Kings lose 4-2 to St. Louis

The game was tied 2-2 entering the third but the Kings were dominated for much of the final period. Dustin Brown scored his 25th and Alexander Frolov his 15th. Brad Stuart was back on the ice after a game off. Kevin Dallman still played. Peter Harrold is the defenseman who got the game off. LaBarbera was back in goal. The Kings return home to practice Thursday after a pretty successful 4-3-1 East Coast swing.

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  • Shakes

    Ducks Suck.

    Well there was the chance of grabbing a win tonight, but all-in-all i gotta say that it was a great road trip. A lot more than I could’ve hoped for.

    I think I’m gonna now just reserve judgement on who should stay or go until the trade deadline. While I think Stuart may get moved I think I actually like him more and more lately…

  • anthony

    DL needs to trade Cammalleri and Lubo-cookie. And hopefully it’s done before the trade deadline.

    Cammi loks like a player who wants to score 30 goals no matter what. He took alot shots on goal today and they all missed. I rarely saw him pass the puck. To me, it looks like scoring goals for Cami means more to him than anything else. Including winning. BTW, he even sucked playing on the point during the PP.
    I don’t know why Crawfish took Sully off that line. To me, Kopi-Brown-Sully played with more chemistry.

    As far as Lubo-cookie is concerned. Other than playing on the power play, he is ineffective. He’s the worse defensive defenseman I’ve ever seen. And he gives the puck away more than any other player on the team. When it’s even strength, and he’s on the ice, it’s like the other team has the man advantage. His presence still makes it 5 on 4.

    I hope these two players are traded for either a solid blue line or 2nd line center.
    I guess now we’ll have to see Cloutier play on Friday. I hope DL didn’t mean it when he said that Cloutier’s call up will not effect whose the #1 goalie on the team.
    Does anyone still believe that. Yeah Right.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    Anthony, we cant trade Cammy because of the arbitration.

  • Sloane


    Cloutier made the big saves last game. Labarbera has let up soft goals ALL YEAR.

    I’m pulling for Cloutier to regain his form after an off, injury filled year.

    He came through huge in the 3rd last game. Give credit where it’s due.

  • Hockey Only

    Anthony …. in the game of hockey, you don’t lose your spot when you get injured, you lose it by L.O.F.T. aka Lack Of Friggin Talent and SENORITY. Cammi has been here alot longer then Sully and even though I like Sully more then Cammi, it’s Cammi spot to lose and I would say about two more weeks and that will probably happen. JBarb better work nights on those pads and catching glove.

  • taz42

    I,for one am quite happy about this road trip. The guys faired much better than anyone expected them to. It’s been an exceptional long road trip and the Kings were tired tonite, as was witnessed in this game. The D was bad, Labs was giving up way too many rebound chances and as for Cammy, if anyone has ever had a broken rib, they know what he’s been facing. He’s just now getting back to being able to make shots at the net. I’m not one who tries to speculate on what DL should or will do. Just take it one game at a time and relax.

  • Anonymous

    After watching this game I have determined that Cammi is NOT the pure goal scorer on the team. He’s not even close. He won’t go near the boards because he’s afraid to hit or be hit which allows the other team to control the zone, he turned the puck over when he had it inside the blue line and could have sent it deep, and he makes some really dumb decisions with the puck. The real workers on that line are Kopi and Brown. They work the boards and make things happen in front of the net. Why the hell is Sully off that line when they had such success when Lord Cammi was out. Check the shot and the shot pct. stats on the Kings web site and see who the real leaders are on the team. Deal this guy (& some others) while he’s still worth something to another team and get some help for the real future of the Kings.

  • metalmaster

    Is there a d-man in the NHL right now playing worse than Lubocrap? He
    is the biggest problem on
    the team this season period. More than the
    goaltending, penalty killing or anything else.
    Crawfish should bench him for a couple of games and
    play Harrold.DL may tell
    Crawfish to keep playing
    him to lock up #1 draft
    pick. Lubocrap has become
    such a liability on D that
    he would have to score 50
    or 60 points to justify his playing a regular

  • Nick

    wowzerz i totally agree with anthony. cammi has been a joke since his hot start to the season. lubo has just been a joke, which is unfortunate because i really like what he brought to the table for the last two seasons.

    i love o’sully and kopi and brown and frolov and boyle though. i’m turning the corner on moulson too, he’s been effective most nights.

    i KNEW when cammi got back crow would go back to juggling the lines. what a terrible hodgepodge of combinations that was in the third.

