Thornton on back injury

Normally, I’d think you guys wouldn’t be that interested. However, since his return could help his tradeability …

“Ive got an injury that sort of flares up. Once a year I have a case of it. Ive had five or six of these the last six or seven years. I knew exactly what it was. Its best to let it rest and get healthy again.”

On Wednesday’s practice: “I thought I was a little bit tired but I was looking around and I think everyone was a bit tired. It was a tough pratice today. I felt pretty healthy. I’ll make sure tomorrow morning that I feel good and hopefully I can play tomorrow night.”

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  • diehrdkingsfan38

    like you said Matt, who cares… haha. But all jokes aside I don’t think he’s too bad of a player, i mean he could DEFINITELY get better, but for his age, he ain’t too bad. I think he’s a OK veteran for some of the young guns in the purple and black uniform

  • anthony

    I can think of one way he can help the team.

    Retire Early.

    Correction the only way he can help the team.

  • Paul

    “Ive got an injury that sort of flares up. Once a year I have a case of it” means “Pay me a bunch of money to sit around and contribute nothing to my team all year.”

    PLEASE trade this guy Dean! Give him away for a half a ham sandwich if you have to. I wouldn’t believe anyone would offer anything more for him. šŸ˜

  • Reaper

    Sorry, but Thornton is exactly the kind of guy that playoff teams will want for insurance depth heading into the playoffs, whether Dean is willing to trade him or not is another story. I think he could get a 5th at least.

  • Kenneth

    He’s definitely tradeable to SOMEBODY. I’ll take a 5th rounder for him.

  • metalmaster

    He could get something for him if he was healthy but it is what it is. Detroit would probably overpay for
    Blake if he was healthy and
    Thornton could probably be
    athrow in. If………….

  • Eric K

    hey, a veteran with playoff experience and grit is… a veteran with playoff experience and grit. the NHL will always have a taker for a guy like that.

    (aka: trade him now, ask questions later. nothing against thornton, but he’s beyond the stage where he’s gonna help us.)

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