Kings lose 6-5 in OT

I think Dan Cloutier actually said it best in the locker room after the game — this team is either great or terrible, and there’s no in-between. The Kings were absolutely horrible during a four-minute stretch in the second period where they allowed four goals and then amazing in the final 11 minutes of the third period to come back from 5-1 down and force OT. There’s no other team in the league that can be so bad and so good in the same game.

I’ll have interviews coming up with Crawford, Kopitar, Johnson and Ersberg. Since I’m not on deadline — and thank goodness with this game — I should be able to get them up quickly.

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  • nykingfan

    What an entertaining 3rd period. Clouts hit it on the head, either terrible or great. He was terrible…Ersberg was great.
    I’ll put Kop/Fro/Sully/Brown/Cammy up against any top 5 on any team in the league. They are incredible. Great offensive game by JJ. Great play late in the 3rd as well. Its a loss, but in my book, thats a win.

  • mrk

    Remember when some of the fans were hating Cami? I wonder if their loving him now?

  • Anonymous

    You can’t honestly blame Cloutier for 3 maybe even 4 of those goals. The jury is out for me on Clouts, but even Nick Nickson, was frustrated, saying the defense was non-existent in the 2nd period