We finally have something

Brad Stuart to Detroit for 2008 second- and fourth-round picks. J-S Aubin to the Ducks for a seventh rounder. From what I hear, this is it for the Kings. Shocker — Blake and Thornton are staying.

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  • Anonymous

    how many picks total do we have now for this years draft? If Lombardi doesn’t give the young ones time play a full year in the nhl, what good are the picks then? Or does this mean they’ll get a chance next year and we’ll have a team of young guns?

  • AEG sucks

    Matt, looking forward to the interviews with the 3 draft picks we acquired….

    Can you ask the picks why in hell they would want to join such a screwed-up organization with an out of state (not to mention out of touch) owner and a mouthpiece in Lie-weke who will say anything to make a buck?

  • Reaper

    Absolute garbage. Screw Rob Blake. I’ve always supported Lombardi but come on. Horrible.

  • Oz

    Aubin is the shocker. Nothing else really is since no one else had any value to anyone. They all get to play out their contracts and then it’s adios.

  • Mike

    Truth be told … I’m not shocked.

    What’s the market for a 38 yr. old soon to be UFA defenseman who has repeatedly said he didn’t want to leave. What’s the market for an aging 4th liner? What’s the market for an injured winger err… slacker who last saw a glimpse of his potential … never?

    Stuart was the one King I wanted the team to hang on to but oh well. I’m curious to see if Lombardi is going to pick 25 players in this next draft or try and move some of these assets and come away with fewer but better prospects.

    Quality over quantity, Dean!

  • Irish Pat

    If the Stuart and Aubin trades are it, wow. That is very disappointing and somewhat mystifying. I’ve been backing Lombardi since day one and I will continue to do so, but the lack of trades today is lame. He should have traded one of the 3 second round picks the Kings have for this draft to Montreal for Huet or even Montoya. I realize that may seem nuts but I’m a little ticked.

  • anthony

    What is this GM’s fascination with draft picks.
    Tading away one of our best defenseman for something that may or may not amount to anything. And if it does, it won’t be ready for at least 3-5 years.
    What’s wrong with acquiring players to fill some of these holes we have. Especially goaltending and blue line.
    Why not package a deal which includes other players (i.e. Cammalleri) for players who can help next season.
    We have so many picks, than to know what to do with. And I know, some of you are going to defend DL by stating that we can use these picks to trade in the future. Well my friends we have enough picks thus far, from other teams to do that now(Philly, Dallas, Calgary, Vancouver, etc..)
    With players like Campbell, Brad Richards, Hossa, Propal, Huet, out there. We do nothing. No team takes Dumbardi seriously.

    And to add insult to injury, we still coudn’t trade blake (even though he waived his NTC). And we still have Armstrong and Thornton.
    Oh Brother.

  • JD

    Why God…. has our stock really risen this low? Are our players on the market that bad? …. guess i just answered my own question.

  • mike regan

    What a joke! The reality is that not one team wanted Blake, Thornton or any of our 4th line players! I expected a lot more to go down today!

  • Mecorr

    I would expect that we would use some of our draft choices in the off season to leverage some players. Perhaps using them as a bonus to someone who is interested in Mr. Cammalleri

  • ian

    There musn’t have been much available after San Jose and Colorado each got defenders. Hopefully Stuart will resign here over summer and Blake will continue on at a fair market rate..
    I don’t think the value of Blake and Thornton should be limited to what they contribute (or don’t contribute!) on the ice, they’re obviously helping with the development of younger players too which seems to be coming along nicely. Only management really knows about that, as fans we’re simply not privy to it..

  • Bryan


    There’s no proof that Blake waived his NTC. Sorry buddy.

  • patrick

    if the 36 year old adam foote can garner a first rounder,dont you think Blake could have?

  • Hemorrhage

    The Kings have 14 picks this year, 10 in the first 4 rounds. I was hoping for more of a return but you knew Blake wasn’t going away were (he’ll re-sign) Nagy’s hurt, & Willsie sucks. I would have liked Thornton, Army & Calder to be moved. Boyle, Moulson & Purcell have all shown that they’re better players then the for mentioned vets.

  • Matt George

    well i vented my frustation on the other post but … to belate the point:

    yet another gut punch from the guys in the office

    what good are all these picks if we’re going to pick them and then send them down to the farm system…

    oh yeah right… “10 year rebuilding”

    and as far as i’m concerned brad stuart earned a spot on the boo train…when that nutjob gets back in town with detroit its gonna take every bit of restraint i have not to throw my beer right over the ice and in his face

    and i swear to GOD there better not be a jersey ceremony for blake … i don’t care what he contributed in the past, he has been slowly wiping away any cred with utter paltry play this past year… and now we have to watch him coast on the ice and collect his retirement…. watever

  • OC Kings Fan

    Lombardi has an insane amount of draft picks in what looks like could be one of the deepest drafts in recent history. This years’ draft looks like it will be much more exciting than the trade deadline, as I’m sure there will be alot of activity from the Kings with so much bargaining power.

