Wednesday’s practice report

–With Jaroslav Modry gone and Rob Blake injured, Jack Johnson will pair with Tom Preissing. Lubomir Visnovsky will pair with Peter Harrold.

–Scott Thornton practiced in full and is likely to play tomorrow against St. Louis.

–There’s a rumor going around that Brad Stuart had been offered a contract extension. Stuart said this is false. Maybe he’s a good actor (or liar), but it genuinely seemed like the notion was completely out of thin air to him.

More detailed notes and interviews to come …

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  • Dan H.

    I wouldn’t be upset at all if they gave Stuart a new two year deal.

    I hope it’s true and it’s just not ironed out yet.

    You almost know it’s true if they’re denying it.

  • Marc Nathan

    Ship Stuart to the highest bidder. Build assets. If he loves LA so much, he’ll come back. If not, there’ll be some other body that can be convinced to be overpaid for a job that ends April 1st next season.

  • Anonymous

    Matt – Any truth to the rumor that you have offered Anthony a 2-year extension?

  • Eric K

    i think that notion would be completely out of thin air to matt.

  • anthony

    So what about Thornton being ready to play.
    I’d rather use his roster spot on a prospect like Moulson or Boyle. Instead of a player who has no use, no purpose, or future with this team.