Notes and quotes from the locker room

Practice was called off for tomorrow. This was actually the first time the Kings have lost back-to-back games since Jan. 8, when they lost to Nashville after falling to Calgary. Wayne Gretzky got his 100th career coaching victory, against his former team.

Crawford talked about the team looking tired. He said it was an observation, not an excuse. They were playing their third game in four nights, coming off the long road trip and with the flu bug going around. Kopitar said he still had some flu in him. Crawford was really hard on Dallman for the third goal.

At least the Kings showed some fire in the third and Ivanans got to vent his frustration, unlike previous blowout defeats earlier in the season.

The quotes aren’t that long (no one wants to talk much after a loss like this), so I’ll attach both Crawford’s and the players’ to this post. I did ask Crawford for his thoughts on why Boyle was sent down, so check out his answer …

“We didnt start very well. We took the penalty early in the game and they scored pretty quickly on that, and it seemed to not be our night from pretty much that point on. I thought the things that were disappointing in the game were that we didnt have a lot of compete and our skating just wasnt there. Any plays that we made seemed to get thwarted and any time we did anything it seemed we didnt counter-act very well.

“It was a disappointing effort. We looked like we were a tired hockey club. Its not an excuse, its an observation. I dont think we battled with the intensity you need to battle with. The guys squeezed a little bit in the third period but that should have been there in the first and second period as well. We didnt play well enough.”

On Phoenix’s second goal after Brown’s turnover: “A lot of times when teams get lift its the type of goals they score. We knew this would be a challenging game, three games in four nights with the amount of travel weve done here lately. We wanted as a team to do simple things well, and part of simple things is to eliminate turnovers. Look at goals they scored. They scored one power-play goal — OK, they got a shot thorugh and it got through, Then the turnover with brown, a turnover with OSullivan on the last goal and the young kid Carcillo beat Dallman one-on-one, which is a play that shouldnt happen. At this level, defenseman dont get beat one-on-one. After that, that was it. Other than that, there wasnt that many chances in the game for them. We didnt muster much because I didnt think we skated hard enough and we didnt do the things we needed to until it was too late. We had seven chances in the third period but the game was over.”

On Lauri Tukonen: “That was a tough game to evaluate him on. Our execution overall in the game was terrible, especially early in the game. When looking at players like that, you’re looking at execution, looking at hows the puck movement, how are we supporting the puck and that sort of thing. He tried to get in on hit early in game and took the worst of it, but he probably followed suit of pretty much everyone else in the lineup.”

On why the Kings sent down Boyle: “Well, they want to give guys like Lauri Tukonen a look. They felt that, in the case of brian, hes still got stuff to learn. Brians going to be a good player. Hes performed really well at this level. Hes a guy we know will be in our lineup, yet when talking about development you can develop in a number of different ways. I think hell probably get another opportunity here before too long. I believe thats what the plan will be. On other side of it, he’s just got to go down and be the best player down there. If you try to figure everything out as a player, you usually end up thinking too much. Organizations feel that development is huge for young players and development comes in different forms. Down there hes going to play a little more, play in all situations. Here he was getting some power-play time and about 12-13 minutes a game. He certainly played great while he was here but he probably needs to play a little more and then hell get another chance up here.”

On the struggles with Phoenix: “It’s perplexing to all of us. I think we match up well against them but, for whatever reason, they have our number. They find ways to beat us. We’ve had a few close games with them, and a couple games like this. They’re in the playoff hunt too, and they did a good job of coming out early and establishing their fore-check and coming out with speed. We sat back and got caught on our heels early and they took it from there.”

“There’s still some flu in me but I feel better. When you play, even if you have the flu, you kind of forget it during the game. I was a little more fatigued but it didnt really affect me.”

On struggles with Phoenix: “It is strange. We really dont know why. We all know we should beat this team if we want to be a playoff-type of team. There should be no excuses why we didnt play the first two periods like third one, when I think we got shots on the net and played a simple game. ”

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  • Eric K

    thanks matt! who needs to write a paper for class when i can read new quotes?

  • punch drunk

    I didn’t think the team was tired or anything. We just got our asses beat, plain and simple. We were outplayed in every situation. I like the passion we showed in the 3rd, things were getting physical and we werent backing down. That is something that was missing 2 months ago. It was also nice to see Brown bring the intensity, he looked frustrated out there.

    Army was invisible out was O’sullivan..Handzus kind of seemed lost..Tukonen needs a chance to play on the 2nd or 3rd line..Dallman you bastid!!