  • Maverick

    Well, all in all we got a 2nd round pick, a third round pick, a fourth round pick, and a seventh round pick for players that were not going to continue with the trade anyway… So, in the end, its hard to complain; although, we do have what? 25 picks now for 2008? and a decent amount in 2009…

    Can’t really blame Dean for not being able to move Thornton, Armstrong, Willsie etc… Not very many of our players we were shopping had much value, even though you would think they would at least fetch a 7th. I do wish we were in the Hunt for Huet but he was UFA so I guess DL had his reasons.

    Rob Blake really didn’t give DL a chance when it came to trading him. Just told him Colorado or nothing and they found a better offer in dealing a first and a conditional for Adam Foote… Obviously if Cammy is not signed by next season he is out so that will be something to look forward to.

    Keep your heads up, it wasn’t a complete disaster… LoL, you have to give Dean some points for getting a pick out of Burke and pawning Aubin off on the Ducks =P

  • petey

    Anthony, why do you even speak? Seriously, you think DL was gonna go after guys like Campbell, Richards or Hossa? Why would he do that? You think he would sign Hossa to the money he’s looking for, or Campbell? Having Richards and his $7+ mill. per season contract throws everything out of whack. The Kings have to get Kopitar, Johnson, and O’Sullivan all signed in the next couple of years. Having one player being paid $7+ mill. is not gonna help that.
    Did you ever happen to think that Stuart could be re-signed in the off-season? That’s a 2nd and a 4th for absolutely nothing. Are you absolutely sure that Blake waived his no trade clause? And if he did, the media was saying it was down to only Colorado. Did Colorado even want him? Obviously not if they went and got Foote.
    Please look at all the angles before you go and post something.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand this one. Why trade one of the few brights spots so far this season on this garbage ass roster.

  • petey

    Hey Matt George. You send your draft picks to the farm system cause it’s a little thing called D-E-V-E-L-O-P-M-E-N-T.

  • Maverick

    I think Stuart was offered an extension and declined… At that point you might as well get something for him..

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the 4th rounder is in 2009…

    PLEASE let it be Ersberg/JLB for the rest of the season…

  • ian

    Nice one Petey. I’ve been trying to impress upon Anthony the importance of a few deep breaths before fronting up to the keyboard but alas, no change.
    Bit disappointed that Colorado gave quite a bit for Foote, thought that maybe Blake could have bought the Kings a similar return, but oh well. We don’t know all that went on behind the scenes. I’m certainly not about to add to the venting about things I have no real knowledge of.

  • DP

    Draft picks, great. 2003 was supposed to be a deep draft and how’s that working out for us? Last F…ing place.

    Good grief

  • criss

    Attendance is going to get worse unless DL brings some players from Manchester. Bring back Boyle, Tukone and Moulson. Start Ersberg. Give Petiot a chance to play. I can’t wait for breakfast with the GM next month.

  • OC Kings Fan

    wow – sometimes the ignorance of the Kings fans is staggering! Why the anger? Unless Lombardi is holding a gun to other GMs heads, he cant make a trade unless another GM WANTS to do the trade with him!

    Lombardi has put an impressive core together and I think many will be pleasantly surprised at the 2008 entry draft.

  • Anonymous

    Stuart will be a UFA and DL was unable to get him to agree on an extension. Therefore he traded him because he was looking at losing him for no return.

  • Brian

    Since no NHL roster players were traded for I see the Manchester door revolving alot these next 5 to 6 weeks. Perhaps DL is going to show some of the players abilities and be active via trades come draft day. If Cloutier plays average does DL try to improve the defense? If Cloutier plays terrible then does he look for a goalie? I think Cloutier or Barbs or who ever is going to see alot of pucks with a AHL calibur defense in front of them. Come on DL make some trades or sign good free agents this summer to help with the fans morale!

  • Bobby

    I think it really remains to be seen. You don’t do a deadline deal on a guy like Cammy. Instead you trade him around draft time. I would like to see the Kings keep their pick and combine a package to get another top 5. If that is the case they could pick Stamkos plus a solid young D or if have the #2 pick trade up and take 2 young D. Last possiblity is trading for some of Nashville’s extra young D-men. I would wait until the draft to judge this one.

