Ersberg interview

When he arrived yesterday, he didn’t have his equipment so he had to borrow LaBarbera’s. He felt a lot more comfortable today with his own stuff. He talks about how being with the Kings can benefit him, even if he doesn’t play, what kind of goalie he is and the situation battling for starts in Manchester.

“It was a little tough in the morning practice yesterday with borrowed stuff, but it was good today.

“Thats why I came over from Sweden obviously, to play up here. Im fortunate to get a chance here. Well see if I get any games, but Im just happy to be here right now. Its better just practicing with better shooters. It helps your game a lot to get a better standard.

“Im not a very big goalie, as you can see. So I rely on my quickness and try to come out and challenge shooters a little bit. I try to read the play to be there before it happens.”

On situation in Manchester, where he got a lot of starts early but not so much lately: “Theres a lot of goalies down there. I think weve used like five during the season. Thats not what youre used to, obviously. I just try to focus on what I can control. During the game, I do as good as I can, and everything else is out of my control anyway.”

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  • BallPointHammer

    Ersberg makes a good point – “I focus on what I can control… everything else is out of my control anyway”. When someone takes that attitude to heart it makes things so much simpler, though maybe not easier, which is good. The excuses are eliminated and each accomplishment becomes worthwhile on its’ own.

    IMO some fans try to presume valid excuses on a players’ behalf and then argue from that point. Example – Tukonen. Recently I watched a couple Monarchs games on the computer. Tuk looked pretty good playing in an offensive role. I hate to say it, but he hasn’t shown much at all with the Kings. People complain about his icetime or linemates and conclude the Kings aren’t letting him show his stuff. Maybe his stuff isn’t what most of us have hoped. Given he’s still only 21, I think the Kings should continue to give him time to develop. But it might not happen.

    What I’m getting at is this – please have some patience with Dean Lombardi and his way of way of doing things. Our young guys are all getting the same thing – an opportunity. Their success is up to them. DL’s job is to get as much talent as possible and provide the best development system possible. IMO he’s doing a good job of that. We all hope enough of our guys make it and turn the Kings into a great team.

  • EJ

    Wow, someone here who *gets* it. Nice post.