose the lottery
    13) LuboCookie
    14) Someone recounting the ways in painful detail that our defense should never make a bad pass. Ever.
    15) Someone stating that we should be happy about the rebuilding process (which I am) which forever reason means we’re supposed to accept sub-par goaltending (which I won’t)
    16) Blake hatred
    17) Pro-Blake posting
    18) Someone typing about the utter disgust they have in following the Kings and how it makes them weep at night (we are all guilty of this one)
    19) Anthony following up a slightly coherent post by alienating everyone by stating that he think the Kings should fire everyone one the team
    20) Me restating how much I hate the Hillbillies on Ice; the Columbus BJ announcers…

    Repeat 20 times

  • Ron

    Buddy they won and yet you still find things to whine and moan about. Unbelieveable.

  • Gord

    Congratulations Clouts. You still scare me shitless, but play like this again (and again) and I shall upgrade you to merely unsettling.

    I kinda think sometimes we have one too many top six forwards when everyone’s healthy. Even as I type this I remember about Nagy. Anyone else forget about Nagy or was it just me?

    And will it be Boyle or Moulson leaving during Nagy’s stint before the deadline?

  • Gord

    hey Shakes, I shotgun 16 and 17.

  • TXKingsfan

    Anthony, please, for the love of God, spend some time watching the game rather than bitching about why Sully isn’t on the first line or why Cammi is … there are typically 3 lines of forwards and on at least two of those lines you have to match them against the strengths and weaknesses of the other team. Please learn something when you watch the game. As for the shootout, Cami needs to be put in those situations to get his “confidence” back. Sully is doing great but even he has been in a bit of a slump as of late. Look at the “bigger” picture not just the individual shift or game. It is a long season and this season is as much about development and assessment as it is about winning. Be patient. I think even you would agree that this is a different team than we saw even a month ago.

  • ryan

    anthony, Sully’s no-goal was clearly a kicking motion. You don’t have to be trying to kick the puck in the net, but if you make a kicking motion and the puck goes off your foot, its going to be NO GOAL. As soon as I saw the replay, I knew they were going to call it back. I was hoping they were were going to allow it, but I knew they wouldn’t. And I hope Cloutier plays like this the rest of the year and I hope he wins the Vezina next year.

  • NMKingsFan

    Ron, just do like I do, ignore Anthony’s posts and save yourself the effort.
    Anyways, kudos to Cloutier, not for playing decent tonight, but for his overall effort to come back from that hip injury and not sit on his guaranteed $3.5 mill per, shows he has alot of pride and that’s commendable. He could have rode off into the sunset with loads of money, but he’s out there sweating with the guys and trying to earn his paycheck. Whether he’s successful or not, at least he’s a warrior.

  • Moondoggie

    Paul, Hockey Only, Joe Dirt…Right on. Clouts was solid tonight, a little shaky early but that was to be expected. However, with the game on the line he settled in and made some really good saves in the 3rd. He didn’t get rattled, something we’ve seen alot of this year and last from Kings goalies. I was really impressed, like others I felt a change at the 2nd spot was necessary. I just don’t think Aubin is the goalie that Clouts has been (did I actually just say that???). Anyway, kudos to Dan, he obviously enjoyed the moment and for a guy who has really had the chumps the last year + I was really happy for him. He looked pretty pleased too, especially since practically no one gave him any chance of ever playing in the NHL again.

    Sully, my boy. Honestly, how is it he doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves? He’s at least a 2nd line center. Cammy’s shootout shot was weak but he’s got a timing problem which will work itself out. However, having Sully shoot 4th??? No way. He has the best set of soft hands I’ve seen in this league, his wrister is practically money in the bank everytime he shoots, what a nice touch!

    Overall, a good game for LA. They’re coming around and you’ve got to like our kids. DL’s plan is coming through but it does take time and patience. I cringe at the losses but they’re coming fewer now and our young Kings are beginning to build confidence. They have the talent, all they need is to believe in themselves as a team. When that happens consistantly, look out. We’ve had glimpses on this trip; the future is looking very promising.

  • Hipcheck

    I thought Cloutier looked exeptional, albeit I was late to the dance. He stood on his head and proved why he is worth the 1.6 million we paid him. I think the playoffs are back in reach and Cloutier is going to be our answer!!

  • Starlight

    Was listening to parts of it through the live radio feed on the Kings website and the goal that was disallowed sounded like it shouldn’t have been, which would have given the Kings a regulation time victory. No matter though, they got the win 🙂

    Too early to tell whether Cloutier is going to be any good from now on, but a solid first game back is a good start. Maybe getting some competition for the starter job will push both him and Labs to some extra nice goaltending, who knows.