  • james teubner

    you know blake has been playing great this whole year, so why are all of you @$$ holes bagging on him? AND I DO HOPE THEY RETIRE THE #4 OF ROB BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe


    Can you ask Rob Blake if he was asked to waive his no trade clause? No softball ask him that question verbatim.

    Also, ask Lombardi what the offers were for Blake and if he ever asked Blake to waive his no trade clause? If he didn’t, why? And if he did, what was the offer?

    One final question to ask Lombardi, will he try to re-sign Blake in the offseason?

    We just opened another hole to fill next season. And still have a 38 year old guy who would rather play on the last place team than play for a contender. That’s some great drive Mr. Blake has. He is committed to this team.. which is losing.

  • abo

    petey, you seem to be one of the few who actually get it!

  • Anonymous

    “Tading away one of our best defenseman for something that may or may not amount to anything. And if it does, it won’t be ready for at least 3-5 years.”- anthony

    “I don’t understand this one. Why trade one of the few brights spots so far this season on this garbage ass roster.”- anonymous

    Let’s see- how about because he’s an UFA at the end of the year and is highly unlikely to sign with the kings at the end of the season. How can can any of you be disappointed that stuart is not going to be here for the next 15-20 games?

    Too bad DL couldn’t trade some of the fools that call themselves kings fans.

  • tantrum4

    I am a little disappionted that we didn’t have some more activity today but why are people blaming Lombardi? Why not go after players like Hossa and Richards? Let’s see, Richards has a NTC and got to decide where to go, and Pittsburgh gave up quite a bit to get Hossa which is something Lombardi wouldn’t do (thank god). Can you imagine if he traded Thomas Hickey, Patrick O’Sullivan and Alex Frolov for Hossa? He’d be run right out of town!!!

    As for Blake, he said he would only waive his no trade clause to go to the Avs and since Foote went for a first rounder, you know Blake would fetch more and do you really think the Avs would give up a first rounder plus someone like Svatos for a UFA who said he wants to finish his career in LA??

    As for the bums on our team, I can’t see anyone giving anything for a guys like Nagy, Thornton or Willsie who are UFA’s after the season.

    Having all these draft picks will be HUGE at the draft in July, especially in such a deep draft year. We can easily package a 2nd, a 3rd and Cammalleri for someone like Jokinen or Gaborik…you just never know.

    I know it’s easy to make trades on your PS3 but not so much in the real world…

  • brianguy

    btw, Foote was conditional 1st rounder. he has to actually sign, I presume

  • Gord

    ah balls, i forgot bout Blake possibly coming back.

    how many wheelbarrows of money should we persuade him with this time?

  • Kingzzfan

    I’ve been reading this blog everyday and to this point I’ve pretty much kept to myself…But! Anthony I know you post on every subject but this time you just showed how ignorant you are; Example:

    With players like Campbell, Brad Richards, Hossa, Propal, Huet, out there. We do nothing. No team takes Dumbardi seriously.

    These are rental players that have no contract for next year, who says DL wont go after one of them, why give up any of our assets for players that wont factor into our making the playoffs caus we wont. So what do we do? we stock pile assets and make a big splash in the off season. Did anybody seriously think we were trading for players? DL & MC have been very open about the rebuilding and with what we have in assets and possible trade bate (cammy) this could be the time we’ve all been waiting for.

    I suggest you all sit back, we’ll finish last, get a first or top pick this year, Were losing tons of salary, well bring in some of the kids on entry level contracts. We’ll have a ton of cash left on our cap to bring in players we need. This is the greatest ride ever boy’s. Keep bickering, I’m excited and I have a clear vision of our future, and from here it sure seems bright.

  • jimmy z (from burbank)

    basicly here’s what it all comes down too. Dean wants to keep the vets so we could win a few more games and lower our chances of getting the first overall pick because why would we want the first overall pick. heck it might make our team good and thats not what we want. for God sakes we are the freaking clippers. man do i hate myself for falling in love with a loser.

  • Jim Beedy

    I will miss Stuart.. and petey have you ever seen the Kings sign any of there free agents back after there traded for draft picks.. it never happens. we should have signed Stuart.. he earned it. do you think he wants to come back here after being a Wing….NOT

  • Gord

    Well, with Brad Stuart gone, at the very least we’ll get to see Richard Petiot in action.

  • Marc Nathan

    OK, deep breath…

    Rob Blake… the Avs got Foote, and Salei… they didn’t need nor want a guy who has spent the last two seasons cashing large checks and not delivering many. And, Rob Blake probably likes the fact that his season will end in 5 weeks and he can devote his summer to bilking AEG out of a few more million dollars.

