Harrold and Moulson sent back down

This seems to indicate that Blake and Nagy are ready to return. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow when the team resumes practicing in Los Angeles. Harrold and Moulson will probably be back up before the month is over, after the trades sort themselves out. This also seems to say that the Kings want to see more of Brian Boyle right now over Moulson.

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  • anthony

    Not Moulson.
    He’s been a bright spot so far.
    If you need to make room, get rid of Thornton & Wilsie.

  • kyle

    Sounds like showcasing time for some of the vets. Matt-that other paper in LA (you know, the one that relies on AP reports for Kings away games) reports that Blake was meeting with Lombardi today to discuss his future with the team. Any info you can pass on?

  • Daniel Laiblin

    Hey, logging on from beautiful, chilly Brussels. Been keeping up to date with the Kings withis site and the occational 2AM showing of NHL Hockey on Eurosport Channel. I am sad to see Harrold and Moulson go down, especially when we hane Dalls and Wills playing. Seems counter productive.

    As for the draft, in the past I have predicted that DL will pick a D-man regardless of where the team picks.As much as I would like to see a Doughty or Schenn on the Kings, wouldn’t it make more sense to trade for a couple young D (like Marc Staal) now and pick a high-end forward like Stamkos or Kyle Beach (oooh, perfect name) to step in and controbute? I think everyone agrees D takes longer to learn. Guys like Stamkos and Beach (maybe) could help the Kings next year whereas Doughty and Schenn would be ready 3-4 years done the road.

  • Matthew Kredell

    Kyle, I’ll inquire about what went on in the meeting tomorrow.

  • Nick

    Why in the world would the Rangers trade Marc Staal right now? What incentive is there for them to do so? If they do trade him, they’d have to be blown away by an offer and then we’d still be handcuffing ourselves.

    The only ‘kid’ they have that’s worth mentioning in trade talks right now is Al Montoya since Lundqvist is locked in for a long time in New York.

  • kyle

    Thanks Matt. You know, we’d never get that kind of response from the rag on First Street!

  • Hipcheck

    Matt, thanks for all you do. I’m wondering if the time change and all the travel back and forth to England is causing the boys from Manchester any trouble with fatigue adn whatnot. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the sending sown of Moulson. He looked great to start with, but has been very ineffective lately. Harroldon the other hand looked very good, and will definatley be up again this year.

  • Neil

    Great commentary Matt, hopefully one of these days the Kings will win a cup like the Duck!

  • Goon Squad


    I agree with your overall point about Defensemen. Hickey most likely will need another year of junior, and anyone we draft on D will likely need a few years. It would make sense to try and get a 23-28 year old current NHL defenseman in any trade involving Blake.

  • Moondoggie

    Unfortunate, especially for Moulson, both will be back however, probably after the deadline. Glad they’re keeping Boyle up tho…

  • Eric K

    can’t wait for the blog’s return to more activity. could you also try for a couple more in-game running blogs?

    and i completely agree with kyle… we’re not gonna get thornton or willsie out if we send them down.

    thanks much matt!

  • Paul


    The Manchester Monarchs play in Manchester, New Hampshire, not England. šŸ™‚

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!


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  • brianguy

    thank god, now we can trade them both. I knew Nagy would be coming back very soon but Blake seems a few days early. phew…relief! I agree on Thornton & Willsie too, sending them down would be highly counterproductive. we need to showcase everybody who could be traded, even though there is really not much to showcase with these two.

  • Hipcheck

    OOPS. Thanks for the correction Paul that clears up alot albeit I was thinking maybe we should have our minor league team here in SoCal just for its much closer and whatnot.

  • Mark

    Hipcheck, AEG is building the new arena in Ontario, California for their ECHL minor league team to play in.