  • Kevco

    Well that was the Kings we saw most of this season! The team on the ice the last month was not the Kings, way to good. I had to check, I thought it was December, they played that bad last night! A night to forget for sure. I hope the team that played the last month in Kings jerseys shows up Thursday, I was getting use to them playing well.
    Last night really sucked. Did I mention that they stunk up the ice last night.

  • Anonymous

    Crawford if full of crap. I was at them game last night as alway. they took it to us physically and no one stood up again!!!!! At 4-0 its to late. They slash, crosscheck our best players and we do nothing . Run our goalie nothing. And when you send down Boyle you are telling everyone including the team we don’t care if we win and it showed. Dumbardo is building just what he did in S.J. a talented, SOFT, underachieving team. Brownie out hits our entire team every game.

  • Marc Nathan

    Yes, Dallman stunk up the joint on the third goal, but he was far from the worst offender last night. Brown’s clearing pass/turnover on the second goal was far more damaging, and while Crawford may have harsher words for the 7th defenseman than the top 3 forward, I’d expect better from Brown and know that with Dallman, having played about a dozen games this year and watching from the press box the rest will not make him as ready for all conditions as he may have needed to be. That being said, Dallman also took the body on a few Phoenix forwards behind the net, which is more than you can say for the majority of King defenders who are generally softer than pillows!

  • anthony

    What a joke.
    Second worse performance of the season. Behind that loss to Nashville. But not by much.
    And unfortunately, I don’t think Dumbasrdi can do much about it. Not after the injuries and other circumstances.
    Blake will not waive his no trade clause. So we’re stuck with himm. God knows for how long. Nagy is injured. Not sure how much he will get in return. The only other commodity that’s worth something is Brad Stuart. Who I would like to see the kings keep.
    So who’s left. Dallman, Thornton, Wilsie, Modry. I’m sure teams are lining up to to bid for these players. Maybe we can receive a 7th eound pick and future considerations FOR ALL OF THEM.

    The players I like to see traded are Cammi and Lubo.
    Yesterday I was watching Cammi play his style of game. Sometimes even isolating him. He took 8 shots on goal, not to mention, had a half a dozen shots blocked or shot wide. Every time he received the puck, he NEVER looked around for an open man. Never loked to passed (unles he was out-numbered 4 to 1). When he received the puck, he either put his head down to shoot it. Or he got on his stupid knee for that patented shot of his. It’s too bad that he takes away powewr play time from Purcell & Sully.
    As far as Lubo is concerned. He leads the entire league in give-aways. Need I say more. Hardly a player worth over $5 Million a year. What an idiot.
    These two players may get some descent players in return. And I don’t mean Pitkinan. He’s offensive minded just like Lubo, and we don’t need that. We need a bruising blue liner who knows how to punish players. We also need a scoring center to play on the 2nd line. And of course, a GOALIE would be nice too.
    Unfortunately, with Dumbardi’s track record, what are our chances. I can see him him using our 1st overall pick to draft a player ranked 29th.
    Leiweke, are you seeing what’s happening to your team? Do you care?

  • Hockey Only

    know why they’re not going to play as well as they can ….. no one wants to be traded to a cold weather team and that’s why Blake rethought his position, who wants to go to Edmonton or Calgary this time of year. Also, who wants to be traded to a team where it rains as much as it does in Seattle. The only reason DL would pick Stamkos if he got the chance to, would be to trade him for some other players, like maybe, a GREAT goaltender, where ever IT might be hiding. Labs …. Labs…. did you know that that thing on your left hand is not for warming purposes??? Also Labs, what company made your goalpads of stone?? I need to know so I can tell others not to go there. Can hardly wait for training camp to open up.

  • KingFan4ever


  • Dan H.

    Doesn’t Crawford have any say in who gets called up or sent down? His quotes seem to insinuate that DL just calls people up and sends them down and Crawford just plays who’s here.

    Strange to me.

  • David

    Who needs to practice after a stellar effort like last night?

    Seriously though, are the Kings offering refunds to the paying customers of last nights “Staplehouse Slaughter?” I really needed a few more of the $10.50 heineken beers to make it through the game, but I left the Brinks Truck at home!

    Crawfish said his Players were tired. Geez, how about motivating them for once Marc?

    I still cannot believe they sent Brian Boyle down to Manchester. Brilliant move guys!!

    I guess they’re still waiting for Jeff Giuliano to pot his first goal in his upcoming 34th game. They even gave John Zeiler 34 games earlier this season to prove he could not score a goal either!

    Heck, Boyle had more shots on goal (19) in 8 games than Giuliano has had (18) in 33 games!

  • nykingfan

    Thanks Matt for getting the info on Boyle.

