Nagy quote

“I still have pain when I put my neck back. Its improving but not really what Im expecting. If its not going to get better in the next 2-3 weeks, then Im going to have to think about surgery. I dont want to have surgery. Its the last option. But, if its not going to get better, then maybe I have to do it. If I have surgery, then its done (his season).”

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  • Sam Gilbert

    Let’s see, a pain in the neck. And a wholly cripes totally unproductive and useless Ladislav Nagy. Anybody see a joke in here?

  • jmerc777

    Damn, he used to light us up when he was with Phoenix. He was the one free agent I fully expected DL to trade at the deadline. Sad end to a once promising career.

  • ian

    Is he the next Ziggy? Is it over?

  • Quattro

    Gee Sam, you’re a real class act.

  • Bobby Delmas

    Ummmm, who cares? We haven’t heard from the guy in months, he’s a joke. I wouldn’t even waste my time writing about him. What a waste.

  • nykingfan

    More like an expected end to a pathetic career. This guy had some serious talent but was a lazy ass loser on the ice.
    How long until they clear his crap out of his locker? His only usefulness to the Kings was at the deadline and look where he is.

  • brianguy

    I just realized, with the exception of last year when he had a career-low 12 goals, this guy has not played a healthy season since 2001-02 (coincidentally, the last time the Kings made the playoffs). no wonder almost every other team tends to pass. the Kings shouldn’t even bother trying to retain him for a song.

    sounds like he’ll manage to play 38 games out of 82 due to a freakin’ neck strain and half of those he was invisible. god that sucks. why do the Kings always pick up the most fragile players? even I didn’t realize he had this bad of a history until now. Blake is the same

  • Seitz

    Damn, he used to light us up when he was with Phoenix.

    And that made him different than everyone else who plays for Phoenix how exactly?

  • metalmaster

    It is a true insult to mention this guy in the same breath with Ziggy
    Pallfy who was a very
    productive player who
    reached his potential.

  • Anonymous

    There is the answer to all u whiners who were complaining why he wasn’t traded.

  • Maverick

    Do not include Pallfy in this discussion, he is a lot more talented and had great production. While injury prone, he still put up the numbers on the ice.

    Believe it or not, Pallfy is playing in Slovakia and playing very well. He is likely to take part in the World Championships and it is highly likely that he could end up in the NHL next season. Look for that. Ziggy already said he missed the NHL and partially regretted his decision to leave.

  • Bobby Delmas

    Hey Maverick, did you hear that from Palffy? No, that’s what I thought.

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