Proud papa

Dustin Brown spoke to me a little about being a new father at the age of 23. Though they had previously planned on a C-section, he and his wife Nicole decided on inducing natural child birth on Feb. 6. He talks about being a father, the difficulty of going back to playing hockey after the birth and how they came upon the name Jake …

“Theres moments that seem no different and moments where it’s hard to believe Im a dad. And there’s a little less sleep.”

On going back to the Kings after missing two games for the birth: “Unfortunately we were on the road. It was tough to leave the day after he was born. It’s something I didnt really want to do but I had to. In Pittsburgh, it was kind of tough to focus, but once you get in the rhythm of being on the road again, it’s not too difficult. Obviously, I was excited to come back again. It seemed like I was away forever, even though it was four or five days.

On how they chose the name: “My wife picked Jacob and I didnt really like the full name Jacob, so we shortened it to Jake. It was kind of a mixture of her favorite name and my version of it, I guess.”

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  • Fuzzerson

    I believe Dustin turned 23 in Nov 07.

  • piston

    Dustin is 23 years old. Way too young to be married and have kids. Should have listened to Leykis.

  • SWAattendant

    Hey Piston what’s up? Long time no see!

  • david

    23 is not way too young to be married and having kids. i agree, it requires a level of maturity, but who’s to say that he does not have that? furthermore, he has a steady income and married someone who he knew from before who shares his passion for hockey.

    it is much more respectable to see him choose this lifestyle than having him live the rockstar’s life, dating supermodels and partying all night.

  • Rod Stewart

    There is nothing wrong with dating supermodels…

  • beingbobbyorr

    There is nothing wrong with dating supermodels…

    …until the divorce attorney knocks on your door uttering the phrase “We’ll take half.”

  • Eric K

    jake brown… isn’t that the guy who fell from 40 feet on a skateboard at the X games and walked away? no doubt this jake will have the same toughness, looking at his dad…

  • piston

    Been there, done that.

  • Shakes

    on a selfish note, it’s Dustin’s family and desire for stability which made him more amiable to having a longer term contract with us. he may have agreed for the same thing anyways, but i’d rather not have taken that risk

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