  • nykingfan

    Clouts was the difference tonight, that’s for sure. This is what DL and Crawford were hoping for when they signed him. Way too late though. He handled rebounds beautifully. If he plays like this, you can’t discount the possibility that he can bring back something in a trade. There are a lot of teams looking for a veteran backup.
    Speak of trades, where was Stuart tonight? i didn’t read anything about him being injured. I thought he’s been playing great over the last 10 days or so.
    Cammy had a lot more chances tonight. The goals will start coming soon. As much as I liked Sully with Brown and Kopitar, I also liked Fro with Sully and Kopi, and Cammy with Brown and Kopi. Let’s face it…whoever you put with Kopitar will look good. He’s the man on this team. He came back from his worst game against Pitt to having a great game last night. By the way, he made the save of the game when he got the puck just as it was going across the goal line.
    All in all this team is playing its best hockey in 2 years and the best players have been the young kids. I’m already excited for next year.

  • nykingfan

    one other thing:

    How funny were Crawford’s reactions to the too many men on the ice penalty and the “kicked in” goal by Sully? The kings were shorthanded with 7 men on the ice…not including Cloutier.
    The replay was 50/50 on the kicking motion. I was hoping they would let it stand, but I wasn’t surprised they waved it off. It wasn’t intentional, but he did move his skate foward as the puck hit it.

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!

    I’m hoping they can trade Brad Stuart away for a respectable draft pick, some 2008-09 salary cap relief, and Kwame Brown!

  • KingFan4ever

    I’m not a Coutier fan but I’m all about giving someone their props when they deserve it.

    .. I do agree that with Gord though, having Cloutier in net feels like the opposing team can score at will. Much like the feeling I had when Cechmanek was around..

    It was a nice, entertaining game with both teams skating very well. It’s one game for Cloutier. Now let’s hope Crawfish doesn’t do anything stupid… Fine, Cloutier is the back up but Barbs is #1.

  • Dan H.

    I give Cloutier props for a good game. I didn’t think he faced many tough ones but made a huge save at the end of the game.

    Jim Fox showed why we’re lucky to have guys that want the Kings to win but aren’t homers. He called that kicked in goal as it should have been. The one shot showed the foot definitely coming forward so it looked like a good call.

    I was upset that Crawford moved O’sullivan just like I was upset early when he tinkered with that line. Leave the line that’s doing well alone dude.

    I thought it was pretty crazy putting Cammy back in the shootout lineup too. He hasn’t shown any flash on the ice yet so I would have gone with the known quantities.

    Good game guys. Keep up the hard work. Although our chances at the Stamkos sweepstakes takes a hit with every win.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the game and kept on replaying the waved off goal. If you see it on an angle behind sully, you could see the puck hitting his leg, not skates, which made him shift his leg, I’m guessing that he was trying to look for the puck. When he did so, it looked as if he kicked the puck in. I’m not sure how the rule goes but his leg made the puck go in not his skates. Should that have been ruled as a kick? Maybe some of you guys might know.
    I give my kudos to Cloutier for an exceptional play on net last night. Although he should have stopped Nashs’ goal in my opinion. Like Starlight said, it’s too early to tell.
    Another thing, I did hear Jim saying something about Stuart being hurt.

  • Bob Bobson

    Nice win for the Kings and my hats off to Cloutier for playing strong given this is his first game of the season. Also must be a nice feeling for Sully to score the SO winner given he had the potential game winner called back earlier.

  • Anonymous

    just counting down the days until Blake, Nagy, Willsie, etc play again so we can trade their ass and get something semi useful in return.

  • brianguy

    everyone seems to be commenting on the Sully non-goal so why not: it was even less of a forward kicking motion than the Philly sliding soccer GWG against us in OT. but whatever I’ll take it.

    we seem to get fewer bad calls against us than we have in the past, which is showing discipline and maybe even an ounce of respect. even drawing penalties against the hated Red Wings on the road. which never happens even when they deserve them in our own building!

    on to St. Loser…

  • Hatter

    I agree with Hipcheck although, that being said, we aren’t paying CLoutier 1.6 million we are paing him 3 point 12 mllion or something. Signed hatter.

  • mitchrock

    Good win for the Kings. Cloutier let in one bad goal then really was solid in net. Suprised the heck out of me there.

    The young kids keep playing well. Will be interesting to see what the trading deadline brings.

  • RinkRat

    I don’t remember much of the game due to the cloudy conditions in the living room, but it was a solid effort for the Kings!

  • Anonymous

    Last time! Trade Cammalleri to an East coast team for a defenseman and/or another power forward. He’s a puck hog trying his damndest to catch up in scoring to Kopi, Fro and Brownie and is taking crap shots when he should be passing the puck to whomever is open in front of the net. The other teams are on to his from the knee shot and he’s about as physical as my grandmother. Along the boards he’s useless. Has anyone noticed that good point shots and tip in goals are almost non existent with Blake out?

  • Stickchick

    That was a great effing effort by “Clouts” yesterday. I wanted to throw my pretzel at the TV in that softy but he more than made up for it!