    Blake is a bad fit for a team that wants to win. Giguere was no dummy.

    Scott Thornton… were you kidding Matt? You REALLY thought he was going somewhere? I never did. Not for a second. If Nagy had been healthy, he would have been an asset but he became the liability that he had been through much of his career. If his neck remarkably heals by the end of the week, I hope he plays down to the level of the underachievers and the Kings lose enough to secure the most balls in the lottery. They need all the balls they can get!

  • Chris

    Why is everyone so negative about today? The Kings are at the bottom of the league but have a world of potential. One of the hottest teams since Christmas and they continue to stockpile assets for the future. Don’t be surprised if they pull off some exciting stuff on draft day this year when they will be in better position than virtually any other team in the league to parlay.

  • abo

    why in the world would you give up a 2nd & 3rd rounder plus the likes of someone as talented as cammalleri, for joke-inen. Do you remember how he played when he was actually a member of the kings?

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!


    You make some great points. Cammy is someone who you would prefer to trade around draft day, not on trade deadline day. For example, look at the Demitra trade.

    Also, if Dean-O is going to target any team to trade for players from, it should be Nashville. Their corp of young defensemen are really impressive.

  • Maverick

    No, Adam Foote was traded for a first rounder and another conditional pick that goes into the books if he doesn’t sign. The Jackets get a 1st rounder no matter what.

  • Ed

    It’s all about respect. Blake is a veteran player in the NHL. As far as I am concerned, anyone who can play in the NHL 18 years deserve respect.

    Lombardi is no dummy. He respected Blake’s wishes to remain a King. It will pay dividends later. When the Kings are a elite team, there will be elite free agents who will know Lombardi is a respectable GM and will want to come to L.A.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    I could be a little off but it looks like…

    2 first rounders
    3 second rounders
    3 third rounders
    2 fourth rounders
    1 fifth rounders
    1 sixth rounders
    2 seventh rounders

    Almost 10% of the picks in the first three rounds.

  • Bill

    OC Kings Fan,

    I have to disagree with one of your statements regarding the “impressive core” Lombardi has put together.

    If you are referring to Kopitar, Cammy, Frolov, and Brown, then you have Dave Taylor to thank, not Dean.

    So far Lombardi’s addition to the “core” youth on the Kings is Sully and Jack.

  • Irish Pat


    I’ve calmed down.

    Thanks to Petey, Ian and tantrum4 for their posts and providing a little perspective (especially liked the PS3 comment). You guys are right, but man, I really expected better than 4 picks even though I know DL prefers picks over other clubs prospects. The Kings are loaded for the upcoming draft, have a fantastic group of scouts and are developing the pups the right way with patience. I just need to remember to be patient myself. This club will be dominate soon enough.

  • bk8

    The word GOALTENDING must be too long a word for DL and MC to spell and pronounce. Even a Mike Smith from Dallas is better than what we’ve got!
    Oh wait – Bernier just needs 3 more years.

  • Joe Dirt

    james teubner said:
    you know blake has been playing great this whole year, so why are all of you @$$ holes bagging on him? AND I DO HOPE THEY RETIRE THE #4 OF ROB BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Playing great all year? Whoa, lets put down the hallucinogenics there buddy. Are you considering being a defensive liability and having the uncanny inability to get your shot to the net traits of a good defensman. Not to mention the fact that time and again Blake’s loyalty isn’t with the Kings’ organization, but to his wallet.

  • SuperSonic420

    Joe – Matt could ask those questions verbatim, but I dont think you’ll get the answers your looking for. If DL was discussing roster players or prospects, he won’t tell you who the other team was proposing to trade, especially if those players are still with their original teams. I doubt DL will throw Blake under the bus either, since he will try to sign him to a home team bargain basement 1-2 yr deal, with a NTC no doubt.

    I too will save judgement on all this till after the draft.

  • ian

    Guys think of how good the Kings have been on occasion this year, 3 amazing comebacks (sure, the last one was only a tie, not a win) and at times some pretty high quality play, particularly this year. They lack consistency and a few pieces but really aren’t that far off. They will have some cap flexibility this summer and obviously have the potential to get an NHL ready player or 2 from this years draft as well as stock up for following years. I like where this is going, there really is only one direction left after all! šŸ˜‰

  • tantrum4


    Gee let me think? Maybe because since 2003 he has put up 65,58,89,91 and 60 points so far this season on a team that has actually been crappier than us all those years? Give your head a shake man, comparing him now to how he played for LA in his first year…are you saying you wouldn’t trade for Lecavallier now because he only got 28 points in his first full season with Tampa??