  • Diehard…

    If I’m not mistaken…you can’t trade anyone that was just signed to an offer sheet…like Edmonton’s backfire with Dustin Penner… If you go to arbitration…you’re still fair game to trade…

  • petey

    The team just ran out of gas come the 3rd period. A 16 day, 8 game marathon will do that to you. Nobody would’ve guessed this team would’ve came out with the record that they did.

  • Maverick

    Cammy should be on the trade block and Lubo should be given up until next season trade deadline to prove he can improve and polish his game or else I have to agree that he needs to be on the block as well.

  • Paul

    I think the last 2 games showed that the Kings were just exhausted from this abnormally long road trip, especially the 3rd period last night.

    As for Camalleri, he just came back from 17 games missed. I think he’s just trying to hit his stride again. I don’t remember him being an overly selfish player in the past.

    Vishnovsky though is a really troubling case if I’m DL and MC. What happened to this guy? He was never great defensively, but we could always count on his offense. Is it just a bad year or has something changed for him? He’s been pretty awful all year.

    So I certainly wouldn’t trade Camalleri, but if I’m DL I would entertain offers for Lubo.

    Regarding the goaltending situation, I think Cloutier is the better option for the Kings for the rest of the year. The problem is, if you bench or trade LaBarbara. you’re telling your team you had no confidence in your supposed #1 goalie. On the other hand, we don’t know what the players actually think. Maybe they’d favor a change in goal.

    I know many of you want the Kings to tank the rest of the season, and that would most likely give you what you want.

    And of course I’ve advocated all season for a change in goal, and I still do. But I’d prefer it be next season, since there’s really no sense in making a change now. The Kings made their bed with LaBarbara. Now they’re sleeping in it.

  • nykingfan

    I was pretty pissed watching last nights game. (I’m getting greedy) St. Louis is not a good team. That was a game we should have won. The difference in the game was goaltending. I’ve been a big supporter of Barbs all year, but he’s starting to look like a fish out of water. I’ve never seen a goalie with his back to the play more than him. What the hell is his problem? He’s gotten slow going post to post as well and is flopping around. The goal that was reviewed, he was out of position…same thing with the 4th goal. He had his back to the play.
    Lubo needs to go home and think about what he’s doing on the ice. I’ve never seen a guy go from being a top 10 efenseman to a bottom 10 D in 1 year. It’s been that bad. His turnovers almost give you the impression that he’s deliberatley throwing the game.
    Terrible play by JJ and then takes a bad misconduct penalty to boot. He needs to mature a lot more on the ice.
    As far as Cammy, we all have incredibly short memories. During the 1st 10 games he was the greatest thing since swiss cheese, now he’s limburger cheese. You can’t have it both ways. Trading him is fine depending on what you get back, but he’s still the most prolific scorer on the roster. His job is not to battle constantly in the corners. That’s what a power forward (Brown) does. Cammy’s job is to put pucks in the net.Pure and Simple He hasn’t done it in a while, but I’m not ready to give up on him.
    The best line lately for the Kings has been Army/Fro/Sully. I wouldn’t break them up at all.
    Also, anyone notice the play of Calder lately? He’s been involved more than at any point during the season.

  • Defense 101

    OH No, but Anthony’s right.
    God I hate agreeing with Mr. Hot Air.
    Lubo is a defensive liability on the ice. He’s completely forgot about the simple rules of playing defense. Like covering your own ass.
    His play of late, for a player who just signed a $25 Million Plus Deal has been absolutely PITIFUL.

    As far as Cammy is concerned. I believe the other teams have figured out his one knee on the ice shot. Time to stop playing for personal stats and start playing for the teams success.

  • ryan

    Lubo is just having an off year. You cant play him with Preissing and expect him to play good. I thought he played well with Modry or Johnson, but when hes paired with Blake or Tom, he hasnt played nearly as well. I think he is playing hurt too, which doesnt help. One off year makes up fo the 4 plus great years.

  • Tito Jackson

    You would think some people would realize by now that players don’t play as well when they’ve been injured. When everything is back to normal, they usually become their old selves. Hockey players are back toughing it out way before they should be.

