Johnson losing his mentors

Jack Johnson was especially sorry to see Modry go. The rookie had been paired with Modry or Rob Blake all season. Now Modry is gone and Blake could also go in the next week, before he returns from injury.

“Obviously, it was kind of disappointing that Mo’ had to go,” Johnson said. “He was a great partner for me. I really learned a lot from him. I really admired his patience with the puck. He was always calm and never panicked. I think that was able to rub off a little bit on me when I played with him. Hopefully I can carry some of Modry with me the rest of my career.

“Hopefully he can make the playoffs now and win, and Ill be cheering for him.”

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  • gary

    Sounds an awful lot like Johnson thinks Modry will not be coming back in the offseason.

  • Dorian

    JMFJ….I smell BS from a mile away. Now please tell us how you really felt. Please just carry some of JMFJ with you the rest of the way. It’s funny how JMFJ starting turning over the puck once he got paired with Modry. It all makes sense.

  • anthony

    Just a matter of time before JJ himself, becomes a mentor to others.
    We’re so lucky to have him.
    One of DL’s few bright spots.

  • Anonymous

    Remember that the Kings got Larry Robinson to mentor Blake when he was a fresh face. Larry is not even in the same category as Modry, but he was well past his prime and made tons of mistakes (bad passes, giveaways). It can only help JJ to have Blake and Modry to mentor him. Now who will be his mentor next year?

  • Kevin

    Its funny cuzz i see alot of Modry in him already not good traits

  • Kenneth

    I don’t care what anyone says… for a defenseman to have a POSITIVE +/- rating on this team, he must have done SOMETHING good. I’m not saying Modry was amazing or anything, but obviously Modry knew a little something about fundamentals. Jack is trying to say he’s taking the positive’s from Modry not the negative’s.

  • Dan H.

    Well said Kenneth. I like seeing someone who can overcome their dislike to look at facts.

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