Frolov hot

With his three goals Thursday, Alexander Frolov has 54 points in 52 games. He could become the first King since Ziggy Palffy in 2002-03 to average more than a point a game in a minimum of 60 games played (Pavol Demitra had 62 points in 58 games two years ago). Frolov had a career-high 71 points in 82 games last season.

“If youre a scorer, you always have to try to score as much as you can, Frolov said. “You try to improve every year. You try to be better than you were before.

Frolov missed 11 games in November and December with a groin injury. He says it still bothers him and will the rest of the season, but it’s difficult to tell from his play. He has 15 points in the past nine games.

“You can kind of tell in certain situations that hes hurting, said Patrick OSullivan, who centered Frolovs line on Thursday and assisted on all three of his goals. “But it doesnt seem to matter, does it? Hes an elite player in this league. Hes really smart and always in the right place. I think all three of his goals yesterday he was standing still, so that shows how smart he is.

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  • mrk

    Hossa becomes UFA
    Imagine this:
    Brown, Kopi, Hossa line 1
    Sulli, Fro, Cammi line 2

    You think this is something DL might be interested in?

  • Anonymous


    Dollars for Defense: We has none.

  • Shakes

    um…i think every team in the league will want Hossa, the key is whether they Kings are willing to reassess their view on the free agent market, namely that they were scared away at the super long contracts that Drury and Briere took last year…so I imagine Hossa would be a similar situation. Either we adopt a different view towards free agency or it ain’t happening.

    Personally I think it would be awesome, but I’d love to spend some money on a defensemen and goalie who are UFA…

    here’s a list

    here’s my thoughts:
    Goalie: Bryzgalov, Grahame,

  • karl


    you can scratch brzygalov off your list. He signed with the yotes for another 3 yrs.

  • Nick

    Bryzgalov signed an extension. Grahame is awful. that list is pretty bad. i like huet though. unfortunately i have a feeling he’ll end up in washington.

  • Maeko

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