Kings lose 4-0

The Kings are now 0-6 against Phoenix and 8-8-1 against Dallas, San Jose and the Ducks. I’m back from the locker room and will have quotes up in about an hour for the very loyal Kings fans who would stay up to hear more about this game.

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  • Eric K

    ah yes, i am a kings fan. LA, thank you for reminding me never to get overconfident. about anything. or anyone.

  • we Rock

    crap i guess i fall into this category!

    im blaming this one on the flu! and the Gretzky conspiracy theory.. we wanted him to have his 100th win against his fav team :p


    This is the best Kings site, ever! Thanks!!

    Hell yeah, I’m waiting.

  • marc V


    As a king’s fan we are coming up on one of our big days each year, Trade deadline on the 26th. Are you getting any information from the GM Meeting in Florida? Any information would be better, then what happen tonight.

  • Josh M

    Oh my God…besides the debacle on the ice, was anyone there for the horrible rendition of Our National Anthem? For one, the lady singing was more like a man wearing brown bed sheets. Two, she (or he) forgot the lyrics and skipped a whole verse! Three, she (or he) had to take a deep breath every TWO words! And to make things worse, she (or he) tried to make the song her (or his) own by adding some unnecessary noises at the end. I wish she (or he) would’ve fallen on the ice. That would’ve made up for it.
    As far as the game goes, Ivanans beat the sh*t out of Carcillo and Brown lit up a few guys towards the end of the game. The only highlights for a team vowing for the #1 pick.
    I want Stamkos bad…real bad.

  • Paul

    Hi, my name is Paul and I’m a Los Angeles Kings fan. It’s been 15 years since my team has played a meaningful game.

  • Dan H.

    BACK in the Stamkos sweepstakes!

  • metalmaster

    Hey Paul as bad as this team is you may have to wait 15 more. As good as the Kings can look at times
    that optimism is dampened by the fact that there are
    quite a few other young and talented teams in the
    Western Conference and they are not coached by
    Crawfish. The one constent
    factor in the last two
    seasons is that the Kings
    play BAD TEAM DEFENSE. It is not just the fault of
    their defensman.

  • brianguy

    man that sounds like the worst anthem ever… I’m really glad I didn’t have to stand through that. maybe half those boos last night were actually meant for her. as for the team yeah it’s frustrating but to be accurate our last meaningful game was 2002, when we had to play Blake and the damn “‘Lanche”. at least it went 7 games.

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