Kings-St. Louis preview

Andy Murray returns to Staples Center again tonight as coach of the Blues. The former Kings coach has been taking vengeance for his firing with five consecutive victories over the Kings, including 5-3 and 4-2 wins this season. St. Louis is hot of late, going 4-0-1 in their last five games and coming off back-to-back 5-1 victories over Columbus and Chicago. But the Blues are still three points behind for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, what Crawford likes to call a desperate team. Blues goaltender Manny Legace has long had the Kings’ number. He is 10-1 career against Los Angeles.

For the Kings, it will be a challenge to focus on playing with the trade deadline looming and a lot of rumors floating around.

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  • Kevco

    Kings will lose 5-1. JLB will look horrible. The only goal will come the 3rd line. Cammy will take 4 bad shots rather than pass to the open man.
    FYI-every game I’ve picked wrong this season.

  • Dan H.

    Go Andy. You’re helping us stay in the basement!

  • Ciccarelli

    Hey Matt, word out of Manchester is that Ersberg is on his way up? Who’s starting in net tonight?

  • David

    “I think playing with Lubo is a good partner for him because Lubo is a smart player and has learned those lessons in his time here.”

    Why is Crawfish talking about Lubo in the past tense? Is he currently being shopped by DL? Good luck trying to find any takers for his lengthy, fat contract.

    It’s no secret that Lubo and Crawfish don’t see eye to eye, judging by Lubo’s comments in a European Newspaper last May.

    Any coincidence in Lubo’s drop off in play this year with Crawfish still behind the bench?

  • Ian

    Nice Kevco! I’ll look forward to the 4-0 Kings win on the backs of Frolov’s hat trick (Cammy 2 assists) and LaBabs shutoot eh!

  • Vilela says the Kings claimed Matt Elis off waivers from Detroit.
    Who the hell is this guy?

  • Harry

    KEVCO = JLB is out sick…
    The La Kings recalled Ersberg from Manchester….

  • metalmaster

    If I bet Blues and win what is your cut? Or should
    I just go the other way?

  • John Roy Morgan

    The Press-Enterprise

    Rob Blake has given the Kings a big vote of confidence.

    Blake confirmed Monday that he wants to return to play with the Kings next season and that he has not been asked to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a deal by next Tuesday’s NHL trade deadline.

    With Blake’s two-year contract set to expire at the end of the season, there had been speculation that the Kings would seek to trade him rather than lose him to free agency.

    But the 38-year-old defenseman made it clear during a meeting with General Manager Dean Lombardi that he likes what he sees in LA and wants to play at least one more year.

    I don’t know why, but I found this too funny….
    Rob Blake has given the Kings a big vote of confidence.

  • taz42

    Looks like Labs will be out with the flu and we’ll be seeing Cloutier tonight. Wonder if Ellis will be playing.? Not looking good for Kings tonite. This should bring out the Stamkoooos lovers in full force.

  • Oz

    Maybe not JLB, one of the goalies is out because they emergency recalled Ersberg from Manchester. They also claimed Red Wing cast off Matt Ellis off waivers. What’s up with that? Another fourth liner?

  • Anonymous

    If I could make one suggestion: if we’re gonna lose let’s lose in regulation not OT. we don’t need that extra point and I dont trust the Lightning to keep losing

  • nykingfan


    I don’t think you can blame
    Lubo’s play on Crawford. He had a great year last year. And if that was the case, who the hell would want a guy who tanks it because of the coach?