Late practice

2:45 p.m. start today. Never seen a practice this late. I guess the players are getting the opportunity to do brunch and dinner for Valentine’s Day in case they have multiple girls. Just kidding! It will probably be past 5 p.m. before the notes start coming in, but make sure to check before taking that special someone out to dinner because there is a lot to catch up on. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lady Kings fans.

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  • Paul

    It’s probably a late practice so the Kings can make that Blake or Nagy deal everyone is waiting for and get the new players into LA in time for practice. 😉

  • Hockeygirl

    I like this idea, if I had a job it would work out for me to be able to come in later. That way I could hang out with Jase in the morning and my husband after work!

  • Sancho

    Oh yes, Happy VD to all you lady Kings fans! Sancho says “ola!” 😉

  • Shakes

    dear rob blake,
    will you be our valentine?

    – “Detroit R.W.”

  • Hockeygirl

    hey Sancho what’s up? I like that name btw…