Kings-Phoenix preview (again)

So the Kings are 3-0 against Vancouver this season, 3-2 against San Jose, 3-3 against Dallas. They even have a win versus Detroit. But they’re 0-5 against Phoenix.

Here are Michael Cammalleri’s thoughts on the team’s struggles with the Coyotes …

“You cant just say that its a fluke that theyve beat us five times. Youve got to credit them and maybe knock us for it. Obviously its not a good thing. We owe them some. Were not happy theyve beat us five games. Theyve done the things they needed to do to beat us and we havent done enough to beat them. We have to rectify that here.

“I dont think they do anything in particular that bothers us. They play pretty hard. The games weve played against them theres been some mistakes where we could have gotten more out of the game than we did otherwise. Maybe their attention to detail against us has been better than our attention to detail against them.

Its good we can get right back at it. Were happy we get another shot at them here.”

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  • brianguy

    THANK YOU Phoenix for our current draft position. I’ll be sure to send a gift basket to the front office at the conclusion of this season.

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!

    I am stunned that Boyle has been sent back to Manchester (N.H. – not U.K.)

    Matt, have there been any insights from the Kings about their intentions with this move?

  • CBGB

    One more Phoenix win and we’re 20 games away from Stamkos!!!

  • goaly32

    Yeah it’s a good thing Lombardi passed on Bryzgalov.

  • pr0cess

    Reading all the last posts from last game, i was not blaming labs for losing the game but i was a soft goal. I think labs is a good goalie but we all know with the D sucking some major ass that maybe we need a grea goalie. And i know we have no Great goalie so it just sucks is all. I hope we kick the coyotes in the teeth today. Go kings GO

  • Anonymous

    Why couldn’t the Yotes beat them last season? Turris would’ve looked nice in purple and black.

  • James

    Stamkos is starting to make my mouth water folks. Well, a friend and I were discussing a possible trade involving Cammalleri. My friend said that if the Kings were to dangle him on the trading block maybe we can get a goalie for him. Of course that would Cammalleri and another player possibly Blake for a goalie that can make an impact right now. What do you folks think?

  • stamkos

    Hello, my name is Steven Stamkos, and I look forward to being part of the Los Angeles Kings next season.

  • ryan

    You know, if the Kings would have beaten the Coyotes in all 5 games, the playoffs would be pretty close, and Phoenix would be where the Kings are. Weird.

  • Shaddow44


    At the time that Phoenix claimed Bryz off waivers I believe that they actually were below the Kings in the standings (I know hard to believe) and thus had priority

  • Zahc Booogoooosionn….

    Hello Stamkos, I have a strange feeling Mr. Dean Lombardi will surprise everyone and pick me instead. I look forward to being part of the Los Angeles Kings.

  • mike

    will you guys get over stamkos. lombardi aint pickin him. get over it before the draft so your not let down. jeez you guys are all up on his nuts.

  • Bobby

    Please, there is no way the Kings will win the draft lottery. I don’t care if we had a 95% chance. Just the franchises luck.

  • Anonymous

    The Kings win in a laugher tonight, 7-1, with our very own Dancing Boy breaking out with his Stamkos Shuffle during the 3rd period!

  • Shakes

    goddammit, NHL TV is showing Game 2 of the ’93 finals again right now….for the 1000th time…

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    lmaoo yeah i was watching that should be over in about 10 minutes. Freakin Melrose and his hair.

  • Shakes

    i dunno why i get stuck watching it either. what i hate is when people say that the Kings losing game 2 shifted the momentum for the series and basically won the Cup for the Canadians…those people forget that three of the games went to OT, and the following game, Game 3, saw the Kings fight back from 3 goals down sparked by Mark Hardy’s 2nd period hit (yes they still lost in OT, but it was awesome)

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    I never thought I’d say this, screw the Kings! I’m sick of this team, i will probably regret saying this 2morow, but im just so sick of this team, DAMN

  • Gord

    What an unpleasant game.

  • anthony

    I’m so happy I chose not to go to this game.

    What a depressing drive that would have been.

  • kingsfan

    worst game of the season. they were outplayed in every department…wow…

  • punch drunk

    Wayne kicked MC’s ass tonight.

  • Moondoggie

    Hey Matt…I, like everyone else am equally stunned by Boyle being sent down for Tukonen. What’s up? This move makes absolutely no sense unless they’re trying to give all the youngsters a look or else trying to save Manchester which had lost six straight. In that case I’d probably have sent down Guliano instead of a player who was really playing well for LA. The team had absolutely no life tonight, honestly I just don’t understand this move….Boyle was a +4 with LA….

  • Hockey Only

    I know why they’re not going to play as well as they can ….. no one wants to be traded to a cold weather team and that’s why Blake rethought his position, who wants to go to Edmonton or Calgary this time of year. Also, who wants to be traded to a team where it rains as much as it does in Seattle. The only reason DL would pick Stamkos if he got the chance to, would be to trade him for some other players, like maybe, a GREAT goaltender, where ever it might be hiding. Can hardly wait for training camp to open up.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    About Boyle MoonDoggie, Bob and Jim were talking about why he was sent down earlier. Something to do about Tukonen’s last year with NHL entry level, to see what he’s made up of and also because he wasn’t getting much Ice time ,because of the “log jam” of players we have on Offense.