  • Ron

    I’m now positive the only reason Anthony posts is to rile up as many as possible. All his posts include the same comments just worded slightly different.
    Cammi took too many shots? Funny I recall the way to win a hockey game is to score goals…to score goals one has to take shots. Now if he was passing all the time and they still weren’t scoring he’d be ripped on for not taking shots…seeing as he’s on supposed to be one of the goal scorers on the team. I just don’t get it.

  • Dean Lombardi, the Kings’ president and general manager, is expected to meet with defenseman Rob Blake today to discuss Blake’s future with the team.

    Before the start of the Kings’ trip, Lombardi gave Blake a list of 10 teams that had expressed interest in acquiring him before the Feb. 26 trade deadline.

    “There are a lot of things involved in making this decision, and a lot he has to process,” Lombardi said from St. Louis before the game against the Blues.

    Hey Matt,
    You think you can give us an update… whenever you hear something?

    !!GO KINGS GO!!

  • Marc Nathan

    Re: Visnovsky
    he gives the puck away more than anybody on the team…

    he gives the puck away more than anybody in the LEAGUE.

    check the stats. If you’re so sure Brown is the most frequent hitter in the NHL (as determined by the stats on,) then you have to live and die by the fact that Lubo leads the league in giveaways. A noteworthy stat!

  • ian

    Seriously Anthony, when you get that urge to blast off a post 2 seconds after the game, just don’t. Throw it in reverse, back away from the keyboard and put on some smooth, easy-listening music and find your happy place. Your absurd “fire or trade” everyone posts make you look like an ignorant Duck fan. Trade Cammy??? He’s coming off a tough injury and is trying to play his way back to his previous elite level, you should know by now that he’s competitive and can contribute big time to Kings success, let him regain his form. And Lubo as the “worse (worse?) defensive defenseman I’ve ever seen”?!? Do you really think anyone, player, coach, management want Lubo to be a “defensive defenseman”?? He has high level skill, with that type of play comes occasional turnovers, often also he makes great plays, maybe not as many as the past few years but he’s still good. And you want a 2nd line center for both of them? Come on shake yourself, and don’t be posting your nutty rhetoric as “anonymous” either, that’s weak.

  • Nick

    You would think some people would realize by now that players don’t play as well when they’ve been injured. When everything is back to normal, they usually become their old selves. Hockey players are back toughing it out way before they should be.

    Yeah, I agree that Cammi isn’t at 100% but the issue for me is that he wasn’t playing much better in the 10 games before he was injured. In 8 games prior to his injury (not counting the game he actually got injured in, since he only played about 2 minutes), he registered 1 goal and 4 points. He looked invisible for a lot of that if my memory serves me, and I was upset about it then.

    Now, I recognize that a lot of his current struggles are because of injury. So why in all of the line shuffling last night did he NEVER leave Kopitar’s side? Brown did, he was sent out with Boyle and Moulson. He scored a freaking goal in the game on the top line and he was the one sent off the top line. In fact, Cammi wasn’t even on the ice when they scored that goal, Moulson was. Why not give Moulson a real shot to score goals? Or maybe give Frolov a shot up there with Brown and Kopi?

    My issue is that it seems like Crawford is playing favorites again, and it didn’t feel like he was doing that while Cammi was out.

  • Joe Dirt

    I say let Cloutier play, if he plays well or not the kings have a lot to gain either way.

  • Hipcheck

    Albeit I’m late to the dance again, and with that being said, I must point out once again that Lumbardi should have Cloutier playing more. This is one of the premeer goalies of our era and he should be given a chance now that he is healthy. With Clutes in goal we win easy 2-0 probably. Maybe even 3-0. So with that said, we need to fight more and stick up for each outher Ivanananans is the only guy fighting what is up with that? Catch you on the flip side!

  • JB

    Enough w/ hating on Cammi. I never been his biggest fan but the guy is barely back from injury and needs to get his timing and chemistry back. He had some good shots. I’ve never liked his defensive play in his own zone but that’s not new.

    It seemed the Boyle/Moulson/Giulaino line was a little overwhelmed a few times vs Kariya and Tkachuk. Not sure why Crawford didn’t get them off. I like Boyle’s progression so far but he did look a little lost a few time when Blues were cycling the puck. He seemed unsure as whether he should chase the guy into the corners or stay near the front of the net. I would have liked to see him use his size to pin a guy in the corners.

  • geeblenob

    Diehard and Ludwig…
    You are each partially right. Cammi CAN be traded because he took the Kings to arbitration. If the Kings had taken him to arbitration, then he could not be traded.