  • Cutty

    I’ll use this post to say how much I hate Rob Blake. . DL should of never put a NTC in his contract. . . F*** YOU ROB BLAKE I WILL BOO YOUR A** EVERY TIME YOU STEP ON THE ICE YOU OLD PIECE OF S***

  • steve baric

    Lombardi is an idiot. So 35 years from now we may be competitive.


  • Matt George

    dear petey

    Im sorry .. i think you misspelled our development plan… right now that plan is spelled

    L-A-S-T P-L-A-C-E

  • jimmy z (from burbank)

    holy son of a cracker, DUMBardi who i always thought was dead behind the eye’s actually found some one dumb enough to take Aubin off our hands, wow man is he a great G.M., wait a minute….. whats that…… DUMBardi was actually dumb enough to sign him in the first place….. oh wow, i take back everything i said earlier. HE REALLY IS DEAD BEHIND THE EYE’S!!!!!!!!

  • brianguy

    maybe the Kings can get a special rate from Southwest or JetBlue for all the players we’re going to be shuttling back and forth in the next month. let’s just hope most of them get to play more than 8 minutes each.

  • Mikey


    Any chance on getting Dean on the phone today? It would be nice if you could answer my response…

  • Mike O

    Let DL do his thing, we have plenty of assets in this deep draft pool of players. Picks can also be traded for other players and combined for higher picks. If teams do want to sign or trade for any of our players, you cant force them to. Patience, it takes time to build a winner and id rather take our time, then try to just bandaid the team like previous years and get overpaid FA and build from within instead. Let our team get healthy and lets see what the draft and the offseason gest us.

  • metalmaniac

    People time will tell. The Kings have 5 real draft picks (first two rounds)and then a bunch of picks
    (after the 2nd round) where
    they will be lucky to get
    anything but depth. Logic
    tells me they will get 2 or
    3 bona fide NHL players out
    of this draft. The time to judge DL will be in 2 to 3 years and not now because
    he did very little on this
    day.Anthny had did this
    team of the future with a
    great core become a shit
    roster in 3 days? Stuart
    played like shit for most
    of the season and this is now his 4th team in last 2
    seasons. Not exactly going
    to be impossible to replace.

  • brianguy

    sorry mav, I read “Conditional 1st Rounder” on another hockey site. obviously this source needs to learn punctuation.

    as for this comment “Blake would fetch more and do you really think the Avs would give up a first rounder plus someone like Svatos for a UFA who said he wants to finish his career in LA?? ”

    uhhh, what… whoever said the Avs were getting anything close to Stamkos? if they did, they wouldn’t have dealt it for Foote or any other rental, that’s for damn sure.

  • Featuring Rudy Ray Moore as FROLO-MITE!!!!


    I’m just curious, would you please clarify why Brad Richards is a “rental player?”

  • Matt George

    Oh and all you guys who say you’re not going to criticize something you don’t know about.. fair enough

    I personally wasn’t looking to make a splash today..all those really expensive players would do us no good at this point… the only thing i was looking forward to is blake disappearing from the roster…

    i know he has a history and all but MINUS 13!!!

    let him mentor “the kids” OFF THE ICE … its painful to watch that guy

    and just one final note to all you ten year rebuilders… the ducks have gone to the stanley cup TWICE IN FOUR YEARS … and both stanley cup teams shared exactly FOUR players..

    THAT is what I call “rebuilding”

  • tantrum4

    um brainguy…read the post again..it says Svatos not Stamkos…

  • triplcrown

    My Dream Draft would be for DL to condense our picks by trading quantity for quality and trading UP (Tukonen could also be thrown-in to help), and acuiring another top 5 pick to go along with our regular pick (which will likely be #1, 2 or 3).

    This might enable us to draft BOTH STAMKOS and DOUGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel this is actually doable.


  • kyle b.

    Does anyone ever stop to determine the reason for our recent play of late? Let me help you all out:


  • mrk

    Where did you guys get the info that Stuart didn’t want to sign an extension? If it is true then I can somewhat understand the move. Although I wish DL would have really talked Stuart into re-signing, i.e. money.

  • anthony

    Good Point Matt George,

    With Dumbardi leading the way, we’d be lucky just to get out of last place.

  • Eric K

    sigh… disappointed, and just a little bit tired of being patient, but i realize there wasn’t much of a market for thornton or nagy and blake wasn’t exactly making himself open to a trade.

    oh, and i’m a pretty big fan of D-E-V-E-L-O-P-M-E-N-T. all i can say now is… i can’t wait to see what goes down on draft day.

