• Gary

    Purcell is a forward… not sure why Blake effects this.

  • anthony

    Why not.
    Lets go ahead and make our forward lines even thinner.
    With Wilsie and Thornton waiting in the wings, we’re in great shape.

    After watching this deadline come and go, let’s see what our illustrious GM has accomplished:
    -2nd rd pick
    -3rd rd pick
    -4th rd pick
    -7th rd pick
    -player off waivers

    Absolutely breath-taking.
    Is this team ready to make a run or what.

  • jimmy z (from burbank)

    another great move by DUMBardi why do we need a young player with lots of potential up with the kings getting valuable experience when we have wilsie on the team. your a joke DUMBardi, a joke. a half brain dead chimp can do a better job then you.

  • Anonymous

    Not with Stuart being moved.

  • Preston

    Does the fact that Purcell played 10 games mean he loses a year of eligibility for free agency? Can someone clarify?


  • Tami

    And it only gets worse…

  • criss

    **** Blake.

    Who will replace Purcell in the lineup? Willsie? Is Nagy ready to go?

    What a ******* day.

  • Brian

    Matt, wouldn’t there already be a spot on the roster for Blake because of the Stuart trade?

  • boylefan

    As if this day wasnt bad enough… it just got worse!

  • Marc Nathan

    Meh… no big deal. Let him play down there and get top 3 minutes. Here he was playing with Handzus and Calder and honestly, he was fairly invisible more often than not. I have reasonable hopes that he’ll pan out as a legit NHL player, but until they can play him with “upside” guys, it’s better that he keeps lighting it up in the A.

  • Paul

    You’ve got to be kidding?? I’d MUCH rather have a healthy Blake in the lineup then a young kid with 10 games under his belt.

    It IS still about winning games, isn’t it??

  • DP

    Wouldn’t Blake just take Stuart’s spot in the lineup?

    Guess it’s not the time to let the kids take over. Odd roster move IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t Blake take Stuart’s spot?

  • Anonymous

    AHL playoff roster finalized.

  • anthony

    If you don’t like my comments, even Carla Muller graded Dumbardi a big fat F.

  • js

    Isn’t this so he can be eligible for the AHL playoffs?

  • Marc Nathan

    AHL Clear Day Rosters are set on Thursday. Purcell will be on the Monarchs, so that if by some minor miracle they can crawl into a playoff spot (they are currently on the outside looking in…) he’ll play some post season hockey unlike his LA brethren.

  • Matt

    We’re probably giving Manchester their best player back, so they can make a push for the playoffs. Aren’t they in fifth place, one spot out of the playoffs? Contrary to what much of you believe, playoff experience in the minors is far more valuable than a few games in the bigs during a lost season. The number of extra games alone is a benefit, not to mention the atmosphere and intensity these kids will get to be part of. It will give them a taste of what it’s like to be in some big games with high stakes.

  • Anonymous

    @ Paul…

    I am upset that Purcell was sent down. What does that have to do with Blake. I think we have a much better chance of winning with Purcell than Willsie or Thornton. I go off skill and upside…. you go off of hwat the name has donw years ago. Time to move in from the past and look to the future.

  • metalmaster

    If there is so much talent in the system how come
    Manchester sucks too? The
    core of Kings talent is on
    offense. There s little to
    no talent on defense. The
    defensive core needs to be built to be successful in
    the future.

  • Marc Nathan

    1. It’s not helping them tonight 🙂 Purcell isn’t there and at the end of the second period, Danny Taylor has stopped 10 of 17 shots and the ‘Narchs are down 7-1 to Lowell… so much for their playoff hopes.

    2. Look at theahl.com once in a while, and click on “Transactions” – today the Islanders send down 2 players and recalled them in time for today’s game. This is what is called a “paper transaction” – Allows the Islanders to put them (in this case Comeau and Neilsen) on the Bridgeport “Clear Day” roster. Since the Kings don’t play until Thursday, in Edmonton, it’s even money that Purcell will be “recalled” prior to the game. If he’s not, well, it’s probably better for his development to get the #1 line and PP time that he won’t get with the Kings at this point in time, but hey, I already said that earlier 🙂

  • Eric K

    anthony, PLEASE open your mind to the possibility that other teams weren’t exactly begging to take our players. with you complaining about how much they all suck, i’m sure you can recognize that. thank you.

  • roger

    The only player that had any value for a contending team to make a difference for the Stanley cup was Rob Blake. This is a great news for us. We dont have four or five guys to unload. We need to finish in the last place so we can get a good chance of getting the number one pick. For adding some bigger players back in the blue line. The only way a team can accomplish this is by drafting. No other team in this league will give away such a player. So we wait and be patient. Thats all

  • Dan H.

    This place is starting to look like the cesspool known as LGK.

    Chill out guys. We weren’t making playoffs which makes us a seller, not a buyer. He got what he could and while I’m sorry Willsie, Armstrong, and Thornton are still here…it is what it is.

    I’d like to see the kids play. If Manchester doesn’t make it in, hopefully we’ll get an influx of kids coming up for the end of the season.