  • Oz

    So I guess with Blake out of the line up, Lubo is the new whipping boy. Sometimes the stuff on here is so ridiculous you have to laugh. I don’t know what happened to him but sometimes players struggle and have bad years. It’s going to happen. I can’t wait until Kopitar or Brown or Sully stuggles and everyone starts demanding they be traded. I hope to god DL is not listening to this nonsense on here.

  • Gord

    I saw Visnovsky stonewall two rushes last night singlehandedly. I may be wrong, but I also thought he ripped one off the Blues goalpost. And at least he attempts to be physical, even if he isn’t particularly good at it. He should not be attacked while Preissing remains in the lineup, who by all appearance does absolutely NOTHING. Here’s a thought, pair someone with him that can accommodate HIM, cause I think his pairing with Blake has really screwed him up. Guarantee he’ll be back by next year, at the very latest.

  • nykingfan


    You have to admit his play has been alarmingly bad. Sometimes you can chalk it up to injury or age, but I can’t see the reason for his poor play. The turnovers make you scratch your head. The goal scored by the Islanders came off a pass in his own end with nobody around and it was right on Berard’s stick.

    I hope you’re right and its just a bad year. I wouldn’t trade him for 2 reasons.
    1-As you said, I’m hoping it’s just a bad year.
    2-His value is in the tank right now. You trade when the value is high, not low.

  • Chazz

    The only player we need to trade is Rob Blake, we should trade him to the Ducks for Edmonton’s first round pick, then we tank this season with no worries we let the young guys get the experience in the NHL. Hopfully we get the number one pick, and possibly the number 4 or 5 pick with the Blake trade, (hoping that Edmontons season goes really bad, the games against them are the one’s we need to win) Off season the number one priority should be signing an NHL calibor goalie during free agency.
    That’s my 2 cents

  • brianguy

    Ludwig is right, Cammy can be traded. I have heard nothing to the contrary all season from many sources. that would be an almost absurd rule in the CBA, were it to be true.

    I really don’t care if we won or lost this game, I just want to maintain the healthiest draft position. oh yeah Cammy hurry up and have a 2- or 3- goal game so we can trade you.

    Lubo will be fine, he just needs more confidence right now. him ending up in the net was just an unfortunate tangle, but it epitomized this season.

  • LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

    NYkingsfan, the things that you just said about Labarbera have been true all year long. If you saw his play in anyway better than what you saw last night, than you have just been fooling yourself. Labarbera is a back-up NHL goaltender at best, who should only play 15-20 games max. This is one on the biggest problems on this team followed by defense, which “Crow” doesn’t know how to teach to save his life. And things will not look much different for this team next year, so I hope all of you get out all of your frustrations by the end of this year, and just look at next year as another building year.

    P.S. If you find it to hard to sit by and watch this team in the bottom of the standings next year, than I suggest finding another hobby to occupy must of your time, so that you don’t go crazy. just my .02 šŸ™‚

  • Ethman

    I actually think Lubo has been showing a little more offensive flair lately. The last few games he’s been getting a handful of shots through on net. That hasn’t been happening all year. Also last year he and Rob Blake played the points on the #1 power play unit. They would always switch sides from their normal positions so they could take one timers. For some reason they never do that this year and as a result Lubo can’t get as many shots off. Maybe you need to be yelling about Crawford on this one. In the 2006-2007 he scored he scored 8 of his 18 goals on the PP, 25 of his 44 assists on the PP and in 2005-2006 he scored 10 of his 17 goals on the PP and had 31 of his 50 assists on the PP.

    I think that’s the main reason for his scoring slump. As far as his turnovers go…I haven’t really noticed more than usual.

  • metalmaster

    Lubocrap deserves to be blasted as he as sucked all
    season.Blake has had some
    health issues and has had his moments and he is no longer in his prime. Lubo
    signed a big contract and
    has not lived up to it.
    Good luck trading him for
    anything worthwhile.

  • Mike

    I think you guys are all hilarious…I’m a Kings fan living up here in Vancouver…I get a real kick reading everyone’s comments about how Lombardi should trade this guy, Crawford should bench that guy…we saw the same thing about 8 years ago here in Vancouver when Crawford took over the Canucks…it’s a process…there are going to be some long seasons and it will take time before this team is a real contender…but I’m pretty confident in saying that this Kings team will be a contender…are there areas that need to be addressed?…absolutely…
    but by and large this team is progressing and as a Kings fan, I have faith in Crawford and Lombardi’s plan…everyone should take a deep breath and not rush to judgement…Mike Cammalleri isn’t going anywhere.