    They were brutal, start to finish. One of the least inspiring games of the year. Barbs didn’t help the cause with the early goal. Dallman…well, thats Dallman. back to the shopping malls for him. bring back Harrold.
    Fox mentioned at the opening of the game that Tukonen is not a very skilled player and that hard work will keep him up here. I sure didn’t notice much from him last night.
    Oh well, back to the chase for #1

  • Milton Waddams

    That was a really depressing game to watch. Just as soon as I start to enjoy watching this team, looking forward to the future, they go an play a completely uninspired game, looking like they were all completely lost. By the way, I already miss Boyle’s presence.

  • metalmaster

    Congratulations to the Kings on becoming the first
    team in the NHL to allow
    200 goals this season. If you are going to blow you might as well blow all the

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!

    Well the Kings just traded Modry to the Flyers, and all we got was a 3rd round pick and this lousy T-Shirt!!

    Way to stock the cupboard, Dumbbardi!!!!!

  • EJ

    There will more games like this one; lot’s of ups and downs to come, but ultimately there will be a Cup contender.

  • brianguy

    Boyle will be back in no time, but I greatly understand the need to evaluate Tukonen and have him up here to get his feet wet a bit more and fully see the NHL game before this year is done. losing to Phoenix for the 6th time sucks, being blown out and shutout at home at the same time is much harder to take, but our draft position continues to get a bit more secure by the week.

  • Harry

    Various sources report the Philadelphia Flyers have acquired defenceman Jaroslav Modry from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a third round draft pick.

  • tsaiguy

    If it is anything that inspires confidence about this year’s team, it would be our draft position…:)

  • metalmaster

    Modry has just been sent to
    Flyers for a 3rd round pick
    I guess this means the Kings will not be making
    2008 playoffs since he was
    one of their few plus players

  • Landon

    Modry to Phily for a 3rd rounder.

  • mattrulesnukka

    Modry has been shipped out.

    Modry to Philadelphia for a third rounder.

  • TXKingsFan

    Modry traded to Philly for a 3rd rounder ..

  • tradeblake

    At least Modry is gone!!!!

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!

    Did somebody on the Kings get traded to Philly? I missed the comment that was posted on the board here at 12:14pm today….

    Go, Dean-O, go!!!!

  • Anonymous

    3rd rounder for Modry??? that’s’s like winning a lottery

    I thought 5th or 6th rounder for him would be ok. great move lombardi..keep it comming…

  • Marc Nathan

    I guess the comments I left this morning got misplaced.

    I think it’s a sin that Crawford could single out Dallman for his play on the 3rd goal, yet fairly overlook a far heinous play by Brown on the 2nd goal. You’re getting far more out of Dallman than you had expected. The hits he has thrown over the last couple of games are far better than anything most of the other crap has laid out in the defensive zone this season!

  • bk8

    I bet Deano never thought he would need to first vault (improve) over Phoenix – before catching the Ducks or Sharks. Simply they are bigger, faster and stronger than the Kings.
    Once again our team will be facing obstacles against Phoenix for a long time.

  • metalmaster

    Good post bk8
    You can also add Wild, Blues, Blackhawks, Stars
    and maybe even Blue Jackets
    and Predators to that list of teams that Kings are chasing.
    Getting rid of Crawfish might be a good start.

  • TweenerSongs

    You guys still going to tell me how great JLB is, and how he deserves a break?

    First goal, very little traffic, JLB late to set. Whoops! 1-0.

    Dustin Brown — wonderful 99$ of the time — turns the puck over at our blue line. Does JLB make a big save, for once? No way! When was the last time he stopped a breakaway? Don’t tell me that every time you see a shooter close to JLB that you don’t cringe, or at least calmly expect a goal for the opposition.

    What about how he flopped around all night? I think it was right after the Tukonen discussion, JLB did one of his patented “flail his arms and lie across the goal line” moves.

    Get it through your heads, friends, the Kings have the worst goaltending in the NHL. Our defense has been awful, granted (which would seem to me to be more of a coaching issue than personnel), but perhaps we’d have a little more confidence if we knew we had a semi-capable netminder.

    By the way, I’ve always been a supporter of Handzus, but when is his knee excuse going to wear out? Dude has been a shadow of his formal self all season long.

    And great trade, Dean. Thankfully, Modry has played well enough to garner a third-rounder, which is a lot higher than we could’ve got for him in times past. Excellent. Finally (sorry), who cares who gets sent down and who doesn’t? We want the young guys to gain experience, sure, but we also need to see more of them and — this is the big one — we NEED to secure a top-three pick. We’d be a lot further along in the rebuilding process if we could’ve finished in the top-5, rather than 10-15, over the past several years.