Blake interview

He refuses to get into specifics. His agent, Pat Brisson, said that Blake came to the Kings two years ago with the intention of retiring with the team. He said he would accept a trade to Colorado if they could get a good return since he had played there before and liked it there, but that he would prefer to remain a King.

On if he would only accept a trade to Colorado: “I’m not going to talk specifics by any means. Like I said before, I wanted to be with Los Angeles. Im with Los Angeles as of today and well move forward from there.”

On if he’s relieved to be past this: “With the speculation and everything, it tends to where on you a little bit. That points now gone and we can move forward. Weve got a real good, young nucleus here and we need to build. With the cornerstones we have, the young forwards, young D and the goaltending position, it can only go forward from there. I know were at the bottom but I think the guys understand here its an important finish these last 18-20 games because youve got to get respect from the rest of the league and thats what we have to earn right now.”

On meeting with Kings management: “When we sat down, I did what I thought best for the organization. I gave them an opportunity, and thats all I can say about it. Right now Im part of Los Angeles and thats great. We can move forward.”

On the possibility of re-signing with the Kings: “Thats something well venture into down the road for sure, hopefully. Again, its a little ways away from what we need to be talking about now.”

On return date: “I dont know if I’ll be ready for Thursday. By the weekend, for sure. Today was the first real full practice I had. Well get one more tomorrow and re-evaluate. Within a week here for sure.”

On the possibility of playing Saturday in Colorado: “I know a lot of guys there now. Theyre all back. It’s a back-to-back this weekend, so well see.”

On health: “It feels all right. The longer I go on it, the more it’s sore. If I can get by for a half hour-45 minutes, then if it bothers me tomorrow and gets worse, I have to take a step back but it hasnt yet, and thats the encouraging thing.”

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  • anthony

    If Dumbardi does anything stupid (like re-signing this idiot to another contract), I’m out of here.

    Nothing good can come out this player staying a king. Only distraction and controversy. Not to mention poor play and defensive lapses.
    He’s only in it for himself and of course, the money. Not for the team. If he was, he’d waive his NTC for any team, not just the avalanche.

    If they retire his jersey, it will shame the rest of the King players on that wall.

  • CBGB


  • Mike

    Boy I can’t wait to read what some people think about this!!!!!!

    I’d hate to be Blake right now…

  • Mark

    We got rid of Stuart who had an upside to him and couldn’t trade Blake to Colorado for a shiny bag of pucks? Blake screwed us in 2001 and continues to screw us to this date.

  • Salami

    At least knowing that he won’t play for any other teams, the Kings won’t overpay for him again. Blake does what’s best for Blake, not his team. The team needs to take the same approach.

  • B

    Thanks for giving us fans the big FU Blake!

  • taz42

    It’s wise of Blake to keep his mouth shut at this time. So many fans on hatred mode for him and noone really knowing what took place.

  • TXKingsfan

    if signing Blake means we lose idiots like Anthony and the rest of these “wanna be” hockey fans who consistently show they know crap about the team and the game of hockey, I’ll pony up a couple grand. I’m sure there are others out there who will throw in some cash as well. Go play roller hockey or spend you money on Clipper games or WNBA games – that’s more your speed and probably easier for you to understand.

  • lakingsfansince86

    I am glad Blakey is staying. He made a commitment to the Kings and he stayed with it. He has earned the NTC over the years

  • Anonymous

    anthony, why do you have to wait for blake to re-sign? just leave now. reading your comments day after day becomes comical.

  • EJ

    Jeez, this blog sure attracts the bozos. When you can’t recognize a major league defenceman, you lose all cred. And Anthony, you keep threatening to leave; well?

  • Anonymous

    lets see how much of a team player blake is when it comes to contracts next year. He is worth maybe 2 years for 5 mil total ( 2.5 per year ). I bet he walks and says the kings didn’t show interest in him. I hope Dean thinks twice about signing overpaid under performing players to a NTC in the future. The Clock is ticking on Dean’s future with the kings as well. If we don’t make the playoffs next year it should be time to replace him.

  • Kevin

    I hate that he was not traded… but I do hope he believes what he is saying and does want this team to win.