  • Paul


    All I know is Lubo is -21 on the season. Yes, Handzus is -20, but after those 2 guys, the next worst +/- is Jack Johnson at -14.

    How can you say that Lubo has had anything but a terrible season?

  • JD

    I can’t believe how many of you guys are on the Cloutier should be playing more games than LaBarbs bandwagon. No doubt Barbs is by no means a No. 1 goalie, but let me just remind everyone how much hatred there has been for Clouts aka Beachball over the past year and half. You can argue that he was injured the entire time, but does he really have the mental strength to come back and dominate after being the biggest piece of swiss cheese in the NHL? I admit he had a fantastic game the other night, but that was only one game. Anyway, hopefully we can just make it through the season respectably and still stay low enough to grab a good lottery spot. Kopi and Stamkos would be a knockout punch.

  • KingFan4ever

    As I type this, Blake is probably waving his no-trade clause…

    I am willing to bet he will end up in Detroit especially after that SOB Chelios whispered sweet nothings in his ear…

    He wants another cup and the Wings are more than likely getting there. Anaheim is another possibility and would make that stab in the back even deeper.

    If he ends up in Anaheim, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Staples Center especially the last game of the season in April…

  • Paul

    Actually, various sources have reported that Blake wants to stay in the west, but will NOT go to Detroit.

    It looks like the 2 most likely destinations are San Jose and Colorado.

  • Tito Jackson

    Blake to the Ducks? hahaha, that would be crazy.

  • nykingfan

    LA Kings 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions!

    This is not how LaBarbara’s played all year. I won’t argue with the rebounds he gives up, but the flopping around like a fish out of water is something I’ve noticed recently. He’s had his bad games and maybe the other night was just one of those. He’s had plenty of nights where he’s been outstanding.
    I’m not blaming Crawford for not teaching D. If you’re talking about D positioning, that’s basic stuff that all NHL D know.
    Look at the job Crawford did teaching Sully about playing in his own end. He was a one way player when he came up and now has become a complete player. Who do we give credit for that?
    Compared to what this team was earlier in the year, I now expect them to win games like the other night. I wouldn’t have expected that back in Nov.

  • Neil

    Why would Burke want to trade for a guy like Blake? If he did he certainly wouldn’t want to part with Edmonton’s #1 pick this season for him!

  • kingkongkorab

    To Mike
    Finally a man who speaks the truth. I so agree about it being a process. Lubo is having an off year, Cammy is coming back from injury although I wonder if he will ever sign an extension with us. But what I find interesting is your positive thoughts on Crawfish. I have heard the Vancouver fans hate him and were glad to get rid of him. Was he just the fall guy or were there legit reasons for his firing? The Kings in Dec. lost 8 in a row and struggled something horribly causing fans @ Staples to chant for his firing but the team stayed together, I heard of no inside squabbles or blaming. Craw could have a very good chemistry in the locker room.

  • Moondoggie

    Forgive me but has everyone here gone mental??? Clouts is a nice guy, really. But No. 1? Are you kidding??? Yea, I like him better than Aubin (by the way, 4 goals on the first 6 shots he faced in 8 minutes at Manchester before being yanked). But Clouts??? Hello??? This is the same goalie that was run out of town the last time he was here. He plays with a lot of heart but c’mon, one game doesn’t make an instant Vezina winner, especially against one of the softest offenses in the league.

    Next, Cammy. This is the same Cammy that at the beginning of the season no one said the team could live without, the same Cammy that everyone said DL needed to lock up to a long term contract. The same Cammy that lead the team in scoring the first 1/3rd of the season. The same Cammy that everyone wanted to pin the “C” on instead of Blake. His timing is off, period. Don’t fault the guy for not going into the corners with his ribs in the condition they’re in, the dude just got back in the lineup! He’ll be back, he’ll be agressive and he’ll get his timing back. Long story short, he’ll be fine.