  • Paul

    You guys are amazing. If Blake agreed to be traded and left, you’d be on here killing him for “abandoning the team again”. Or you’d be on here bashing Dean Lombardi for trading him, or not getting enough.

    Since Blake exercised his no trade clause and chose to stay, because he says he wants to be part of the rebuilding, you’re on here killing him for not “taking one for the team”. Or you’re killing Lombardi for not finding a way to force Blake to be traded? I guess?

    Get off it already and stop whining!

    The bottom line is this Kings fans…

    Once Blake refused to be traded, outside of the young guys the Kings wouldn’t trade, what did this team have left??

    Yeah, we got Stuart traded. We duped Anaheim into giving the Kings something for Aubin. And we traded robbed Philly last week in the Modry trade (and Modry’s now hurt).

    Beyond those 3, what was really left??

  • quackattack

    Matt George
    You get it dude
    Sympathies to King fans but
    Ducks rebuilt again for yet
    another playoff run
    Burke took Aubin so DL would send Stuart -13 to
    Rebuilt from within by
    circumventing salary cap
    By the way our core is as
    good as your core so maybe
    we will see you in playoffs
    sometime in the next decade
    if you ever find a goalie
    HA HA HA
    You could have had Bryz but
    now you just get to lose to them every freakin time
    you play Phoenix
    I wonder why Lombardi got
    his nickname in San Jose
    Take a look at some of the high round draft picks he
    wasted while GM and the fact that he never got out of 2nd round of playoffs.
    He actually wasted #3 pick
    on Stuart. He had some hits
    but alot more misses.
    So far in 2 years he has
    brought you Sully,JJ and a
    bunch of shitty FA’s and some draft picks

  • ChrisH

    If we want to avoid the Blake issue next season, when Blake asks for a NTC on July 1, DL should say “no”. Where else is he going to sign?

    Overall I think DL did a good job today maximizing his assets. No one wants Thornton, Nagy, Willsie, Armstrong, etc.

    Trade Cammy and a draft pick to Nashville for Florida’s first rounder (acquired for Vokoun) and pick one of the young d-men or trade Cammy straight up for Shea Weber.

    On a sidenote, the Foote trade is for a conditional first (is either an 08 or 09 depending on whether the Avs make the playoffs this year). The extra first rounder is if the Avs sign Foote.

  • Matt George

    I was just emailing a buddy of mine and thought i needed to clarify on thing…

    i really believe next year is gonna rock…cammy/brown/anze and maybe even fro are gonna be sweet to watch

    it was GREAT to be there for the chicago game! and the guys really have stepped up as of late….the calgary game was fun to watch as well

    i just was looking for a blake exit today, thats all

  • KingzzFan

    I’ve been reading this blog everyday and to this point I’ve pretty much kept to myself…But! Anthony I know you post on every blog but this time you just showed how ignorant you are; Example:

    With players like Campbell, Brad Richards, Hossa, Propal, Huet, out there. We do nothing. No team takes Dumbardi seriously.

    These are rental players that have no contract for next year, who says DL wont go after one of them; why give up any of our assets for players that wont factor into our making the playoffs caus we wont. So what do we do, we stock pile assets and make a big splash in the off season. Did anybody seriously think we were trading for players? DL & MC have been very open about the rebuilding and with what we have in assets and possible trade bate (cammy) this could be the time we’ve all been waiting for.

    I suggest you all sit back, we’ll finish last, get a first or top pick this year, Were losing tons of salary, well bring in some of the kids on entry level contracts. We’ll have a ton of cash left on our cap to bring in players we need. This is the greatest ride ever boy’s. Keep bickering, I’m excited and I have a clear vision of our future, and from here it sure seems bright.

  • steve baric

    Dumbardi strikes again. 40 years of futility. Hope you all are looking forward to 5 more years of rebuilding just in time for Kopitar and O’Sullivan to leave as free agents.

    Good Job Dumbardi

  • Eric K

    matt george: i wan’t aware our rebuilding plan was gonna take 10 years. we’ll check in 2010-2011… if we’re still in last place, i will concede to you.

    and the ducks’ return to the Cup finals wasn’t “rebuilding”… it was getting scott niedermayer and chris pronger through free agency, having a stud goalie (again), and getting three or four prospects to become big-time players. you can’t compare their situation to ours, because last time i checked, they didn’t start from last place… they started from first.

  • Eric K

    and i didn’t see that last post… i totally agree on blake. too bad it was clorado or nothing… according to espn, at least.