  • dbushik

    Hey anthony, don’t bother waiting. Feel free to take your leave now.

    It’s funny how fans like you are so convinced Blake is such a cancer, yet every guy who’s ever played the game and talks about him does nothing but speak well of him. Teams like Detroit and Colorado, organizations that actually know what it takes to win and have proven it repeatedly, would love to have this guy on their rosters, yet you who has (and I’m guessing here so maybe I’m wrong) zero NHL games under your belt know so much better.

    Blake doesn’t shame the Kings at all. Fans like you sully the rest of our reputations not knowing a puck from a hole in the ground, but certainly not Blake.

    It’s crazy the way this guy can’t even get credit for being loyal to the team and wanting to be here. It doesn’t quite reach the level of insanity that a guy like Mats Sundin is currently being subjected to by similarly idiotic fans, but it’s that far off.

    People do love knocking down heros though, don’t they? The lock-out ends with the players conceeding everything and giving ownership all the power…yet it’s still their fault when management agrees to a dollar amount you don’t like or gives them a no-trade clause.

    It’s ridiculous.

    Look, again, don’t bother waiting, just go. Go watch some baseball for crying out loud…

  • Someone

    I for one hope that Blake comes back this year just to anthony leaves.

  • Blakesadildo

    That next contract better not have a NTC attached to it.

  • Gord

    You know what? Screw it, its over. I’m treating Blake like any other spoiled player, rather than the vengeful spawn of satan he’s made out to be. I’m not too happy with him, but he and his no trade clause are outta here come July.

    I don’t really like his attitude, but I would resign the guy on a year to year basis for no more than 3 million a season. And screw the no trade clause. If Blake doesn’t like it he’s going to have to retire, because being a King is obviously the one thing he cares about.

  • Daniel

    “anthony said:
    If Dumbardi does anything stupid (like re-signing this idiot to another contract), I’m out of here.”

    YES! Finally. I thought he was too dumb to leave. Please, go. Comment away on Carla Muller’s blogs on that horrid site she is a part of.

  • Gary B

    Why wouldn’t anyone in their right mind want to live in LA? Especially as a pro athlete – excellent weather, housing and overall standard of living! Cliff Ronning, Anson Carter and Mark Parrish (et al), we don’t need you. There’s more to this place than Hollywood.

  • ian

    Anthony, you’re a wanker. Blake’s a pro athlete and like we hear over and over from anyone involved in sports, “it’s a business”. Blake is doing what’s best for himself and his family and well he should. So would any one of us in a similar position, you’d be hypocrites to say otherwise. He has no obligation but to perform under the terms of his contract and give his best effort every night and by all external appearances he does that. He didn’t have to waive a no trade clause AT ALL but was apparently willing to if the Kings could strike a deal with CO, it didn’t seem like he really wanted to waive it but he gave them a chance. Regardless he can still contribute as a player, I hope they resign him for a fair amount and I’ll happily go get and mail you a Duck t-shirt Anthony.

  • Cup4la


  • DP

    It’ll be funny when he signs with Colorado in the offseason.

  • Andrew

    Way too many boos out here. Some of you seem truly delusional and clueless.

  • brianguy

    ian, you and others paint blake the admired great family man? the guy would go anywhere the moneybags are. he’s too lazy to just get off his A and go anywhere else that might help the team. just watch next year when he threatens to walk elsewhere for $3.5M. where in the world do people even come up with this stuff…

  • Brokeback LA Kings

    You Rock Anthony.
    Way to say as it is.
    And don’t fret over these Blake-lovers who obviously don’t know the difference between Hockey and a manicure.

  • Travis

    People need to give him a break. He wants to be a King. He’s picking up his game and the team is beginning to come together pretty nicely. We all knew this was part of the rebuilding. Johnson benefited greatly from having Blake around. There are too many fans that just need to get over it

  • Me

    Good job Blake, Way to show the team what a true leader is, stick with the team even though they stink. I hope you sign for a few more years.

    The Same thing with Sundin, Good job for them not wanting to be a rental player. I hope there ends up being more players like that, it will make the league a lot better.