    Ditto for Lubo although I’ve got to admit, he’s tanked pretty bad this season. He’s having an off year and I’m certain he’ll regain his touch that made him an All-Star last year in the off-season. I wouldn’t trade him just yet; someone above said LA wouldn’t get much for him right now. You might be surprised but I still wouldn’t let him go. His offense has been awful and his defense practically non-existant. I’d give him another 1/2 season then see what happens. Don’t forget, he’s got a nice 4 years left on his contract; it will be tough to move in the new NHL, go figure. Like Cammy, I’m sure he’ll be back….enuf said!

  • Mike

    To kingkongkorab:

    Crawford had a reputation here for being difficult with the media…he was short tempered at times and towards the end of his tenure, there were definite issues in the dressing room. Plus, many Canadians still harbour resentment towards him for losing the shootout in the 1998 Nagano Olympics…But I look at the Canucks before he got here…the Canucks had been struggling for years…the building was half-empty many nights…Crawford and Brian Burke lead that team out of the basement to respectability and legitimacy…they played an entertaining brand of hockey and now you can’t get a ticket here in Vancouver…look at some of the players he’s had over the years…Joe Sakic had his best seasons under Crawford…Markus Naslund had his best seasons under Crawford…The Sedin twins are where they are now because of him…and I think every Kings fan has to acknowledge the development players like O’Sullivan and Kopitar and others have made…when the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 1996, the Detroit Red Wings were coming off a regular season where they won an NHL record 62 games…people never seem to remember that…in the Western Conference Final, the Avalanche were the underdog…yet they knocked off the Scotty Bowman-coached Wings and won the Cup…Crawford was the coach. I’m not saying the man is flawless…do I think he could be a little better with the media?…absolutely…have there been times in the past, especially towards the end in Vancouver, when I’ve been left scratching my head…yup…but by and large he is qualified, successful and I think the right guy to do the job…hopefully I’m not wrong!!!

  • metalmaster

    What exactly did Vancouver
    win during Crawford’s 8 year “process”? They have
    done better since he is gone.
    Blake to Quacks!!!!!!! HUH
    Pass the crack pipe. Last time I actually checked the
    Quacks had 3 HOF defensemen
    They need a scorer not a close to finished -12 dman

  • Anonymous

    Keep making excuses for Cammi not going into the corners. He very RARELY went into the corners. How come when Brown hurt his shoulder he was back in two games banging bodies, but when he slowed down in the first couple games after the All Star break there were comments about his mind being on the birth of his baby and he needed to step it up? Cammi had a tough injury no doubt, but if he wasn’t ready to come back he should have stayed out until he was ready. What happened is he got caught up in all the hype about his team leading stats he had last year and it went to his head. He has a good year last year so he gets an A on his jersey? BULL! Cammi is about Cammi and that’s all there is to it. He’s the show and you can see it in the way he plays the game unless you are watching the game with blinders on.

  • Maverick

    Blake to the Ducks is virtually impossible. The Ducks have both Scott Neidermeyer and Chris Pronger on the blueline… Not to mention that they do not have the salary cap room to fool around with adding another $6 million contract. They dont have the right assets to give up and the right setup to take Blake. Not to mention Blake would be hanging on the end of a noose by the end of the day over hit car which will be lit on fire by ravaging Kings fans.

  • Dan H.

    “They would always switch sides from their normal positions so they could take one timers. For some reason they never do that this year and as a result Lubo can’t get as many shots off. Maybe you need to be yelling about Crawford on this one.”

    Amen brother. My wife would laugh if she saw you write that because I scream it at every game. I coached kids for 10 years and I knew to have them on the off wing so you can get the one timer from the middle to get it through.

    Cammi is hurt guys. Give him a couple of weeks. Lets face it, he’s not a physical guy, never will be. Don’t forget he got hurt sticking up for a teammate because he’s the one that would stand up when none of the other softies on this team would.

    Brown isn’t himself lately but he’s still playing well. I think it still hurts him when he hits someone hard with that shoulder of his. Probably won’t be right until next season.

    Cloutier #1? Where is the pipe guys? I need to smoke what you have. Nobody remembers the guys shooting from behind the goal line almost every game becuase they’d go in on Clouts? If there was a noose outside Staples center last year, old west justice would have been done. He was horrible. Labs isn’t GREAT but look at the streak he’s put up in the last 15.

    Lets keep our eye on the brass ring gentlemen. It’s hard to cheer against my team but that #1 and Stamkos does a lot more than some wins this season…

    Put the kids in, let them play. Of course they just sent two down. Go figure.

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