  • anonymous

    Stuart was offered a contract extension last week and he rejected it! Do any of you even read hockey news outside this blog? That is straight from Eklund’s blog on hockeybuzz about 3 days ago.

    Lombardi made the smart decision to trade him now and at least get a couple of picks. It would have been nice if he could have squeezed a little more out of the Red Wings who are in desperate need of defense at the moment with so many blueliners hurt, but whatever.

    And for those of you who question getting picks and then keeping players in the minors, I am going to be sympathetic to this position because the Kings have never in their history had many draft picks so there is little reason to understand this, but I’m going to explain to you why you are wrong. Not every pick pans out. Look at Tukonen right now. He was an 11th overall pick but he has not blossomed with the Monarchs like the Kings would have hoped. Maybe he needs more time- and the fact that he was not traded today makes me think the Kings are going to give him a little more time. Players stay in the minor league to develop into NHL players. Very few make it straight into the NHL after the draft. There are not a whole lot of Sidney Crosbies out there who can play in the NHL at 18. If a player is not going to contribute at the top level yet or would fill a role that you already have someone filling then they get to stay in the minors to work. This is why Giuliano is in the NHL but Boyle and Purcell aren’t. Giuliano is a guy who is not nearly as talented as the others but he fills a 4th line role that the Kings need right now. The other two have a lot of talent but at the moment the Kings have a solid top two scoring lines (Kopitar, Frolov, Brown, O’Sullivan, Cammalleri, and Nagy). I imagine that next year we will see the Kings replace Willsie and Thornton with Boyle and Purcell and line them up with Handzus on what should be a very effective 3rd line while putting Army with Giuliano and Ivanans on the 4th line. For that to happen, Boyle and Purcell are going to have to develop their defensive games though and I have a feeling that is why they are down in Manchester right now.

  • Nick

    Pathetic, just pathetic. I feel embarrassed to be a kings fan right now.

  • Daniel

    Brianguy, Svatos is an actual player on Colorados roster. Stamkos is the No. 1 pick in this Junes draft.

    Matt George, and all you other naysayers out there, this day was not a make or break day. Blake-hate is somewhat understandable but there is something to be said about heritage. The Kings as an organization will benefit from having guys like Blake, Luc and the like contributing after they leave the ice. It helps in the community and it helps with developing talent. Just ask Jack Johnson.

    Also, we are not only rebuilding the talent on the ice. This is an organizational restructuring that is far reaching and hopefully long lasting. Remember, when DL took over there were TYPEWRITERS still being used in the office. TYPEWRITERS!!! I love Dave Taylor but, I mean, seriously.

    One thing I want to see the young guys playing now. I understand wanting a 19-year old to develop in a winning atmosphere but a 22-23-year old needs to play with the big boys. Buy out the bums. Dallman and Willsie really have no reason to be playing in any more games for the Kings this year.

    And enough with the negativity! Please. I am grateful we have a future stocked with Bernier, Hickey, Lewis and Simmonds instead of Tsyplakov, Lehoux, Karlsson and Rosa.

  • fourtunato

    Man, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know as much about the Hockey business as most of the people posting here but I do know one thing, most of the people posting here don’t know as much as they think they do.

    I do belive that DL said Stuart, Naggy and Calder were short term signings. If they worked out, we’d try and keep them, if not they were gone and we get more room under the cap. Seems like theyre gone, No?

    And why do we want any expensive “name” talent now? Why don’t we want to wait until after the season when more teams will be dealing a wider variety of possibilities?

    Why would we not draft some top offensive prospects (which we don’t need as much as a tender or a Defender) and then trade them for a top tier D man or D men?

    And Blake?? First everyone boos him becasuse he shows no loyalty and goes to the Avs, then when he want’s to stay he’s pillaried for being loyal. No he’s not the player he was but he is still a good Dman on a team where we need some. Why does everyone hate this guy?

  • Daniel

    Oh, and one more thing. At least we aren’t fans of the Leafs! They have a longer Cup-drought than we do and their a**-hole, underachieving players wouldn’t allow trades. Nice going, suckers. Sundin, have fun looking for work in New York this summer. Tucker/Kubina/etc. have fun playing for Tavares next year.

  • steve

    you guys miss the point on the Stuart contract extension thing. He refused because he looked at the team and he knew that we are going to suck for another 3 years. That is why he said no

    Also, for all you dreamers talking about frolov, cammy, o’sully Kopitar.

    he has to resign them. good luck.

    Also what is Dumbardi going to do about goaltending.

    why can Burke get Pronger and Neidermeyer and Dumbardi has given you blake and priessing.