  • anonymous

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a guy named “brokeback LA Kings fan” is supporting Anthony and telling him he “rocks”. I’m sure those two are in a tent in Anthony’s condo in Studio City right now listening to Celine Dion, giving each other manicures complaining that the King’s jerseys should be a lighter shade of purple with more sprinkles on them.

  • brianguy

    I agree anonymous. and no more NTC’s please!!!!

    who in the hell would give Thornton a no trade clause, OMG the guy is hanging on by a thread for dear life as a 3rd liner on a last place team. nearly the same thing goes for Handzus who is worthless except on PK and we’re forced to have him here one more year. next year it’s gonna be “hey beachball is it OK if we trade you to for a conditional 7th rounder to Florida? I mean I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings or anything”. seriously, I actually like Lombardi but he’s gotta get these contracts under control, they’re just garbage and I don’t care if the new CBA dictates there are more NTCs out there or not. gotta save ’em for the real players like Kopi, Brown, etc. maybe Bernier if he turns out to be our #1 of the future. even someone as desired and having the scoring potential of Cammi would never warrant a no-trade situation IMHO

  • taz42

    Look guys; a lot of the haters haven’t gotten over Blake leaving before and has a lot to do with this crap. I’ll add my 2 cents here by saying sure, he’s not that great hit checker he once was and his slap shots aren’t what they once were, but here is something noone seems to be giving him credit for….Those slapshots get near the net and if the team could learn to be able to get ahold of them and put the puck in the net, Blake will be back in some peoples good graces at least. I don’t think he’s such a great Captain and no, he isn’t the D he once was but he still has much to contribute. It’s over and done so people just need to get off his back.

  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Clee

    I was sick to my stomach after seeing the trade that went down with San Jose and Buffalo. That was our tradefor Blakea disingenuous guy who cares nothing for this franchise except to milk us of money. I am so sick about it I cannot even believe Leiweke let this happen.

    Let me get this straight. Kings Ownership is not going to make a trade for a young player (22 yr old Bernier) who can play for us the next 6-7 yrs, add solid physical presence on the ice, score a possible 20 goals, and at the same time make another conference team weak AND get a 1st pick in the same deal.but. were going to keep a 38 yr old that makes $12 mill and played the season (-13) for the last 2 seasons because we need to show him loyalty??? What about the loyalty he showed us 7 yrs ago? You have GOT to be kidding! Seems to me someones looking out for themselves. Seems to me ownership is not looking out for whats best for the team and the fans. ..what the ??? The Sharks deal was rated the best deal of this deadlineand it could have been the Kings and not the Sabres enjoying this trade. Its all about the future folksand you just kept a guy who didnt want to be here in 01, and is now only here for the money. Oh yesforgot about the agents in this deal.
    All Blake had to do was leave for 2 months so we could get Bernier and a pick. Then we would bring him back…but noooo…he hoodwinked ownership. Trust me…this was not a Lombardi decision.

    Boy I sure hope were not that dumb and sign Blake againwould be a BIG mistake to let him into the locker room.

  • Amit

    I also am glad Blake is staying. I think he is a good mentor for the young guys and to be honest, he hasn’t played that bad! Sure he’s had off games but who hasn’t? If the Kings can bring him back for a lot less, I wouldn’t mind one bit.

  • abo

    have some of you idiots forgot that blake is returning from hip surgery. Wonder why he is playing better as of late…he’s just starting to f***ing heal. Some of you forget the play and crushing blows he’s delivered when he was here. And I’m sure you were praising him then. Most of you are just sore because of his contractual situation in the past…get over it.

  • Anonymous

    people need to stop dwelling on the past because its doing no good. i’m glad blake is still with the kings. i think we are better off with him. he is our captain, and one of the king’s few leaders on and off the ice. the fact is, he wants to be a king, and is completely dedicated to the organization. so leave the guys alone! (and stop reading nhl rumors…)

  • mrk

    Sorry Clee, but what makes you think that Leiweke really cares about this team. All he cares about are the money that comes in from season tix holder and concessions.
    About Blake, I don’t really like the guy, but he does play well for a 38 year old. He may be a bit overpriced but maybe we can fix that on the off-season. And we do need good D-men, specially since they boot Stuart. So unless we get a good trade or replacement for him, why not keep him at a cheap price. That’s if he doesn’t retire.