  • mrk

    I’d rather have Cammi trying his damnest to try to catch up to Kopi and Brown than having a placid Cammi. We all know that most of our forwards are too shy when it comes to putting the puck-at least-in front of the net. That’s what I like about Stuart. He may not be the greatest shot but he shoots! He don’t care if its an ugly goal or not as long as it goes in the front and hopefully behind the net minder. Keep it going Cammy. Once you get into another hot streak, these guys will love you again.

  • fourtunato

    Ducks Suck.

  • Paul

    My problem right now with Camalleri is his “drop to a knee” shot. He thinks it’s the greatest thing since Wayne Gretzky, and clearly it’s not. Instead of reading the goalie and taking high percentage shots, every other shot comes from one knee.

  • Garrett

    Funny story you should all appreciate. I was in Columbus over the weekend to see the game, among other reasons, and as I was driving around the city listening to the radio. The DJ came on and said “Big NHL action tomorrow night when Wayne Gretzky leads his LA Kings here to face our Blue Jackets.”

    I swear to God, that is what he said! It’s been 12 years since Gretz was a King!!! He hasn’t even been in the league for 9 years! I got a good laugh out of it!

  • Moondoggie

    Dan H….That was pretty funny, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I love seeing our team win but loosing the Stamkos lottery is driving me nutz! Oh well, we all have our sacrifices to make, don’t we? Personally, I like the winning and forgetting the lottery.

    For those of you who have noticed Stuart’s play of late, right on. Decent defense, good physical play, not afraid to dig it out and he’s been very consistant on offense too, at least he’s not afraid to shoot plus he’s been hustling all over the place. He’s one I’d like to see LA keep at the deadline but it depends on what’s offered in return. One more time, nice effort Clouts, welcome back!

  • Anonymous

    A placid Cammi? The name of the game is winning as a team not individual stats. Have you ever noticed that a winning team plays as a team? The pass goes to the open man to move the puck as quickly as possible so the opponent can’t defend. When you try and stickhandle through two or three from the opposing team it usually ends up with two open players watching and the puck carrier losing the puck instead of those two being involved in the play and producing a scoring opportunity. A team cannot win with individual stats but only if it outscores the opponent. Someone tell Cammi that an assist is as good as a goal.

  • Maverick

    Sign Stuart to an extension.

    Trade Nagy, Willsie, Blake, Thornton, Cammy and Modry.

    Then I will be happy and look forward to the off-season.

  • Paul

    I don’t understand how you guys can all be going crazy over Steve Stamkos? We’re talking about Dean Lombardi here, remember?

    Even if the Kings have the 1st pick, which I don’t believe they will, what makes you think DL would take Stamkos? We don’t need another top line center. We need help on the blue line more then anything.

    I expect DL to take Doughty, Pietrangelo, or Schenn, not Stamkos.

    As a matter of fact, if the Kings do have the #1 pick, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if DL trades down a spot or 2 and then takes a defenseman.

    So don’t go crazy when Stamkos goes someplace else. I’d say the chances of the Kings selecting him are less then 50%.

  • nykingfan


    I might be mistaken, but I believe the 1st goal Cammy got the primary assist. I also remember he made a great pass to Kopitar on the goal. It was a few days ago, but I think that’s what happened. If I’m wrong, please correct me.
    I think Cammy needs to shoot as much as possible. He’s probably the best pure goal scorer we have on the team.

  • Joe Dirt

    Hey Matt, with Cloutier playing well last game and Barbs not playing that great the last few games who do you think will get the start tonight?

  • Matt George

    On a different note.

    When this site first started there was at least 4 or 5 posts per day from Rich which we all commented on.

    Now days go by without any new posts.

    Is this because you guys are focusing more on Kobe?


  • Matthew Kredell

    Joe, it’s hard to tell. Crawford has a history of going with the hot hand, but he also might not want to plant the seeds of a goalie controversy.

    Matt George, that’s just what happens when the Kings are on a long road trip. Sometimes there are 4-5 posts and some days there are one or none. Expect to see a lot of new content when the Kings return Thursday.

  • Matt George

    You guys have a great blog here. We all love it otherwise you wouldnt see 30plus posts here.

    Tonight will be the second time (actually in a week and a half) that I found out there was a game tonight from a friend… it’s going on right now…and you would’nt know it from this blog….

    just sayin….

  • Matthew Kredell

    I go by the assumption that you guys don’t need me to tell you when there is a game or give you goal-by-goal updates during games. Perhaps I will make a preview post for games from now on. Then it will give you guys a place to comment during the game if you like.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    That would be nice Matt! :thumbs up:

  • Me Plus One

    Preview posts would be nice 🙂 That way you could include any information that was pertinent to the game; although I agree that if you follow a team you *should* be able to figure out when the games are on by yourself.

    Now that the boys are back in town I’m sure we’ll see some more good coverage from you. The one thing I’d like to know is whether Nagy will be playing in Friday’s game.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work Matt 🙂

  • great, thanks for good post