  • Daniel

    “That is straight from Eklund’s blog on hockeybuzz about 3 days ago.”

    Uhhhh ….anyone who takes anything Ekland says as legit is a complete and utter idiot. Just like Ekland himself.

  • Matt George

    wow nick

    last place doesnt make you embarrassed?

    it takes a couple of negative posts for that?


  • abo


    no, all i was saying was why would you want to trade someone who put up 80 points in really his 2nd full season with the team. If it took jokeinen 6 plus seasons to start putting up consistent numbers, shouldnt we at least see what happens in the next few seasons, instead of trading away someone that might be as consistent?

  • BBanzai

    I dont know what all the complaining is about. We didnt have much to move of value, and i think holding Cammy till next season is best thing to do if he going to be traded at all he needs his value raised up.

    I never had much faith in Lombardi and certainly Crawford has given us much. For all those that complained about Andy Murray, he dont a lot more with a lot less on this team and St. Louis.

    Im all for letting the kids play, but at this level we shouldn’t be playing like an expansion team. With all this “Potential” and “Young Talent” when will this team gel. This is year two of the new regime and we are “Number 1…..at Last Place!

    Ive said before that this team will never go anywhere with Modry and Cloutier on it, well 1/2 the jinx is gone, and when we be rid of the other half!

    The only kind of player i want to see the kings over pay for is a top flight proven goaltender that plays well against western conference teams.

  • Shakes

    Kwame Brown R.I.P.

  • nykingfan

    At least there are plenty of intelligent Kings fans that don’t see the trading deadline as doomsday for the Kings. Kudos to you guys.
    For the rest of the crowd that hates Lombardi and Blake and anyone else who is trying to make this franchise better…at least you give us intelligent fans something to laugh at. Also, why the hell is that ass quackattack back? Go to a Ducks site dude. Nobody here cares about your opinion on the Kings.

    I had also read the Kings were trying to re-sign Stuart. Its possible he just wanted too much money.
    How do you know, Steve, that he didn’t want to re-sign here? You don’t. It may have come down to dollars. We’re not privy to that info. Don’t pretend that you are.
    Blake wants to remain a King so people hate him for that. Just like they were hating him when the asshole Chelios said Blake wanted to be a Dead Wing. I guess Chelios was wrong ha? I’ll take a player that wants to play here any day over a guy who doesn’t.
    I thought their would be a market for Thornton. The problem is we as fans sometimes over-value what we have. We are a last place team and a guy who’s scratched 50% of the time on a last place team apparently doesn’t have much value.
    Obviously there was no market for Willsie or Nagy. Neither will be back next year anyway. Good riddence!

    We are heading into whats considered one of the deepest drafts in memory armed with a ton of picks. Lets play this out and see how it turns out. DL has a plan. Let him complete his plan and then judge him. Don’t judge him now…that’s so ridiculous it’s not even funny. People talk about the fact that Kopitar/Brown/Fro were not DL players..you’re right they weren’t, but under past regimes they would have been traded for some over the hill stiffs. DL hasn’t done that. Good for him!

  • clee

    I was sick to my stomach after seeing the trade that went down with San Jose and Buffalo. That was our tradefor Blakea disingenuous guy who cares nothing for this franchise except to milk us of money. I am so sick about it I cannot even believe Leiweke let this happen.

    Let me get this straight. Kings Ownership is not going to make a trade for a young player (22 yr old Bernier) who can play for us the next 6-7 yrs, add solid physical presence on the ice, score a possible 20 goals, and at the same time make another conference team weak AND get a 1st pick in the same deal.but. were going to keep a 38 yr old that makes $12 mill and played the season (-13) for the last 2 seasons because we need to show him loyalty??? What about the loyalty he showed us 7 yrs ago? You have GOT to be kidding! Seems to me someones looking out for themselves. Seems to me ownership is not looking out for whats best for the team and the fans. ..what the ??? The Sharks deal was rated the best deal of this deadlineand it could have been the Kings and not the Sabres enjoying this trade. Its all about the future folksand you just kept a guy who didnt want to be here in 01, and is now only here for the money. Oh yesforgot about the agents in this deal. And trust me this was NOT a Lombardi decision!

    Boy I sure hope were not that dumb and sign Blake againwould be a BIG mistake to let him into the locker room.

  • quackattack

    I come here for a laugh.
    Dumbardi does not trade for over the hill mediocre
    players he just signs them
    as free agents and gives them no trade clauses.
    Enjoy the ride he is going to take you on. I have buds
    in SJ who can attest to that

  • Good post, thanks

  • Good post, thanks