  • andre norway

    Im glad Blake is still a king and I hope we resign him so we can get anthony away from this site. Thats all Im going to say about anthony because no one take him seriously on this site and we should stop comment on his crap. Regarding the sabres trade with sharks, you guys must know that the sharks wasnt going to give us the same deal as they gave sabres. the sharks knew that blake is a rental player, he is 38 regarding cambell who is 28 or something and the sharks are going to resign cambell in the off season or before. Blake wanted the kings to get as much as possible out of him and no one on this site know if we really got an offer for blake. Rumors are rumors and nothing else. See what happened in montreal – everybody believed they was going to get hossa and look what happend.
    Go kings Go

  • Dave

    TXkingsfan and EJ, i’m glad someone here has common sense. Anthony, Mark, Salami-provolone, whatever your name is and “B”, you’re probably the guys that boo your Kings at home games too. Why hasn’t that loser Paul with his “across the pond” stupid accent chimed in? You guys are all like BFF’s!!!LEAVE, please… never come back… you’re the disgraceful, whining all the time, idiots that give LA fans a bad name. When Blake retires or leaves you’ll find someone else on the team to bitch about. Blake is a solid mentor to this team and has earned his right to negotiate how he has. Yes, he chased the money and a cup back in 01. lets get over it… You mean to tell me that if Burger King offered you idiots $.25 more an hour than McDonalds is paying you now, you wouldn’t leave? give me a break… get out of LA you weak hockey fans!!!

  • Maverick

    Well, now that it is over you have to flip it to positive and move on. I will say one thing for Blake, he so far is adamant about being a King and he is still probably the best defenseman we have. We will see come summer if he truly meant it. I am thinking something 4 million and under because you know he is going to want a “teacher tax” for mentoring plus 2.5 million for the 20-30 points he will bring us.

    But its over. Blake is a King. It is good for the team to have such a voice from an aging premier defenseman that only wants to be a King. Hopefully he can convince some UFA’s to come over here and surf 😛

  • sanity

    Clee if you think that San Jose would have given us Bernier and a 1st round pick for Blake then you have an altered perception of reality.

    It would have been nice to move Blake, but none of us were involved in the process so we don’t know what was on the table. I’d rather have Blake continue to mentor the young kids than move him for a 5th round pick just for the sake of making a move.

    San Jose got Campbell and Colorado didn’t have to give up much to get Foote. Where was Blake to go?

    Ask every young King’s defenseman if they are as furious as you are that Blake wasn’t moved.

  • metalmaster

    Some very good takes up here. I seriously doubt that Doug wilson was going to trade within the division with DL. Bernier still has some potential and valus so he shipped him
    East for a defenseman in his prime not an aging injury prone Blake. If
    Bernier turns into a player
    he will only bite the Sharks in the ass once a
    year unless they meet in the finals. DL did what he
    could under the circumstances and if any of the four picks he got turn into an NHL player he
    did great. He did not have a lot of players that other teams wanted. Calder
    could have brought him something back but I don’t even know if he was on the block at all.

  • clee

    I know…for a fact…that San Jose was going to give us Bernier, 1st pick…AND…possibly a 4th pick. Baby Blake did not want to go for 2 months…2 MONTHS FOR GOD’S SAKE and then he can come back and we’ll re-sign him. Go get a chance to win another cup dude and then come back. I don’t care if you have 10 cups…if your any kind of competitor you’d want the 11th! As far as him mentoring…I wouldn’t want my son to learn from such a greedy athlete…sorry. he is not bleeding purple and black…try green backs! For a guy who wants to get into management someday…he did not do what is best for the team…period.

  • Drop The Gloves

    Where do you know this “for a fact”, clee, are you in the Kings front office, were you there when San Jose and LA were talking? I call BS…

  • metalmaster

    How the F did you know that
    Doug Wilson was going to bend over and spread his
    legs wide open for DL? Do
    you work for SJ? Bernier, a
    1st rounder and 4th rounder
    for a 38 year old rent a
    player? Doug Wilson is no idiot and got a player in
    his prime who myguess is will resign a long term deal with SJ.

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